Waiting in the Twilight Chapter 22


Chapter 22

Waiting in the Twilight

Chapter 22


What a bloody nightmare! I wasn’t thinking about the dreams, either. That was another matter entirely. I paced back and forth in front of my bedroom door waiting to get to Bella. It had taken me and three of my bodyguards to lift the rear of the limo away from the curb to free Bella’s foot from where it had jammed between the tire and the curb. Her ankle was visibly swollen and she couldn’t walk on it but, typical Bella, she was more concerned about the damage to the borrowed Louis Vuitton shoe she’d been wearing than her own ankle. I finally had to tell her they were insured so she’d stop worrying about it. I’d lifted her from the curb and set her gently into the back of the limo then we drove straight to the hospital. I called Jasper on the way and, like the miracle worker that he was, he’d arranged for us to slip into the hospital undetected. X-rays revealed that her ankle was sprained and she had a tiny, hairline fracture. They put her in a boot cast, gave her a prescription for Vicoden, and released her. I didn’t want her spending the night alone in her room so, at my insistence, Alice and Rose were currently fussing over her, putting her in my bed where I could watch over her throughout the night.

That bastard pap, James Hunter, had been hauled off to jail, along with his pal, Laurent. According to Emmett, they swore they weren’t working together but admitted they knew each other. James had been the one to take the pictures of Bella and me and made up the story about the contest being rigged. Apparently, he was threatening to sue me for destroying his camera and, in essence, his career. If he was so broke that my destroying his camera was enough to ruin his career, I didn’t see how he thought he could afford to sue me. Then again, I was certain there were some attorneys out there crooked enough to take his case just for the chance to sue a wealthy star. I was certain Summit and Little Brown would be suing him right back for defamation of character, assault, and a number of other things. I’d wait for events to unfold before making my move. The way I saw it, the less attention drawn to this man, or this situation, the better off we’d be. Of course, that was the logical part of my brain talking. The illogical part, as well as my heart, wanted to rip the man to shreds in front of a huge audience and then sue him for everything he had or would ever hope to have.

Before I could continue with my fantasy of destroying James Hunter in all the most painful ways possible, Alice and Rose emerged from my bedroom.

“How is she? Is she in a lot of pain?”

“Bella’s fine and she wants to see you,” Alice said, taking me by the arm and leading me to the sofa. Something about the way she said the words, plus the fact that she was leading me away from Bella, set off an alarm in my head.

“Why? What aren’t you telling me? She’s in more pain than we thought, isn’t she?”

“No, she’s not in any pain right now. She’s just more worried about you than she is for herself!” Alice assured me.

“But, that’s ridiculous, Alice! She’s the one who was injured and I couldn’t do a damned thing to stop it!”

“Edward, get a grip! I need you to take a deep breath and calm down before you go in there, okay? Keep yourself together and let her have her say. Listen! Then, think before you address her concerns, because I know you! You’ll try to gloss over everything and you really need take her seriously!”

“Edward,” Rose said, placing a hand on my shoulder as she stood behind the sofa.

“I know, Rose. I know,” I said, defeated. I knew what she was going to say and I didn’t like it…at all, but it was best for Bella and that was all that mattered to me. I needed to see her and talk to her more than anything right now. Without another word, knowing my sisters were watching with concern on their faces, I entered my bedroom.

Bella looked so small and fragile leaning back against the pillows piled behind her on my king sized bed. The huge lump under the covers where her foot remained in a boot cast appeared larger than her petite body. Her eyes were closed and I was trying not to wake her but, as I approached the bed, she sensed my presence and opened her eyes. I smiled down at her as I eased gently onto the bed beside her.

“How are you feeling, love? Are you in a lot of pain?” I asked.

“Not at all, really. It only hurts when I walk on it,” she said.

All of a sudden, to my surprise, shock, and dismay, Bella burst into tears and began apologizing.

“I’m so sorry, Edward! All this time, the pa… paps have been unable to get to you and now, because of me, you’re in tr… trouble! I should never have entered that contest! My ba… bad luck has rubbed off on you! The last thing I wanted to do was ruin your ca… caree…”

“Hey, hey! Hold on there, love. You didn’t do anything! Those bloody paps who did this are to blame! You haven’t done anything wrong at all!” I said, lying down next to her and pulling her gently into my arms.

“Oh, Edward! You really have no clue. I’m notorious for my bad luck! It follows me everywhere I go! I’ve ruined your career! They think you cheated because of me! I embarrassed and humiliated you in front of your fans,” she whimpered into my chest. I couldn’t help myself, I burst out laughing. Bella jerked away from me to look at my face, obviously confused by my reaction. It only made me laugh harder.

