Chapter 6


Chapter 6


By the time Jasper arrived just a few minutes later I was pacing the floor, desperately running my hands through my hair. I wasn’t even sure why I called him or what I wanted to say or how much I wanted to tell him. What did I expect him to do, make it go away? Explain it all to me? How could he do that when I couldn’t explain anything to him, or to myself.

“Okay,” Jasper said upon entering the trailer, “that was cryptic. What’s wrong?”

I just looked up at him and then ran my fingers through my hair again.

Jasper looked around the room and a knowing smile spread across his face.

“Oh, I see,” he replied, the corners of his mouth lifting in a smile. Jasper was always so calm and collected, never overly exuberant, never showing more than a hint of anger even when he was at his most furious. He hid his true emotions all too well. It was rare to see him with more than a faint smile. Calm radiated from Jasper the way joy radiated from Alice. That’s why I had called him; his mere presence alone was soothing. “You see what?” I asked.

“Her again,” Jasper said , nodding towards my laptop. His smile was pleasant and kind. The kind of smile you’d give to a friend.

“What about her?” I asked, surprised at the defensiveness and protectiveness I heard in my own voice. Where had that come from, and why?

“She’s just different. Alice thinks so too,” Jasper smiled. He seemed unable to take his eyes off my monitor.

“You told Alice about her?” I screeched. I was appalled. I wanted to yell at him and tell him to stop looking at her like that! I realized how idiotic that sounded since it was just words on a screen but I couldn’t shake the feeling. I didn’t know why or where it was coming from but I just didn’t like the fact that other people knew about her. I didn’t like knowing that other people could read what she said to me. Those poems were Mine! I didn’t want anyone to know but me. She was Mine!

WTF? Where had that thought come from? That was ridiculous! I must be barking mad! I cradled my head in my hands in a small attempt to maintain a grasp on my sanity. I felt like I was coming apart at the seams and even that worried me. I was overthinking things again, I knew that, but seriously, a woman I’d never met was writing about my dreams! Wasn’t that reason enough to freak out?

“No, actually, Alice told me about her but I had just started to notice…” my head snapped up to glare at Jasper.

“Notice what? What did Alice say? You keep saying she’s different, what do you mean by that?” I barked.

“Geez Edward, calm down. What’s got you so riled up?” Jasper said. He finally took his eyes off my monitor, off of her, and looked at me, his eyebrows furrowed in concern. The anger instantly washed away from me and I was once again filled with remorse for my actions.

“Why did you automatically assume that she was what was wrong with me when you came in here?” I asked. I had to figure this out. I had to know what Jasper was thinking.

Jasper shrugged his shoulders and crossed the room to sit on the other end of the couch. “You’re pretty calm and patient Edward. A little nervous at times around strangers or crowds but otherwise you’re easygoing and you don’t normally snap or yell at people. You don’t normally avoid or shy away from your family as you have for the past two days. The only thing that’s changed in your life recently is her.”

“But she’s not in my life,” I said sarcastically.  Jasper didn’t seem to pick up on the sarcasm or what it implied. It took a few moments for the implications to hit home with me. I didn’t like the thought and I pushed it out of my mind.

“Isn’t she? She’s definitely in your head and instead of enjoying her, you’re torturing yourself. What I can’t figure out is why.”

“You haven’t read her poem, you don’t know…”

“You mean ‘Midnight Rendezvous’? Yeah, I read it. It was lovely, so?” Jasper said. I stared at him shocked. He’d read it already? It was still morning. I thought I was the only one who checked the sites in the morning.

“So I dreamed it.” I told him.

“Well that’s certainly understandable. It’s very descriptive and romantic. You’ve always been an old world romantic, Edward. It only makes…” Jasper said.

“I dreamed it before she wrote it.” I exclaimed, effectively cutting him off. That got his attention. His eyebrows raised in surprise.

“That’s… unusual.” He said.

Unusual? That’s all you’ve got to say, Unusual? How about insane, impossible, supernatural?” I squealed. I couldn’t stand the strain in my own voice. I sounded snarky even to myself. Before Jasper could reply, there was a knock on my trailer door. I jumped up to answer the door, not at all surprised to see Alice’s tiny figure at the base of my steps. I was actually more surprised that she hadn’t shown up earlier.

