Chapter 5

Waiting in the Twilight

Chapter 5


I carried my laptop to the dining room table, plugged in my mp3 up to a new playlist of all my favorite songs and cranked it up. I opened my laptop and checked my e-mail first thing, as I always did. One hundred and five e-mails! WTF? I had like seven people in my contacts. I looked down the list. They were all from TLE and MEoW. Good Lord, what was going on?  I opened the original blog letter from MEoW. It was a rather funny blog asking Edward to wear certain clothing when they traveled to Vancouver IF he actually read their blog as it had been rumored that he had.

WHAT? Edward supposedly read their blog? I did NOT know that. I could feel my face grow hot as the blush flooded my cheeks. I was recalling some of the posts I had so boldly posted a few nights ago. I seriously doubted a man as famous as Edward Cullen took the time to read a fan-blog about himself, regardless of how funny it was. But still, just the thought of him reading anything I had said was terribly embarrassing to me.

I opened the next e-mail from MEoW which was the first post of the day. Before I could even begin reading it, I received 62 more e-mails from MEoW and LTE combined. WTF? Surely this wasn’t normal. It was freakin Thursday morning for pity’s sake! LTE didn’t even post a blog on Thursdays, not normally anyway. I decided the fastest and easiest way to get through all these e-mails was to just go to the site and read all the comments as they were posted. This could take a while.

Once the MEoW web site had opened, I reread the blog and drooled for a few minutes over the pictures. I couldn’t help myself, he was just so damn yummy! God! That picture of him in red! Whew! That alone was enough to make a woman weep. I right clicked and saved all of them. Ain’t no shame in the game, I told myself when my goody-two-shoes conscience tried to tell me I was being childish and ridiculous. I scrolled down the page to where the comments began:

“Sexboots! Damn! *THUD* I vote for sexboots!!!! And f**k if he can wear jeans in hot weather, he can break us out those damn boots for a few hours, right?! I say yes! And sexspender pants….don’t even get me started! I saw he was wearing them in Italy whenever it was those pics were taken. Damn! He’ll do it for you JET! I’m sure of it. Sam will make sure of it….won’t you Sam?”

Even I wore jeans in hot weather. But boots? I didn’t think they had a chance of any of this, especially not boots in the summertime.

“MyHubbyIsNoEdward: * Sexboots, for the love of all the things holy and divine, EDWARD wear the Sexboots, baby!!! * The Gravy shirt is surely “creamy.” *falls below the gutter & lands in hell* Shit, I knew I’d end up here eventually. Well, it’s official, I’m a little tooooo eager to see if he follows through. Sam, bb, (Love your music!) if you are reading this, send it his way and tell him,…hee hee hee you just let your imagination run wild Baby, I’ll go there!!!”

OMG, I couldn’t believe these women said this stuff. I mean, I was laughing so hard but still, what if Edward did read this? How embarrassing would that be? Geez! I was embarrassed for having written that I thought he was Sofa King Hawt. If I actually thought he’d read these in the past I, never would have posted even that.

“SusanCullen: JET, Damn, girl. Are you trying to kill us? Sexpenders, Sex Boots, AND the Gravy shirt? Holy shit! I might as well pack my bags (and panties) cause I am going straight to hell with the thoughts that I am thinking.”

“FlightlessVamp: Oh man, the first time I saw Edward in the horse shirt, I almost spontaneously combusted! And the Sexboots….*sigh*….the Sexboots. I lurrrvvveee the Sexboots…. It’s too early to be clever, but never too early for dirty thoughts about Edward.”

“Summerchic: I betcha he is reading this, betcha he wants to comply… just like the last time….but the requested items may not be readily available.  Hope they are though. I will hear the *squeees* here in London. Too Bad our Brit Boy is on the other side of the planet.” 

JET: Here’s something you might not know. The sexpenders come off the pants and he was wearing them around Vancouver last year during the shooting without the sexpenders attached. So the night he popped up wearing the sexpender pants (after I begged shamelessly for them) he had to go out of his way to snap the suspenders on. Very deliberate move.