“Edward! Stop laughing! This isn’t funny!” she exclaimed. I tried to sober up, but the look on her face was hysterical and I lost it again. Bella looked really perturbed until I noticed her frown starting to crack into a smile. She smacked my leg and tried to hold it in, but she didn’t make it. Pretty soon, she was laughing, too.

“Are you kidding? You think you humiliated me? On the contrary, love. I’m very proud of you! Oh, the sight of you beating that bloke in the head with your purse and calling him all the names you and the girls always call them was simply priceless! Let me tell you right now, Bella. The only thing I regret is that you were hurt!” I told her, curling my arms around her again.

“You mean you’re not mad at me?” she asked, eyes wide in astonishment.

“Sweetheart, haven’t you ever heard the old saying that, in Hollywood, even bad publicity is better than no publicity at all?” I laughed. The very idea of Bella thinking I was mad at her was ludicrous.

“Yes, but I caused a scene at the BD2 Premiere… your Premiere! Oh, my God!” she exclaimed, hiding her face in her hands. I couldn’t help laughing as I hugged her close. She was ridiculously funny.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had bad press in the past, but it didn’t hurt me then and it won’t hurt me now! Whether it’s true or false, it’s something all celebrities have to deal with on a regular basis. You can either let it rule your life or you can ignore it and carry on as normal. I choose to live my life on my own terms. In fact, all the fans, yours and mine, are probably thrilled to finally see a pap get taken down. Wanna bet your MEoW friends are already throwing a party?”

“I doubt that. They’ll probably disown me and block me from commenting in the future because I made a mess of your premiere! Not to mention, I stole ‘The Pretty’ from them,” she sighed heavily.

“Bella, really? You don’t know your friends very well, do you? Wait here,” I told her. Easing off the bed, I went to the door and asked Jasper to bring me my laptop. I knew he’d been keeping an eye on all the celebrity news sites and blogs just in case any damage control was required. I also knew the MEoW girls would stand behind Bella 100%. I’d been following them too long to have even a single doubt about it. Jasper handed me my open laptop and I could tell by the uncharacteristic grin on his face that, as far as the fans and I were concerned, everything was fine. I winked at him and mouthed the word ‘thanks.’ Jasper nodded once in reply. I caught a glimpse of Alice’s anxious face over Jasper’s shoulder and smiled at her. Her return smile glowed with relief and joy.

Climbing back onto the bed, I helped Bella prop herself up a bit higher with the pillows. I settled the laptop over my thighs and hitched closer to Bella so we could both see the screen. Jasper had the page already open to a celebrity blog where a video of tonight’s premiere had been posted. The icon hovered over the play button. I never doubted Jasper’s judgment and I wasn’t about to start now so, without hesitation, I pressed play and enlarged the video to full screen. The video jarred for a second as though the person taking the video had been bumped in the arm but, after that, the quality was good.

So far, I was glad I’d decided to show it to Bella, as well as watch it myself. At the beginning, we both cringed a few times as first Laurent’s, then James’s, accusations flew through the air loud and clear for all to hear. When the screen showed me tucking Bella safely behind, Bella blushed and smiled as she rested her head on my shoulder. The image of me lunging forward to restrain Laurent made her smile broadened. She was proud of me for that? Wow! I’d just wanted to tear him apart for the crap he’d said about her, but I hated that I’d done that. Leaving Bella alone and vulnerable to James’ assault had been my biggest mistake of the evening. I flinched as I watched James rush at her. The camera panned out so that we could see what was happening between both paps. Laurent and I were on the left side of the screen while Bella and James were on the right. Things were about to get dicey and I was beginning to doubt the wisdom of letting Bella see this part. We both felt terrible until the view changed again. The camera switched angles to focus on Bella, James, and the crowd of fans. Now, I understood Jasper’s choice as we watched Bella yelling at James to shut-up. The fans were yelling, too.

“Hey, you jerk! Leave her alone!” they were yelling. We saw them strain over the velvet ropes, just itching for a chance to help her, but extra security from the theatre rushed in to hold them back. “You tell him, Bella!” they screamed as she whacked him and told him to shut-up. “Hit him again!” they cheered when she did.