“Can I come in?” She asked. I could never refuse Alice anything really. I especially couldn’t refuse her when she looked so small and frail with her eyes full of concern for me. I pushed the door open and held it in an invitation for her to come in. She bounced up the steps even though her mood was subdued.

“Oh! She’s back. Yay!” Alice said with a giddy little clap of her hands. I stood there with my jaw dragging the floor, the door still in my hand. “I like her too, Edward. She’s different from the others.” Alice said cheerfully. She was looking at me as though I had just introduced her to my girlfriend.

I slammed the door with unnecessary force and returned to the sofa. If it wasn’t so early I would get a beer from the fridge. As it was though, I fished my smokes out of my pocket and lit one.

“What did I say?” Alice asked, the look on her face was injured.

“Nothing Darling, you just struck a nerve is all.” Jasper comforted her. He patted the sofa cushion for her to sit beside him; she chose to sit on the arm of the sofa instead. Jasper laid his arm along the length of her leg, his hand over her knee in a very familiar and comfortable way. I couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous of the closeness they shared. It was something I had never known and secretly longed for. I just hadn’t realized it for what it was until now.

“You mean …,” Alice gestured at my computer and frowned. “But I thought for sure you would like her. I thought you would see how…unusual she is.”

“Oh bloody hell!” I exclaimed, and stormed into the other room. I had to calm down and get a grip. I didn’t know what I was feeling and, because of that, my confusion was coming out as anger and that anger was being directed at two of my favorite people in the whole world. I didn’t want that. I had to go apologize.

“Alice, Jazz…”, I said, as I entered the living room, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” I resumed my seat on the sofa. I had my elbows resting on my knees with my head in my hands. I was frustrated and confused.

“It’s OK, Edward,” Alice replied with a smile. “Just so you know, mutual dreaming isn’t as rare as you might think. You can Google it if you want.” My eyes snapped opened wide at her statement. I knew Jasper would fill her in, I was just surprised to hear that one, it had a name and two, that Alice knew what it was.

“Jazz and I have done it. I imagine Rose and Emmett have as well.” That got my attention even more so than knowing it had a name.

“That’s why I said it was unusual,” Jasper was saying. “You haven’t even met her and then there’s this shared dream between you two. It can be common for two people who are very close and share a lot of the same feelings, usually shared feelings toward each other. Add to that how different she is and well, it’s just unusual. I would hardly call it insane or supernatural.”

“Okay let’s just take this one thing at a time shall we? Let’s start with the small stuff and build up to this dream stuff.” I said, trying to pull myself together. Jasper was the calm one, Alice was the cheerful, loving one. I was the rational, organized one and that was what I was trying to do now. Organize my thoughts and problems and try to rationalize them. The problem was that I had a tendency to overthink things. “You have both said she is different from the others. Why do you say that?”

“I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just the way she writes, it’s different. It’s like she understands and knows you. She obviously respects you. I get the feeling from her posts, and even more from her website, that we would be they very best of friends,” Alice explained.

“Really? When I read the things she writes, I get the feeling she’s like my kid sister and I’m proud of her. Oddly enough, I feel protective of her. Strange how you can feel that way about someone you don’t truly know.” Jasper said, showing his surprise, which was uncommon for him. Their revelations were a surprise to me. To Alice she was best friend, to Jasper she was kid sister, to me she was… what?…sexy, sweet, shy, endearing, funny, romantic, honest, seductive, respectful, an enigma, talented, beautiful heart and soul, a mystery, everything a man could want.

“What about you, Edward? What do you think of her?” Alice asked. Without removing my hand from my hair, I looked at Alice in what I thought was an angry look. She must have read more into my expression than I knew.

“Oh-ho! I see.” She giggled in reply. Jasper had the good sense to cover the smile that was threatening to break into laughter with a fake lip scratch. “Now I understand.”

“Understand what?” Before she could reply, my computer made a bleeping sound. I didn’t know what it was at first. If anyone wanted to reach me, they used my cell phone. No one e-mailed me because I didn’t use it for anything. Then I remembered the RSS link. I tore across the living room to my laptop. I didn’t bother to check the looks Jasper and Alice gave each other. I didn’t want to know what they thought. I was right, she had updated her site. I clicked the link and chewed on my thumb while I waited for it to open. It opened to a Blog letter. In the top left corner was her avatar, followed by the blog:

How I Became Edsessed

Finally, I thought I would get some answers, maybe.