Holy Crow! I thought. It was starting to sound like Edward had read the blog at one time and wore the clothes JET asked for because she had asked him to. Oh Lord, I was dying now. Was that even possible? I suppose it was when he wasn’t actually shooting. Laptops could go anywhere. Shoot, he could read it from a Blackberry for that matter. Being confined to the set, it would make sense for him to keep an eye on what the fans were thinking. Besides, if they couldn’t go out, what else did they do after shooting for the day and having their dinner? I knew from reading old blogs that many of these women, though they didn’t show or admit their Edsession in RL (Real life), were professional women. This OCD was their dirty little secret. They were Lawyers, interior designers, authors, architects, some were PA’s for other wealthy celebs and some worked on fashion magazines. Many of them had connections to celebrities and other famous people. I knew more than one of them had met Sam Bradley and that one of them worked with an undisclosed law firm who handled Sam Bradley. One of them knew Tom Sturridge but who it was kept it a secret. I personally believed it was JET herself.

It sounds to me like you’re just creating connections because you want it to be true, my conscience snickered at me. There were times when I really didn’t like my other half that much. My goody-two-shoes side was in control most of the time and that was OK but sometimes, when my little bit naughty side took over, there were times when I just wanted to kick goody-two-s ass.

“Forkshere: Will he do it? mebbe! Who knows? The only other thing to do is to ask him to draw attention to the requested shirt/trousers/Docs in some way when he knows he’s being papped……”

JET: Maybe he should tug at the collar of said shirt and show us the man-fur when he’s being pap’d *giggles devilishly*

“Forkshere: that could work nicely. Good thinking batman. Now here’s hoping he’s really paying attention. Or that Sam tells him. We just need a teeny eeny weeny nod in our direction. C’mon Sam, Call your old pal Edward and tell him we need him to help us out here. It’s a one-time shot!”

“Nevershy: …or maybe he could just gently life the front of the shirt and give us some trail action…..”

“Nevershy: ooops….got so excited at the thought of what I was writing that I misspelled it…I meant “lift” the front of the shirt”….sigh….”

JET: LOL spelling never counts here. Afterall our keyboards are covered in drool & they get all slippy. *wink*

I was laughing so hard that tears were streaming from my eyes. These ladies were outrageously hysterical or they were all insane! I didn’t know which. It didn’t matter though, I agreed with them. There was no way Edward would be reading this. He was far too important to waste his time on this even though it was the only thing that had made me laugh out loud in years. Oh my God! I Loved it here.

I kept trying to imagine Edward sitting down with his laptop in some luxurious hotel after a long day of filming, tired, just wanting to relax and surf the net aimlessly and somehow, much like I did, he stumbles onto this site and THIS is what he finds!? Oh good Lord, the look that I imagined would be on his beautiful, perfect face! It was just too funny, waayyy too funny. It was a good thing he was so humble and so good natured.  I was glad his bodyguards, Dean and Emmett, were always close by. If he ever did read this, he was probably going to have a cow!

“EdwardsCougar: Nevershy, I LIKEY the way you think!! Nothing better than a little trail action from hot Ed!! YUM!!!!! ~drool!~”

“Jen: RED! RED! RED! Red, is so his color! He looks amazing in red! Ok, someone explain the Plain Gravy tee….what’s it stand for? Gravy as in “I’m da gravy booyah!” or Gravy as in “want this on your mashed potatoes!?” or is it the name of a band or…drug? Or is it just on there for shiz and giggles? Yes, my friends I really am that stupid and don’t get the point of the tee, other than we want to see it worn again.”

JET: LMAO I miss you Jena. I have no f*cking idea what it means. heehee I just think he looks YUMMY in it.

“JEN: Awwww ((((JET)))) I miss you to! I need to come here more often! 30 lashes for me!”

“JET: I’ll have to send Edward over with the riding crop to punish you! *wink* He’ll be a busy boy. {{{{{{JENA}}}}}}}}”

Oh, Heaven help me! That image was stuck in my mind now! I could not truly imagine Edward as a Dominant! He was far too bashful. Then again, who knew what he was truly like in person… My mind drifted off to an image of Edward, shirtless in tight, torn jeans and Harley Davidson boots with the previously mentioned riding crop in his hand. I suddenly realized I was actually fantasizing about this gorgeous man and that the fantasy itself was…well, Out There! WHOA! Girl! Now who just tripped into the Edgutter! That thought sent me into a fit of giggles that had me gasping for breath and drying my tears at the same time.


Hello, Cullen here.

You girls crack me up. Sam too.

I shall see if I can dig up my red horse shirt for you.

With love love love

Edward and Sam (That twit who stole my song!)

WTF? NFW! I jumped out of my chair, knocking it over, and ran away from my computer as though it had bitten me. That did not just happen! Did it? Cautiously, very cautiously I made my way back to my table and peeked around at my computer.