Beside me, Bella was blushing, giggling, and covering her mouth with her hands as she watched the fans cheer for her. I stopped the video before it showed her accident. I didn’t want her to have to relive that again. Moving the cursor up to the search bar, I typed in MEoW. If I knew my girls, they would have a blog post up about tonight’s events by now. They already had a very low, albeit accurate, opinion of the paps, so this would surely send them off the deep end. The page popped open within seconds…




These paps done went and pissed me off, girls! I’m so mad I could spit nails! If you weren’t around for the live feed, you missed one hell of a show! You can see the vids after the jump.

After raking in what I am sure was mega bucks for publishing that bullshit story about Edward and Bella rigging the non-battle scene rewrite contest, that low life pap came back for more. Him and his pal ambushed Edward and Bella at the LA Premiere of Breaking Dawn earlier this evening. As E&B were leaving the premiere, one pap, whose name is reportedly Laurent, jumped the ropes and got in their faces. Edward, being the gentleman that he is, stepped in front of Bella to protect her. Once she was safe, he got into the brawl of his life when Laurent kicked up a fuss and refused to go down easily.

While Edward was distracted with this other dude and busy yelling at Emmett, the scumbag named James Hunter {the same freaking pap who hid in the bushes to capture and later sell the pictures of E&B kissing} pounced on Bella! Now, I’m no saint, we all know that, but the shit this guy was saying to Bella about her and Edward was beyond revolting!

Oh, but get this, girls! EDG didn’t take his shit for one second! She told him off when he slammed Edward! Then, when he wouldn’t back off and wouldn’t shut-up, she beat him with her purse… repeatedly! You go, girl!

Unfortunately, when Edward realized she was being accosted by the pap, he ran to her aid and, in doing so, the pap spun around to get the picture and knocked Bella down. Apparently, she was trapped between the limo and the curb. It took 4 men, including Edward, to lift the rear of the limo to free Bella. And, get this, ladies! Our man Edward, God love him, picked her up and carried her to the limo like a knight in shining armor! *Swoon!*

Word has it she was injured pretty badly and they rushed her to an undisclosed hospital. No news on her condition as of yet. It doesn’t appear to have been life threatening but she was obviously in pain and her shoulders were scraped up and bleeding from having hit the concrete. As they say, however, what goes around comes around! These guys might have caused a scene at the premiere but, one thing is for sure; neither one of them is going to make any money off their pics! The first guy was shooting at such crazy angles, there’s no way his pics are gonna produce anything and, as for this dude James…HA! Edward smashed his MFing camera! *FIST BUMP!*

But, God bless her, Bella stood up against that pap and beat him down as best as she could, considering she was wearing Louis Vuitton heels and a Versace evening gown! She got the chance to do something we have all wanted to do…Protect The Pretty! We know she’s been…err, busy these past few days, but we also know she reads MEoW. Send her some love in the comments, won’t you? And tell me what you would like to do, or see done, to these scumbag paps!

Proud and Furiously yours,


Edwardscougar: “Awww…Poor EDG! Just when everything was going her way! Then this falsehood gets published by this scum of the earth pap and now said pap has harassed her and Edward and caused her bodily harm!?What a mess! I hope Scummit and Little Brown don’t stand for this and sue this guy for all he’s worth! I hope Bella does too!”

Chatterbox: “I hope they bury the fucker! I know EDG was in an awkward position and wearing very expensive clothes, caught off guard, {not to mention probably totally dazzled by being with “The Pretty” for the past 3 days} but if it had been me, I’d have kicked off one of those Louis Vuitton’s and started beating him with it! Seems to me this guy already has a brain leak! A few more heel-sized holes in his head couldn’t hurt!”

CrazyforCullen: Oh I hope Bella is ok! Take care of our girl Edward. I can’t say what I’d like to see happen to paps…It’s too violent!

DazzlemeEC: ” CrazyforCullen “Say it, out Loud!” LOL Can’t be worse than what I’d like to see done to all paps especially that one, you know have him strung up by his privates and publicly flogged before we really get serious! Hehehe. Get Better Soon Bella!

FlightlessVamp: Dear Dean and Emmett, Next time, if there ever is a next time, let Edward go so he can stomp the shit out of those guys! Yours truly,FV.

PS: Get Well Soon Bella and COME BACK TO COMMENT!

Summerchic: “I’m so mad right now I could spit nails, too! Between what happened tonight at the premiere and the lies this dude told and the magazine that spread them about EDG and Edward… he’s just damn lucky I’m not within strangling range cuz this guy would be so dead! Take care of our Girl Edward and yourself as well. You both looked stunning BTW!”