I’ve had to teach myself how to do all that you see here as I am new to this entire world of computers and Edsession. I finally finished building my Edalicious website and now I’m writing my first Blog. I can’t think of a better topic for any Blog than Edward, can You? I mean, you just have to LOVE a man who says things like, “I’m just a tool. I’m just A Big Hard Tool!” *LMAO* I thought for starters it would be best to explain how I got here, neck deep in my Edsession, because it wasn’t through the normal venues that others have found him.

I could feel the blush creeping into my cheeks. I wondered how many other embarrassing things I had said that she knew about.

Yes, I was born “normal”, as they say, but my Edsession came about in an unusual way and Girrrl, let me tell you, that man rocks my world! It’s all my Mother’s and mostly Niece’s fault!! And you know who I mean squirt!! 😛 But it’s not what you think, She does not like Edward and especially not Robert. (I know, I know, there’s no accounting for taste. She obviously does not have my impeccable taste for excellence! LOL)

I couldn’t help myself, I was grinning like an idiot and all the tension and nerves I had felt just a second ago was gone. I felt light hearted and happy again. She was new to computer and she had a niece, which meant she had siblings. She was funny and apparently fun to be with.

Anyway, I wanted to buy the Twilight novel, but couldn’t afford it at the time. Several weeks later my Mother bought the book for herself. I swear I have never see her read for that long at one time and I’ve Never, Ever seen her laugh and smile while Reading. Whenever she wasn’t reading Twilight it was always…”Robert this” and “Robert did that” and, “you gotta read this book WHEN I’M DONE.” I was getting sick of the name and I often had to ask “Who’s Robert?” or “Who/What are you talking about?”

She couldn’t afford to buy a book? That bothered me. I loved that she said “who’s Robert”. That confirmed my suspicions. She wasn’t just transferring the vampire image onto me. That was great.

She rented the movie on three different occasions and frankly, I didn’t get it. You could tell it was a low budget film. It was pretty dark and kind of hard to see. Robert the vampire was kind of creepy white, Rude and a little mean.

Then late one night Mom finally finished the book and did something else I never expected her to do…the woman, who hates to drive at night and avoids it at all costs, called me up, dragged me out of bed (while reading a book of my own) to go to the store for her to buy New Moon!!! Hmmph! Had she lost her mind? Then she did the same thing for Eclipse only by now it was winter and (I DESPISE the cold) I had to get out in the cold in the middle of the night and go get the book for her!!! I was really starting not to like this “Twilight” and would be glad when all the books were done.

Yes! I loved this about her. She, like me, must love her family very much and found it difficult to say no to them when they asked for help.

I finally finished the book I was reading and Mom lit-trah-ly forced Twilight on me. “OK fine! I’ll read the stupid book.” I devoured the damn thing in one night. I went to work that morning completely Zonked from lack of sleep but happy as I could be. I thought Robert was so cool. On my way home I rented Twilight and watched it like 4 times that night. But no, this is not where my Edsession begins, not yet. I too devoured all the books the moment they came into my hands.

Thank God. I thought I had lost her for a minute there.

My mom carried on so about the amber eyed Robert that I bought a poster for her (and yes, OK, a little bit for me too, he is a handsome thing with those hypnotic golden eyes.) and hung it up on the enclosed front porch where we spent most of our time. My niece was like, “Ewww, just Ewww,” so I got her a Taylor poster and hung it underneath Robert’s, next to the floor, for her. The thing is that the Robert poster could be seen from the road, Taylor’s could not.

The neighborhood girls began stopping me while I was getting mail or out for a walk to say, and I Quote, “Thank you for hanging Robert up on your porch, I get to see him every day when I get off the school bus now.” end quote. *giggles* I got the biggest kick out of that. It drove my niece nuts. She just hated it that Robert was there, always watching over everything with his Beautiful amber eyes. She had to look down to see Taylor, I always told her, “That’s where dogs belong, on the floor.” And thus ensued nearly a year of dog vs. vampire insults we playfully threw at each other just to egg the other one on. Not long after New Moon was released at theaters, we moved and Robert and Taylor’s posters came off my wall and never went back up. Robert was all but forgotten…

Good! I’d be glad to be rid of him myself. That was cute that she and her niece got along so well. That they could tease each other like that. It reminded me of Emmett and Jasper and I.