*WTF did you expect to see, ya Dork? My naughty side snarked at me, Edward Cullen himself crawling out of your computer screen? YOU WISH! Or perhaps the devil come to get you for pervin on The Pretty? Get Real! It’s words on a screen.* I straightened my chair and slowly sat back down; I couldn’t take my eyes off those words to save my life. No, it couldn’t be!

“KAT: Geez – we’re turning into raunchy Alices around here (and ain’t it grand?). But, if that truly IS you Edward, This is all in good fun, but please remember this: red is good, sexpenders are awesome, and tuxes are the best! But you know what? We love ya just the way you are.” 🙂

JET:  Edward, could you relocate to my bedroom please *wink*

“CullenCrazy: Edward? For reals? Oh I’m so excited I may pee my pants!”

“EdwardsCougar: Edward, Love, if that is you in BR what are you doing right now hhhmmm? Shouldn’t you be doing something kind of important? Since you seem to have so much time on your hands, *snickers* and you’re not really busy working, I’m sure I/we can keep you occupied if you care to meet me somewhere. *Giggles* I’m in BR as well. Just bring your sexspenders Baby. *wink*”

Oh no she didn’t! That Hussy! What if it was him? OMG, I would die ten thousand kinds of embarrassed if it was me. I tried to imagine him sitting there reading this. I believed I knew enough about him to know that he would find it completely hilarious. I could practically hear his sexy laugh and it made me giggle too. But I truly wondered what he thought of all these/us women who spent our days talking about him and how wonderful we/I thought he was.

EDWARD: Ladies, my reasoning for being on the other side of the planet as you call it, is for a project I’m working on, I’m terribly excited. I haven’t peed a little bit in my pants just yet but perhaps.

I probably should have mentioned how grateful I am to have fit women everywhere blogging about my (clean!) hair, eyes that occasionally wander to breasts.

It really is me.


Holy Shit! They just mentioned him being on the other side of the planet today and on Monday! Was he really THEE Edward? “Fit”, that was an English slang word for sexy! Only British men used phrases like “terribly excited.” American men didn’t have the class to know that it sounded sexy to women. I guess he answered my question about how he felt about these ladies. I giggled at the thought. He was talking about his (clean!) hair. If you knew anything about Edward you knew that was an on-going joke. I didn’t know for sure that it was Edward but I was willing to concede that it certainly sounded like something he would say.

“DazzlemeEC: hmmmmmm….what is this all about?? This can’t be the real Edward…..

However, if Edward sees this…please wear the shirt AND give us some secret sign so we know you did it for us….how about grabbing the collar and pulling it down so we can see that manfur peeking out better. Hey- and while I’m at it….you made my year when I got to see your fine upper body and those abs **swoon**”

“Chatterbox: any red shirt will do at a push, doesn’t have to be that one. But then we know you are fakerEdward anyway so it makes not a blind bit of difference.”

“JEN: Oh, man. I definitely have to agree with everyone here. I will gladly be the newest member to take my blissful leap into the EDgutter. The thoughts running through my head right now would make most of my friends blush furiously, but oh well.”


One’s location doesn’t change who they are.

I’m baffled as to all your sexual advances, but I’m not complaining.

Sam can post! Why can’t I? 🙂

I will pop my red horse shirt on when I can find it.  I actually think it’s still in Los Angeles. But when I do it’s going on! Until then I’ll do what I can for my fit girls.

I love you guys.


I heard a strange high-pitched noise and it took a few seconds before I realized it was me! I was Squeee-ing like a fan girl! I slapped my hand over my mouth to make it stop but I was so tickled over these posts, I couldn’t stop. I was bouncing up and down in my chair. I just could not contain my excitement. I finally gave up trying and just jumped out of my chair, punched the air as I leapt off the ground and yelled, “Edward freakin Cullen FTMFW!” I was dancing in circles and making a complete fool of myself but I was incapable of containing my joy.

“Unemployment seems to agree with you.”

The unexpected but familiar, deep baritone voice froze me in mid dance step. My hands were high in the air, my hip tossed to the right. I slowly turned my head to see who had entered my home. My face flushed a bright crimson when I saw the massive form of Jacob Black leaning against my kitchen counter, watching me. His car keys were dangling from the fist that was covering his mouth trying not to laugh at me. His other arm lay across his abdomen supporting his elbow, his long legs crossed at the ankles. I slowly met his gaze and his eyes were twinkling from amusement. Jake’s long, black hair framed his mahogany skin, high cheek bones and warm brown eyes. He really was a handsome man. Too bad he was like a brother to me.

