Waiting in The Twilight Chapter 27~ Complete!



Waiting in the Twilight

Chapter 27

Two Months Later.



WOOO HOOOO!!! ***Runs in all giggles and fan-girling ***

OMG! OMG!. OMG!!! Guess what I just got?? The second best thing next to being with Edward Cullen! I Got an e-mail from none other than “The Pretty” himself!!! **snoopy happy dance of joy!**

Now don’t be jealous, bitches! It was sent to me but it was meant for all of us! How do I know it’s real? Well, it came from EdwardsDream~gurl’s mail box and was signed from both of them but it was def written by Edward!

Bet you’d like to read it huh?


Dear Jet,

I just wanted to let you and my girls know how much Bella and I have appreciated your support and all the kind e-mails and “get well” wishes we received from all of you.

I assure you that Bella and I are currently in an undisclosed location enjoying some much deserved down time and helping each other through the healing process. She’s had to have a few surgeries on her ankle but the prognosis is good. In the meantime, she is working frantically on her upcoming debut novel. Sorry, no hints will be forthcoming LOL…I’m sworn to secrecy!

As for me, I’m doing fine, too.  Since you and the girls seem to know my schedule better than I do (LOL), I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn I’m scheduled to begin filming Mission Black List in the fall. It’ll be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to it!

Oh, and we decided to get some pretty ferocious guard dogs, just in case (pics attached).

Cuddles” & “Georgie”

Scary, aren’t they?

Again, we just wanted to say Thank You and we’ll be lurking!

Much love to you and all My Girls!

Forever YOUR fans,

Edward and Bella


So, ladies! There it is…our man! Beautiful through and through. **wipes tears**

Keep in touch, you two!! Until then, we’ll keep perving and fan-girling.

(Sorry, EDG, but great habits are bad to break LOL!)


OK, girls! Share your thoughts while I go frame my letter!




Bella and I had spent two weeks in hospital. She’d needed two surgeries on her ankle and has had another surgery since then. According to the doctors, she’d have to endure at least one more. Due to the exposure she suffered at the hands of James and Victoria, she’d also had a mild case of hypothermia and battled the flu for the first week.

I had minor surgery on my thigh where Victoria had bitten me as there had been some muscle damage. She’d also scratched my cornea and I was still wearing an eye patch. My hands have healed from where she’d dug her nails into them. The doctors had needed to dig 3 of her fingernails out of my flesh, though. Luckily for me, there was no permanent damage to my hands and I could still play guitar and piano.

Bella and I shared a hospital room and spent many hours talking and making plans. One of the first things we had talked about and argued over had been bodyguards. I wanted to increase their numbers from 2 to 4. Bella, on the other hand, wanted none at all. She was afraid they would draw more media attention and bring the paps and reporters back to her doorstep. The press and the paparazzi had followed us to the hospital and lingered for days but eventually dissipated. With a little sneakiness on Jasper’s part, we’d been able to return to her home unnoticed. There’d been no press or paps around us at all since we’d left the hospital. Now Bella’s biggest worry was having the BG’s, as she called them, hovering over her while she tried to write her novels, always being a constant reminder of what had happened. So, we compromised. She’d suggested getting a guard dog and only using the BG’s if and when we had to go somewhere. I’d agreed…well, sort of. The four BG’s were there; they just weren’t anywhere Bella would see them. They were stationed outside the house where we couldn’t see them but they could see the house. Those stationed near the lone country road stopped any and all unfamiliar vehicles for vetting.

While we’d been deep in the woods, we’d been unable to get a clear signal to make calls. It was Bella who’d known that the Iphone had a GPS tracking signal and set it off when I’d given her my jacket. That was how Emmett was able to find us when he did. We’d incorporated that tracking device into the security team’s options. It kept track of where Bella and I were at all times, now. If it should deviate from what the security team was told our plans/locations were, the BG’s were to take appropriate action.

Since Bella and I had agreed on having a guard dog while we were in the hospital and unable to get to a shelter ourselves, Bella went online and researched local animal shelters. Once she’d found a dog, she sent Alice to pick it up. I wasn’t allowed to see it because she wanted it to be a surprise. I had a feeling I knew where this was going so, while Alice and Bella had been busy choosing a “guard dog,” I decided to have a pow wow with Emmett.

When Bella and I finally returned to her home, the so-called guard dog she and my sister had chosen was nothing more than a cotton ball on legs; a Maltipoo, of all things! Half Maltese-half Poodle! I supposed, if another crazed fan broke in, it could kill them with cuteness, but that was about all it could do! They’d appropriately named it ”Cuddles.”

 bellas dog

Yeah, that would strike fear in the hearts of any crazed fans! I’d suspected they’d pull something like this so I’d sent Emmett, Head of Security, to adopt a real guard dog. I was thinking of something along the lines of a trained German Shepherd but, when Bella and I had returned home, I saw “Killer” hiding and trembling beside the sofa next to Cuddles!