Until my niece and her much younger sister came to spend the night and, out of the blue, the little one said, “I Lub Robert!” She was 3 at the time.

Oh Geez! Three? For real? I rolled my eyes at the thought,

My oldest niece, Andrea (She’s 11 now), freaked out the way girls at that age do, “Eww, how could you! He’s dead and cold! He drinks blood! EEEWWWWW!”

You tell them, Andrea! I liked her already. Smart kid.

Well the 3 year old didn’t understand all that, she just thought he was “Purdy” and her sister acted so silly when HIS name was mentioned. So, needless to say, his name got mentioned a lot! *giggle snort* Being the loving aunt that I am, I conspired with my youngest niece to totally drive her sister crazy. I began to search for wallpapers of Robert to put on my cousin’s computer. Andrea always replaced them. She was always quite vocal about it too! *L* But one day she replaced my Vamp wallpaper…

 with one of her own, but didn’t tell me. Imagine my surprise when my vamp wallpaper was replaced by this…

There was a picture of me in my Twilight baseball uniform running away with Voldemort chasing after me. A caption bubble above my head read, “Oh no! Not again!” I thought it was Brilliant. I couldn’t stop laughing. Someone had mad photo shop skills.

So to get even, I collected pictures of Edward to run a slide show. I was going to e-mail them to the little wise-ass. That’s when it started. We all know you can’t look for pics of Robert and not find pics of Edward.

Suddenly this previously scruffy “Kid”, who looked pretty good as Robert the vamp but looked kind of rough and grungy as himself, was starting to stare at me with a smile that was contagious. Then there was a pic where his hair was just gorgeous! I wanted to touch it. Run my fingers through it. Then, how the hell did he get that strong jaw? I didn’t see that before. Wow, he’s got nice hands….actually he’s got REEALLY nice hands. Huh, his eyes, they were a glorious shade of blue-gray. I never noticed how attractive his eyes were without those Stupid amber contacts. Hhmmm, he’s not so pale after all… and so it went for months.

*Gulp* She wanted to touch my hair? Run her fingers through it? I’d heard this and more on other blogs, why did the same words coming from her put certain parts of my anatomy on alert? She liked my smile, and my jaw and my hands too. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. I was glad it wasn’t my looks alone that held her attention. My image of her combined with the images her words conjured up in my mind were freakin HOT! I had a feeling cold showers were going to become a part of my daily routine.

She said she was a painter. I wondered what she painted? What was her style of painting? Slowly, I was learning more about her and the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. I was becoming obsessed with her. I accepted it, if only to myself and only in silence, I accepted it, I owned it for what it was.

It was all starting to hit home now. All these women who claimed to be obsessed with me? I never believed it because I just didn’t understand how they could claim to know me when I didn’t even know me. Yet, here I was getting obsessed with her and I could guarantee she knew far more about me than I knew about her. I was beginning to understand now. All I had were a few well-chosen words and a few poems, and yet I felt I knew a lot about her. I could only imagine how these women at MEoW and LTE felt about me after having followed me for years, watched interviews, read articles, watched my movies and heard my music.

At any rate, the next thing I knew my “Robert File” I had been using to torture my niece with was suddenly full of pictures of EDWARD! WTF?? How’d that happen? Must have been Andrea messing with me. Oh well, I’ll just delete them right? WRONG! I opened the files and enlarged the pics so I could distinguish Edward from Rob and there he was in all of his glory! (Damn him.) He was Staring at me…That, that look, OMG! (click) OH! He’s got Sexeyes in this pic! (click) and, WOW his eyes are just WOW! (click) he’s biting that lower lip and…(click)Oh my! He really shouldn’t chew on his thumb that way it’s so…(click!) Whoa! He don’t look like a “kid” any more…(click) he’s got the sexiest pout…Oh man, he is…(click)…*Computer crash* Huh? WTF??

NNNNNOOOOOooooo……!!!!!! *Insert Multiple Profanities here*

Oh Lord! I was laughing my ass off now! She was funny! And, yes, I was blushing too. I was incredibly flattered by her words but I was laughing so hard at her wild sense of humor that it didn’t get to me as physically as it had before.

It happened every time I tried to log on after that. One or two clicks and then he was gone! It’d take 40 minutes to get my cousin’s ancient computer running again only for it to crash 5 minutes later. Damn it! I was like a junkie whose supplier had been imprisoned! I was suffering from withdrawl!!! I needed an Edward-fix. I needed to see him again. I needed…I needed…A NEW LAPTOP!