“Jake!” I suddenly realized I hadn’t moved and felt all the more embarrassed. I made a dash for my computer and slammed it shut. Oh no, that wasn’t conspicuous at all, my goody-two-shoes side snarked at me. I mentally stuck my tongue out at her and looked up at Jake. My face flushed even brighter.

“Come here, Loca, and give me a hug,” Jake laughed. I couldn’t stop the grin that spread across my face. He was my oldest and dearest friend. I dove across the dining room into his arms. Jake picked me up without effort and swung me around. He sat me down and backed away without letting go of my shoulders and looked at me.

“I knocked, but you apparently couldn’t hear me. It sounded like you were throwing a Super Bowl party in here. I heard you yell something incoherent and got worried, so I let myself in. Just exactly what were you doing?” he grinned at me.

“Oh, I thought I’d apply for a position as a NFL cheerleader?” I grinned.

“That’s a half-time show I have to see! I must admit I did enjoy the show I saw.” Jake said, stepping closer to me.

“Jake…” I said, stepping out of his grasp. I looked down at the floor and Jake resumed his stance of leaning against my countertop.

“I’m surprised you didn’t fall down or otherwise hurt yourself.” He snickered. That was Jake, he’d make an uncomfortable moment by reminding me he wanted more than my friendship, then make me laugh and go right back to being my best friend again.

“I’m only clumsy around big, overgrown men who take up too much room in my kitchen.” I said trying to squeeze past him to the refrigerator. Of course I tripped over his massive feet. For such a large muscular man, he was incredibly lithe and quick. Moving only his arm, he managed to prevent my fall as though it were a practiced move. I would have surely fallen to the floor and possibly hit my head on the counter if he hadn’t reached out his left arm and grabbed me by the waist. He pulled me backwards against his chest with no effort at all and held me there. There was no use trying to struggle to get away from him, his biceps were the size of tree trunks and I weighed all of 105 pounds.

“Why do I make you so nervous Bella?” he whispered against my hair. I could feel the warmth and strength emanating from him. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to his physical form but Jake had kissed me once, years ago before the testosterone and muscles kicked in. That kiss had shut the door on any later attraction for me. The kiss had felt like, well, nothing. It was about as exciting as shaking hands with a stranger.

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe it’s because you’re as attracted to me as I am to you?” He whispered. I could feel his fingers starting to brush across my hip and his breathy whisper was clouding my head.


Today had gone pretty much like yesterday, every hour or so they were putting us on hold. Every break we had I ran back to my trailer to write another post, see what had been said and, yes, I admitted to myself, to look for her. She wasn’t there and my frustration and disappointment grew every time. It went that way clear up until 1:00 p.m. After that, the problems on the set had been resolved and we worked the rest of the day. We worked extra hours trying to make up for some of the time we missed yesterday. The scenes were physically and emotionally demanding and draining. Then there were meetings afterwards about the relocation, flight plans, watching the dailies, on and on and on. I didn’t think I’d ever get out of there.

It was very late by the time I got back to my trailer and I was completely exhausted. Still, even though I was at 44 hours with no sleep at all, I could not keep myself from searching for her. I checked her site first, nothing new on the first page or on the poetry page. Nothing new on the Edward’s Music page either. I was careful not to allow myself to read her note, not when I was this tired and not after what I knew her words were capable of doing to me.

I noticed there was a new tab on the index bar that read “Members.” I clicked on it, at the moment the only members were two of my girls from LTE and her. I clicked on the name EdwardsDream-gurl with an inward groan. That name was really getting to me. The page opened to reveal a larger version of her avatar. I sat there and stared at it for the longest time. I noticed that the avatar had a necklace and a ring that every once in a while would sparkle/twinkle and then, shortly thereafter, “she” would blink. I knew it was just an animation, I knew it was also lack of sleep that was causing the irrational thought but, at that moment, she seemed more real to me. There was nothing else on the page and still I sat there looking at the avatar, wondering about her. She had slipped into my mind a hundred times today. When I actually had scenes to do, I had to force her from my mind in order to perform. I laid my head on the table and just sat there watching her sparkle and blink. Now I was the one wondering what she was doing.