JET: “Didn’t they, though? Despite what happened, Bella/EDG is a damn Lucky woman to be in the presence of The Pretty.

Forkshere: “Hey! Remember that scene in Rambo 2 where the bad guys had him hanging in a pit full of pig shit? Now, that would be fitting for all paps, right?

CullenCrazy: “Viva la Revolution! Bring back the guillotine!”

Rudysmom2008: “My, my! Aren’t we a bloodthirsty bunch?” *gigglesnort!*

TexasTornado: “Hell’n, here in Texas, we’d just stake ’em out on top of a bed of fire ants! Let them mean li’l fuckers take care of the trash! Ain’t dirtyin’ my hands on ’em LOL!”

I watched her as she read the last few comments showing on the page. She was grinning and tears glazed her eyes, but they were happy tears. She was touched by their kindness towards her and, if I knew my EDGe, amazed that they cared about her so deeply. She looked up at me expectantly after she had read the last comment.

“You see, love? They adore you and they’re thrilled we’re together and happy that you beat up a pap for me,” I said with a grin. It was obvious she hadn’t hurt that pap, James, but it was the principle behind the beating. She did what she and so many had talked about doing, if they were ever given the chance to get close enough to one.

“I suppose. I know how dedicated my friends are to you. I couldn’t help but worry that some of them would be mad at me.”

“Well, they’re not, as you can see. And you are not bad luck, either! Every bit of this falls on the shoulders of those bloody paps,” I said. I started to close my laptop and set it on the floor on my side of the bed, but Bella stopped me by placing her hand on my keyboard.

“Edward, don’t think I didn’t notice that you stopped the video before I was knocked over. I want…no, I need to see it!” she insisted.

“I just didn’t want to see you upset again, love,” I tried to explain.

“You should know by now that I’m stronger than I look,” she chuckled.

“You’re sure you want to live through that again? It kills me to watch it myself!” I asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. Show me the video. You know I’ll see it eventually anyway and I’d rather see it with you than alone,” she said softly. She was right; I didn’t want her to see it at all but, if she had to see it, I didn’t want her to be alone. Bella had a habit of blaming herself for things that weren’t her fault so I wanted to be there to make sure she didn’t feel guilty about any of the evening’s events. Clinching my jaw, I opened my laptop and returned to the video, fast-forwarding to just seconds before her accident. I wish I’d watched it alone before agreeing to let Bella watch it, now. The camera was focused on Bella, James, and the crowd.

Shut your mouth! You don’t know him! You know nothing about him!” Bella was yelling on the video.

“He’s an asshole, is what he is.” Click, click, click, click. “A cocky, arrogant, British fuck! With no brain filter and no brains!” Click, click, click, click.

Shut your fucking mouth!” Bella’s voice screamed through the speaker on my laptop. Sitting beside me, EDGe cringed at her actions.

Hit him again! Harder!” a fan yelled. The camera zoomed in on Bella and James. I’d been too far away, surrounded by too many screaming fans to hear what was being said. James moved in closer and began taking more pictures. With every click of his lens, he inched forward, getting right up in Bella’s face. Bella backed up, trying to get away from him, smacking him with her purse over and over the whole time. Looking at it now, she should have smacked him across the face, which would have knocked his camera out of his hands. Then again, that might have angered him enough to have attacked her.

You don’t know anything about him! He’s a wonderful man, kind, caring and generous! He’s beautiful inside and out! You’re filth! You’re disgusting! You’re not good enough to lick his boots!” Bella cried, still pounding him with her purse.

HEY! Get away from her! Bella! No!” I heard my voice from off screen and winced because I knew what was coming next.

Edward! Stop! Dean! Get over here!” Emmett yelled to Dean off screen.

“He’s a complete fucktard. Everyone knows it.” James said to Bella. Then, total chaos ensued. James spun around to get pictures of me running to save Bella and, when he did, his shoulder and elbow rammed into her side. She toppled in the high, thin heels. I cringed when I saw her foot turn unnaturally as it slipped between the limo tire and the curb. Her arms flailed awkwardly as she twisted, trying to remain standing, but it was no use. She went down hard on her soft, bare shoulders. It looked as though she should have broken some ribs, as well, but the X-rays had proven they were fine.

BELLA!” I screamed as I entered the screen. I glanced at Bella sitting beside me as video ‘me’ fell to his knees beside video ‘Bella.’ I stopped the film when I saw her crying and visibly shaking against my side.