Christmas morning, Tah-DAH! Laptop! Yeeessss!! EDWARD WAS MINE!!!! LOL

I was laughing so hard I was wiping tears from my eyes now! Oh, I enjoyed this woman so very much! I could just imagine her dancing around her living room with joy on Christmas morning in her P.J’s saying that last line. “Tah-DAH! Laptop! Yeeessss!! EDWARD WAS MINE!!!!”  It made me laugh even more. She was just fucking brilliant!!!

Somewhere in the back of my mind, it registered that she had said the same thing about me that I had just thought about her moments ago. She was Mine! My heart was doing a wild tap dance at the thought but I forced myself not to think about it till later. Much later, when I was alone.

I’ve been here ever since…surfing, lurking, reading, collecting Pics, videos, animations, sound bites…Anything that has Edward (NOT ROB.) on it or in it. 2,000 pics and growing. I maybe a little late to the Par-tee but I’m catching up quick!

I loved, loved that she had put not Rob in shouty capital letters. That truly tickled me.

I’m completely, Edsessed and at last, I’m Home!!    



Beneath this was a picture of me from one of many photo shoot out takes and someone had photo shopped the saying “He is like a drug to me and I am completely addicted.” For some reason, the last sentence had really touched my heart, “I’m completely, Edsessed and at last, I’m Home!!” It made me feel warm and…deeply comforted and yet, somehow longing for something I’d never known and still could not name.

As had become my habit over the last couple days (had it really only been a few days?), I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and, as usual, this very UNusual woman managed to surprise me.

*Note: Just a day after I first discovered Edward through the “Robert file” I remembered reading somewhere that this man was a talented musician. Being an avid music lover myself of all forms of music, classical included, I was intrigued to hear what kind of music he liked to listen to and play. I began to search for that information just out of sheer curiosity. I learned that he was an accomplished musician, pianist, guitarist, song writer and composer. Finally, I learned that he sang as well. I searched for mp3’s of him singing and, from the moment I heard his beautiful soulful moving voice, I knew I was lost forever. I had never heard anything like it, nothing had ever touched me so deeply before and I knew it never would again. That was the true moment of my obsession. All the rest was just Icing on an impossibly beautiful and perfect cake.*

“Wow, just … wow,” I breathed softly. I sat there for a long time just staring at her words, lost in thoughts and feelings I didn’t know how to express or name or describe. I suddenly remembered that Alice and Jasper had been here before. My heart jumped up in my throat. Completely aware of how I had been behaving over the last several moments, I slowly turned to find them. I could feel the blood rushing into my cheeks as I looked at them sheepishly. Alice and Jasper had snuggled up together in each other’s arms on the couch and both of them were grinning like a couple of idiots…at me!


I didn’t think I’d ever get Jake to leave yesterday. All I had wanted to do was run back to my computer and see what else Edward had to say. It wasn’t a problem to get Jake to stop the flirty stuff with me yesterday. Usually, it only took a look or just saying his name a certain way to put a stop to it and get him back into ‘friend’ mode. However, he kept doing it the entire time he was here. That was not like him. When Jake finally did leave, long after dinner, I made a mad dash for my laptop but Edward hadn’t posted anything else. I was shocked at how disappointed I was by this. I was even more shocked by some of the comments made to and about him. I wondered if he found them funny, or insulting, or offensive. I figured from what I knew of him, he would find them funny because Edward was too humble to believe that their remarks were truly aimed at him. Several cast and crew had said that he had a wonderful sense of humor for the absurd. One thing I was certain of was that Edward would find all of these crazy ladies, and their sexually advancing comments about him, absurd. No, I was certain that Edward Cullen would find these blogs and the ladies comments hysterically funny.

I closed the MEoW website and sat there staring at the beautiful face of Edward Cullen that I was currently using as my wallpaper. I was crazy about this man I did not know. He was so freaking sexy and beautiful and his voice, which I could not stop listening to, kept me in a perpetual state of…turned on (for lack of a more lady-like word)! I was having wild daytime fantasies about him and vivid, teasing, dreams about him that just made the whole situation worse. Adding more fuel to the flame, there was Jake, with his great body and handsome face so close, so admiring, so flirtatious, continuously whispering sexy, suggestive things in my ear, reaching out to touch me…Gah! My body was begging me to jump into his arms, close my eyes and pretend he was Edward. Just let Jake make the ache go away. The really crazy part was that, even if I was the type of girl who could do something like that (and I was so not that type), I knew without a doubt in my mind that I would feel like I was cheating on Edward! Now, THAT was crazy. How could I be cheating on him when he didn’t even know I was alive? But I knew in my heart it was true and the guilt would kill me. God, Edward Cullen had ruined me for any other man.