I was walking through a low lying mist, it was late at night but the moon was full and cast a bright glow. Movement up ahead caught my eye and I rushed forward to catch up to it. I heard a soft giggle and a smile spread across my face. Again, I caught just a glimpse of something dart behind a tree, just a flash of soft white skin and shiny black silk. This continued for a while, she’d dash ahead of me, just a glimpse or a blur. I’d hear her soft, hauntingly beautiful giggle or sigh luring me in and I’d chase after her smiling, thrilling at the hope that I’d catch up to her.  Eventually, I grew closer and closer to her, closing the distance, yet never seeing her face. She darted once more to an open field with a single broken tree split down the middle into a perfect V shape. I saw her at the last moment dart behind one half of the tree and I knew there was nowhere else for her to run. I approached the tree and heard her soft giggle. I was smiling, anticipating seeing her face. As I peeked around the almost black bark of the withered tree, I saw her hand clutching the bark, the soft alabaster skin of her arm and shoulder. I saw her long slender leg and thigh where the black silk negligee was split up the side and fell open. I could tell by the way she was standing she was peeking around the opposite side of the tree. I silently snuck around that side of the tree only to find she was no longer there. I heard her soft giggle as it drifted off into a contented sigh. It was a lovely sound that warmed me from the inside.

“Edward,” she called. The sound of my name in that glorious voice thrilled through me. I turned toward the sound of it. I saw her delicate white hand held out to me between the split branches of the old broken tree and as joy raced through my heart I reached out to touch her hand.

I woke with a start, filled with disappointment. I had fallen asleep with my head on the table. I didn’t know what had startled me awake. My arm was killing me from having lain on it. I started to close my laptop and go to bed but, just before I shut it, I saw that words had appeared below her picture.

“I’m just me, nothing special. A dedicated stay at home Edward fan. I love movies, books, art and poetry. I’ve always wanted to be a writer of a great novel series. I just don’t think anything I could say would matter much to anyone. While I have written several novels I have never been published. I’ve never had the confidence to allow anyone to read anything I have ever written. Maybe someday I’ll overcome those fears. Anyway I hope you enjoy my little tribute to the amazing Edward Cullen.”

I was stunned, Nothing Special? She didn’t think her words could ever matter to anyone? That disturbed me more than I cared to admit. I was just so tired I couldn’t think anymore or stay awake any longer. I closed my laptop and retreated to my bedroom, shaking my head in disbelief as I went.

I slept late but it was still quite early by most people’s standards. The training I had to do wasn’t going to happen till later this afternoon. I woke feeling rested despite having woken up three times in the night from having the same dream. I guess she truly was my dream girl now. I could never quite figure out what had caused me to wake up startled. Other than the tree itself being broken and looking withered, everything else in the dream was from a picturesque summer night. It was nighttime but the dream wasn’t “dark”.

I decided to pack most of my things up today for the relocation tomorrow. I wanted to see if I had my horse shirt and the other items JET had requested. It didn’t take me long to pack up. I laid my mustard yellow duffle on the sofa along with my guitar case and a few other things. After I showered and had breakfast, I did what I had simultaneously been looking forward too and trying to avoid, I logged onto my computer.

I went back to where I had left off yesterday. There were more than a hundred posts after my last post, a lot of them debating whether it was really me or not. The rest were very blunt sexual propositions. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. I was nearing the bottom of the page and still there was nothing from her. Then, just before the end, I saw her avatar and my heart started to race.

“EdwardsDream-gurl: I don’t know if that was actually him or not. From what I know about him it sounded like him. “Fit” is a British slang for sexy. It seems to me if it was someone pretending to be him just to get us riled up then they would have continued to post throughout the day. I mean what would be the point of pretending to be Edward and get people talking about it and then not hang around and keep it going. Only time will tell. See if we get the tug on the red shirt.

Dear Edward, If that was truly you, please return when you can, it was a joy to have you here. And if it’s not too inconvenient please wear the red shirt at least and give the collar a tug so we know it was you. We will be forever grateful.

Forever your gurl,


Well, not only was she seductive and sexy, poetic, intelligent, with a beautiful heart and soul, she was polite and had manners too. She may be right. She just might be my dream girl. Too bad I didn’t know who the hell she was! I thought with considerable irritation. All these women with their vulgarity, bluntness and constant sexual advances were incredibly entertaining and flat-out shocking at times. I often enjoyed reading their posts because of the humor I found in it and I adored them for it. I assumed that since she was on this site as well, she also found me attractive (why, I had no clue), she did say she thought I was Sofa King Hawt, after all. The funny thing was that I was attracted to her mild way of saying naughty things. I was attracted to all the things she meant to say but didn’t say and the way she managed to pull that off. I was attracted to her gentle nature and her apparent shyness.