Emmett’s version of a real guard dog had been an Old English Sheepdog puppy! I supposed, in a year or so, he’d be large enough to scare someone but, in all honesty, I think Cuddles was more vicious! The girls promptly renamed the sheepdog “Georgie!” Emmett’s excuse for the ferocious killer guard dog had been that the sheepdog “was the largest puppy in the shelter!” I’d never admit it to them but, 5 minutes after I saw the two dogs, I was completely in love with both of them.

Getting up from the dining room table to get a drink, I couldn’t help but smile and roll my eyes at the two guard dogs. They were both sound asleep on the sofa, with Georgie wrapped completely around Cuddles.

I leaned against the kitchen counter, feet crossed at the ankles, sipping coffee. Perusing my Bella from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, it was all so clear. She was my life, now. Just watching her filled my heart with joy.

She’d warned me she was a table hog and, boy, she wasn’t lying! Sitting at the long side of the dining room table, crutches leaning against the French doors, she had 3 notebooks, a stack of sticky notes, a tall glass of iced tea, an ashtray, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on her right. (I recently discovered she only smokes when she’s writing, which really meant she lit a cigarette, took one drag while she brainstormed, then set it in the ashtray to burn out while she typed. Too cute!)

On her left was a long forgotten slice of half-eaten coffee cake, a dictionary, 3 reference books, a highlighter and a pen. In front of her was her laptop and she was typing away like a mad thing. My laptop and ashtray sat at the end of the table looking lonely compared to all of Bella’s “writing companions,” as I’d come to call them.

Watching her write her novel, I often had to stifle a giggle, as I did now. She’d type for a while, sometimes a long while and, if she liked what she wrote, she’d do this thing that just made me want to laugh out loud. She’d fist both hands, rotate them several times in a circle while moving her head back and forth, and wiggle her butt in the seat. I called it her happy dance. If she didn’t like what she wrote, she’d scowl at her laptop for a long time. If she couldn’t figure it out, she’d stick her tongue out at the monitor. Eventually, she’d pick up one notebook or the other and either read from her notes or make more notes. At some point, the answer would come to her and she’d say, “Aha!” and start typing again. Inevitably, that always led to the happy dance.

Today, a long, yellow No. 2 pencil rested behind her ear. Her hair was tied up in a sloppy bun, held in place by a pencil woven through her thick, auburn tresses. Another pencil was clenched between her teeth, and she’d donned oversized reading glasses which gave her a cute, albeit owlish, appearance. One of my flannel shirts swallowed her tiny frame as well as the camisole she wore underneath it. She’d been forced into wearing sweatpants at all times until her foot healed. The ones she wore now were gray with the word “Juicy” written in pink across her bottom. (Damn Alice! Those pants made my mind go gutter diving every time she wore them! So, of course, they were Bella’s favorite.) Alice wanted to dress her up like her own personal Barbie doll, as if Bella being my girlfriend gave her the right to do so. But, the truth was, Bella was never more beautiful to me than she was right now, when she was being herself, lost in her own world.

She must’ve just gotten a brilliant idea because, as I watched her, she grinned around the pencil in her mouth and began typing like mad again. God, I loved her!

Thinking about how close I’d come to losing her, to missing this moment and all the moments since we’d carried her out of the woods…it still filled me with fury. I could’ve killed Victoria and never given it a second thought. Not Bella, though. Despite all the torture they’d put her through, she’d taken pity on Victoria, insisting the woman was sick and in need of help. She was right, of course, but, in all honesty, had it been anyone but Bella asking me to stop, I wouldn’t have. Victoria was now in a state mental hospital in LA, far far away from my EDGe, and I hoped she would never get out.

When we came home from the hospital and learned that Victoria had been institutionalized, we were ecstatic. That night, as we slept, I found myself walking through the woods at a leisurely pace. It was early evening and the forest was alive with birdsong and thriving with beautiful spring blooms. Sunbeams glittered through new foliage and I smiled at the spectacle surrounding me. I couldn’t remember ever being happier. There was only one place I wanted to be right now and I knew just how to get there. Before long, I enter a large, circular meadow resplendent with purple and lavender flowers. In the center stands a familiar tree, although it no longer appears broken and split. Gazing at the whole, healthy, thriving oak in wonder, I look down and to my left. Her hand is in mine and I raise my eyes to see the most beautiful woman I have ever known; my EDGe.

The dream changes and we find ourselves sitting beneath our tree, looking out over the field of flowers. Holding her enfolded in my arms, the sound of children laughing and playing rings in the distance.

I open my eyes to see Bella just waking, looking at me and smiling. We’ve shared the same dream once again but, this time, we know exactly what it means.

The End