I went to bed that night around 1 in the morning, but I only slept for a little while. I had the strangest dream about playing a game of tag with Edward through a grove of trees. I wanted to let him catch me but, for some strange reason, it had to be around a certain tree. A tree that was divided like the song said, “She was standing there by the broken tree,” only it wasn’t exactly broken, it just grew into a V shape with multiple twisted branches spiraling off of it. I finally managed to make my way to the tree with Edward close behind. I spoke his name and reached out for him, and just as he reached for me… I woke up.

I felt so lonely after that I couldn’t sleep. I eventually gave up and went where I felt closest to him, my website. I had tons of stuff on it but I had only published a little bit so far. I just wanted to do Edward justice with my site and I was double and triple checking everything on there one at a time before I published it. I watched several of the photo album slide shows and still, the dream would not leave me. I set Edward’s music to play from my website, brought up my favorite picture of him, and (still so old fashioned) I grabbed a note book and pen and started to write. My poem was done in 30 minutes. The darn thing spilled out of me so fast it practically wrote itself. I typed it up and posted it on my web page. I still wasn’t prepared to let him go for the night so, with the songs playing and the picture enlarged to full screen, I set my laptop on my nightstand and turned off the light. I fell asleep that night looking in to the eyes of the most amazing man.

Now, I was back on MEoW curious to see what would happen today. If yesterday’s post was from the real Edward, would he post again today? How long would this go on?

Bring it on Edward!

After yesterday’s supposed visit from our Dear Edward and all The Squeeeing e-mail I received asking if it was really him, (I’m still not sure but I have my suspicions to the positive) I couldn’t stop thinking about the good old days when Edward was out and about doing promos for Eclipse. The F*CK HOT Italy Edward days. Oh Baby! So sitting here in my melancholy mood I decided to do a repost and Reminisce over the best days of my Edsession.


It’s late, and I’m tired but there’s something about seeing Edward among the stacks that gets me HOT!  Maybe it’s because he’s in Italy with the “I just got laid” hair, maybe it’s the f*cking hot Helmut Lang grey shirt that does it to me…hell!

Anyway, here are some pretties to look at and after the jump there’s even a video from this Rome book signing chock full of porn…JawPorn, FingerPorn, ManFurPorn oh yea.

What followed was a series of pictures from the Melbooks Italy book signing. The first, a split photo of Edward taking off his coat to reveal the slate gray Helmut Lang shirt and smiling. His hair a wild disarray and abso-freakin-lutely, perfectly hot. With the following caption underneath it:

HELLO JawPorn, FingerPorn...looking a little ruffled from the ride over *wink* and I mean RIDE!

The next picture was a profile of him signing a book. It showed off the razor sharp, melt you to the bone, jaw-line. The angle of it so strong I had never seen anything like it and as it sounded, even his jaw-line was effing HOT! Damn! Beneath that was the following caption. (Damn JET! She just made it Worse! God love her for that!)

Don't you just wanna run your tongue right along that jawwwww...fantasizing in 3-2-1.

Again, a picture of him signing but this one from the front showing a close up of those sexy hands. Caption:


Mmm check out the fingers!


And one of my gorgeous Edward running his hand through his hair. It had become known as his trademark move but I truly believed he was not fully aware of just how often he did it. I knew he didn’t have a clue as to how sexy it was to all of us. Caption:

That's it ED Baby run those fingers through your hair *poof*

Then there was that picture, the one where I had first noticed his lovely hands. The one I had found in my file of Edward sitting at a table smiling with his hands clasped under his chin. I hadn’t noticed then the look on his face or all the things that popped into the mind looking in those eyes. The caption JET had added could have been anyone of us saying it to him or, more than likely, what we would have liked to have him say to us! Just the thought of that alone was enough to bring you to your knees, I mean  … um, make you weak in the knees, I thought. Hell, they were rubbing off on me! I was completely giggling and squeeing at my own damn thoughts about this man. Either way, the sheer thought of it and the images it brought to mind were stunning. Caption:

That's it baby, take it off nice and slow while I watch.