I checked back with LTE but there was nothing new there. They never posted a blog on Thursdays. My heart sank. It was ten in the morning my time, 11 her time and no word from her. She should be up by now, I thought, and wondered for the millionth time what she was doing. Then I remembered she said she couldn’t sleep, didn’t sleep much at all. I hated thinking of her not being able to sleep and, if I was somehow responsible for that, I felt terrible about it. Maybe she was still asleep. I hoped that she was. That made me feel better, thinking she was at least getting some rest.

DUH! You Big Idiot of a guy! I berated myself for not thinking of it sooner! In my excitement, my fingers fly over the keys, hand typing in the web address I didn’t realize I had memorized, and temporarily forgot due to my excitement, I had saved in my favorites. If she couldn’t sleep at night, and wasn’t around in the mornings, there was a chance that she spent her nights working on her web site. I had checked her page at midnight last night and nothing was there. But when I went to bed by 1 in the morning, there had been a post from her. Maybe there would be more there today.

There was yet another new item on her index bar that read “Videos.” I was thrilled to see it and a little wary at the same time. Then I saw something that thrilled me, an RSS link. I would have to search through all of her pages today, but not after today. I could subscribe to her website anonymously and be sent an e-mail through her web hosting provider anytime she updated. I did this quickly and then jumped to the videos. At the moment, she only had two videos posted but she promised there would be more later on. One was of me playing the piano in the Twilight movie but what surprised me was that it wasn’t the song they had over-dubbed on top, it was the actual tune I had been playing that day. A combination of one of my original compositions and then me just fiddling around, making it up as I went along. The other video was of me singing “Let Me Sign.” She stated flat out that she did not create any of the videos and gave the original creator the credit for them. Damn, she was honest too.

I scanned back through the rest of her pages and had just about decided she hadn’t added anything else when I found this beneath the Questions poem:

     Midnight Rendezvous


I walk alone in the light breeze,

The mist swirls about my feet.

Although it’s the darkest hour of night,

The moon above shines bright.

I smile when I sense you’re here,

A thrill goes through me to know you’re near.

I giggle as I dash away,

My Divine one has come to play.

A Midnight Rendezvous

A game we share, me and you,


“Holy shit!” I said. Once again, I was out of my chair, pacing the floor, running my hands through my hair in confusion. She wrote a poem about the dream I had last night? WTF? How was that even possible? No! Nope, no, no. It couldn’t be. It was just a coincidence. It just sounded that way in the beginning. The story would change as it continued. I returned to my chair, unable to walk away.

You always smile and chase after me,

And I duck behind another tree.

We meet in the dark of night,

No one knows and everything’s all right.

Oh! You’re so close, but no not here,

For some reason it must be over there,

I dart across the open field,

But in the moonlight, I am revealed.

A Midnight Rendezvous

A game we share, me and you,


Though I was shocked, in disbelief, and maybe even a little freaked out, I could not tear myself away from her words. I was enthralled and frozen to the spot.  The broken tree, if she wrote of a broken, split tree I’ll just…

Over there, your half and mine,

Two worlds split, mundane and Divine,

I peek around the broken tree,

Knowing you still cannot see me,

I hear your foot-steps creeping close

This is the moment I love the most,

You reach for me but I’ve crept away,

I giggle, then I sigh your name.

Midnight Rendezvous

A game we play, me and you,

“HO-LY SHIT!” I said. How can she possibly know this? Was she dreaming the same thing? Was that even possible?

You turn and I see the glory of your face,

I long to touch you and embrace,

The Divine one who Haunts my dreams,

Who is so much more than he seems.

I stretch out my hand between the broken tree,

And smiling you reach back for me.

Midnight Rendezvous,

A game we play me and you. 

That’s it? That’s all of it? How did her dream end? Was she startled awake too? What happened? Did we ever touch? I snatched my cell from my pocket and dialed Jasper’s private number knowing no one else would over hear me from this line. He picked up on the first ring, as always.

“What can I do for you, brother?”

“Are you alone?” I asked anxiously.


“I need to see you. Now. Don’t make a big deal of it. Come alone.” I said.