The final picture was a little odd but cute as hell. It looked like Edward was peeking around the corner of the picture, his whole torso and face slanting in, taking up the entire left side. On the right side were stacks upon stacks of Eclipse books. The caption had me laughing and fantasizing about that too. The caption:

Wanna go behind the stacks? I'll let you touch my book mark baby.

Finally, there was a very long video.  Too bad you couldn’t hear a thing on it because there was so many people waiting in line to get their books signed but they never, not once, stopped screaming. The first few seconds it was funny, then annoying, and finally it just became torture. How does he stand it? Every time a reporter tried to ask Edward a question, you could tell he was straining to hear it and sometimes he just couldn’t make out the question at all. It was all pointless because his reply couldn’t be heard either. I felt sorry for him. How many hours did he sit there and listen to that? Was it always like that? God, how stressful that would be after just a short while.

“Rudysmom2008: Oh my GOD.

You lit’rally just DIED me with the caption for that picture!!!

“That’s it baby, take it off nice and slow while I watch”

I am completely speechless and I’m pretty sure I blacked out.

Send the Edamedics! STAT!”

“NeverShy: OH YEAH!!! The picture left me breathless…but the caption threw me over the edge….                           Send the Edamedics to me when you’re done, I need to ask them about a tingling sensation I’ve had for a while now….funny it intensifies when I’m looking at Rob, thinking about Rob, imagining…..well, you get the idea…..”

“ChatterBox: Okay, seriously, I need to get this off my chest first. I don’t understand the need for tweeners to do the high-pitched squeals. IF you want him to know you love him, do an Ed chant or something. I understand they’re excited b/c it’s Edward FUCKHOT Cullen, but damn! UGH, the squeals are just likely to give him a migraine and scare him off. That being said, Mr. Cullen, I’ll scream….. YOUR NAME (ifyaknowwhatimean) anytime you want me to…… anyplace as well.”

“Amen, Sister!” I wanted to yell. My God, screaming like that was just pointless and disrespectful.

“EdwardsFuture: @ JET, I have to say I ❤ your captions to death! You seriously are mad talented with your picture choices and wording. You seem to capture my thoughts and feeling so completely. I fucking love that shirt and how he wore it. Something about that man and buttons…. or that man in anything or nothing at all that is so sexy! He fucking kills me, everything about him is Edgasmic. Once again, JET, I bow down to your fucking awesomeness. Oh, also, “Real Edward” please cum back to play with me….I mean us MEoW girls again.”

I had to laugh. He was incredibly sexy in grays and blues. It brought out the color in his eyes and just enhanced his skin coloring. Yeah, I thought to myself, can Edward come out to play? Oh geeze! How I wanted to know this man!

“DazzleMeEC: JET, did you take a vacation in my brain? b/c I swear you have pulled out one of my greatest fantasies with Edward! I mean it would be amazing. You know that man will drive you fucking crazy with his “skills” and the knowing you cannot scream like you want……Guuuuuuh, yes please! I can just picture him & me bent over a stack of books. One hand pulling my hair while his hand snakes around so his fingers can cover my mouth to keep me quiet. Him leaning over and licking up my spine, kissing on my shoulder, and lowering those perfect lips to whisper in my ear all the dirty little things you know he loves to say…”

HOLY CROW! I couldn’t believe she said that in a public forum where anyone could read it, including Edward Cullen! Geeze! No wonder he always looked like he had just F**ked hair! He was probably stressing from all the sexual innuendos women were throwing at him and all the images running through his mind!

“FlightlessVamp: Ho-lee mother of lust…….I do not need to have thoughts like that this early in the morning. Now I have to go to work with thoughts of “him licking up my spine,” and try to concentrate today! Dang… and now I need to change my panties before I leave.”

No joke there, Damn! These women and their raunchy comments were putting ideas into my head and I sure as sugar didn’t need any help with my imagination! It was too wild and vivid enough as it was!

“EdwardsCougar: Love the pics and the captions!!!! And hell I wanna lick more than the jaw, that is only the starting point!!!!!”

“SummerChic: Everyone please note the difference in the muscle tone in our boy! Since these pics… Edward now has a bicep, some deltoids, and a much more define forearm… all very essential when you’re propped up against some books signing your name…. or “getting busy” (ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo)”

Oh, I noticed BB. Believe me I noticed. I noticed everything about Edward Cullen these days and it was ALL Sofa King Hawt!

Edward: I look like a disheveled chicken in that first one. Sunrise in Baton Rouge, you need to see it. Absolutely Glorious.

Poor Sam in Los Angeles!

HOLY SHIT, he came back! Edward! I totally Squeeed out loud! Thank God I lived alone! There’s no way I could have contained myself. Aaawww! He noticed the sunrise? How sweet! Men did not notice stuff like that. If they did, they sure as sugar didn’t talk about it! Aawww! He just melted my heart! God, he was Lovable! Disheveled Chicken?? WHAT? I giggled. Where did he get that from? Disheveled chicken? For reals? *snort* Fat chance. Someone needed to stand Edward Cullen in front of the mirror and convince him just how Sexy he was and then take him to the bedroom and convince him. Oh God, let it be me! I choked on my coffee as that thought ran screaming through my mind. Oh, I had to say something, but what? That was so very sweet and romantic that he noticed the sunrise.  Like I said, men today just didn’t do things like that.

“NeverShy: Another visit…2 days in a row…things slow in BR? Need to kill some time? Lot of ideas here…tell us what you like…..” 

Hee hee, no, Don’t! Let’s just experiment and find out! I thought. Oh, Geeze! My mind was so deep in the Ed gutter it was going to take a back-hoe to dig it out. Oh, if I posted the shizz that was in my head I’d make the worst of them look like nuns! Of course, thinking something and going through with it were two entirely different things.

JET: Good morning Edward, what are your plans for today? It’s a beautiful day in BR

“ForksHere: Yeah!! Eddie is back!!  Hey babe, if you like that disheveled chicken look, I think I can help you achieve that permanently. *winks*”

“KAT: Back again Edward?  MUST be a slow day in BR. A disheveled chicken? Hardly a description I would have used to describe you. Disheveled definitely. But we love you that way. Just makes us think of all the EXCITING ways to make you look like that all the time. Edward + blindfold + creative use of sexpenders + me = EPIC ORGASMIC WIN!”

“ChatterBox: Whoa, hey there loverboy, you cum twice (that’s what she said)! Lovely to see you as always. I’d just like to reiterate the fact that I’m dead serious about that fantasy if you’d like to make it come true. You know, you lick up my spine I like up your…..*wink, wink* I hope you are having a fabulous day and continue to check in with us. I ALWAYS have fun playing with you. *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*. Thanks for the laughs and giggles.”

“CullenCrazy: another visit so soon? we are getting spoiled by the pics (thx JET) and your comments…Thank you for returning Hot Stuff. Keep cumming….Back ok? *giggles*”

“DazzleMeEC: Wow, what a way to start the morning! How am I supposed to concentrate on work now??? Uh-oh I think my co-workers have begun to notice the panting coming (really, no pun intended) from my cube….”

“MyHubbyIsNoEdward: Mmmmmmm! Yes, Eddie was looking especially yummy in Italy. I may or may have licked the screen. Okay, I didn’t, but I really thought about it! Of course the hair, the jaw, the scruff…all dee-lish. But, it’s also that he is so close, so accessible. You could lean right over that table and…..*poof*.”

“EdwardsCougar: I cannot tell a lie….I DID LICK THE SCREEN!”

Oh my God! I’d just thought of what I wanted to write and then I read that. I was back to choking again! Finally, after several minutes, I was able to type my post.

“EdwardsDream-gurl:  Top of the morning to ya Edward Darlin’. I’m so glad your sunrise was lovely. But we all know the sun shines just for you wherever you are. And your presence here has made it a Beautiful day for all the rest of us. Have a Lovely day today Darlin’. When the sun sets gloriously over the horizon, I’ll be thinking of you knowing that maybe, just maybe, you’ll be looking upon that same sunset with me. And when you’re ready for bed… hee hee you know *wink*”

“Rudysmom2008: bow chica bow wow (or your interpretation of cheesy porno music)…Dear Playgirl…now I’ll have to explain to my hubby how the smell of books makes me hot and bothered. And, why I was kicked out of my local store due to, ahem, inappropriate behavior!”

I kept an eye on MEoW all day waiting to see if Edward posted again. It was a very long day.