“I knew you shouldn’t have watched that,” I told her, closing my laptop and tossing it to the foot of my bed. Careful of her bruised and scraped shoulder, I pulled her into my arms.

“I’m not crying for me, darlin’! I don’t know how you’ve tolerated them for so long without losing your temper. He was saying the meanest things about you and it’s all lies!”

“Words can hurt, love, but they don’t bother me…certainly not from the likes of him. However, I can tell it really bothered you. It worried you that the fans might think less of us and it worried you what the interviewers were going to think. EDGe, nothing, and I mean nothing, anyone says or thinks makes any difference to the way I feel about you and it never will. When you think about it like that, don’t you feel the same way? Can you try not to let it bother you so much?” I asked gently, intertwining our fingers with one hand.

“Of course I do, and I’ll try,” she smiled. “Us against the world, right?” she chuckled softly.

“Absofuckinglutely, love,” I agreed, kissing her temple. “But, now I need to talk to you about something very important to me,” I hated having to do this. I didn’t want to for many reasons. Bella snuggled deeper into my chest and bravely dried her eyes.

“Okay, I’m listening,” she sniffled.

“Watching that video was hard for me, too. Bella, I couldn’t live with myself if you got hurt again because of me. This promo tour is going to be a tough gig; visiting multiple cities and countries in just a few days, rushing through airports, standing around through photo shoots and photo calls! Climbing in and out of cars and limos, even boats! Sitting for hours through book signings and press conferences…it’s insane! All that walking and standing without rest could end up doing permanent damage to your foot. Make no mistake! I want…hell, I needed you to go with me. The thought of being away from you for so long is so excruciating! But, seeing you hurt further just to be with me and ease my mind is incredibly selfish of me and totally unacceptable. Do you understand where I’m going with this, love?” I begged.

“I had a feeling you were going to say that. I really wanted to go with you but, from following your career, I know how physically demanding these tours can be. I’d only get in your way,” she said sadly.

“You could never be in my way, love! But, for your own sake and my peace of mind, you need to stay off your foot as much as possible. So, here’s the plan; Jasper’s made arrangements for you to be on a flight back home about an hour before my flight leaves in the morning. Your tickets are already in the living room.”

“Tickets? As in more than one?” she asked. She looked up at me with confusion written all over her lovely face. I knew this was coming and I was prepared for it. Better to get it settled tonight rather than make her late for her flight in the morning.

“Yes. I have extra bodyguards on call in case they are ever needed. I’m sending two home with you. It…”

“I don’t think so!” she exclaimed, cutting me off. She sat up and looked back at me as though I’d completely lost my mind.

“EDGe, before you climb up on your soap box and start telling me where I can get off, stop and think about it,” I said, keeping my voice calm. There wasn’t going to be an argument here. My mind was made up. “You entered the contest and won. The chemistry between us was immediate and everyone picked up on it. The rumors were flying from the moment the press saw us together…”

“Yes, but we handled that,” she tried, interrupting me, but I wasn’t going to be derailed. I kept talking as if I was talking about the weather.

“We were papped kissing in public and it was pretty obvious we were making out in the limo. I take full responsibility for that. I’ve been in the eye of the press long enough to have learned that they see everything. Then, that falsehood was written about the contest being fixed…”

“Well, anyone who believes that nonsense is a fool. The fans don’t believe it,” she argued, cutting me off again. I knew she wouldn’t like the thought of bodyguards but, after a long discussion with Emmett, Dean, and Jasper, we had all unanimously agreed there was no way around it. If she couldn’t come on the tour with me, she was going home with bodyguards, period.

“Then, there was that fiasco at the premiere. Do you honestly think that, when you go home, the press isn’t going to hunt you down and harass and hound you to no end? Do you think they won’t pressure you and say and do things to get a reaction or some kind of an admission out of you, that they won’t be lying in wait for you when your plane lands? Do you really think they won’t be sitting on your front lawn, or hiding in the bushes around your house?” She had stopped interrupting me, now that she was starting to realize I was right.

“Trust me! Even the regular press will say things to get you to blow a fuse, not to mention the paps. The way they push and shove, you can’t handle that with a cast on your foot. It’s going to be harder than you think; much harder than it’s been for the last three days because now you have a scandal of that story and the drama of the premiere fueling their desire to get to you. You need bodyguards around you to back them the hell off!” I finished my speech, but Bella remained silent. I waited patiently, but she still didn’t speak. I propped myself up on one elbow to be at eye level with her. I was waiting for her to pop a cap in my ass, blow her top, something. I brushed her hair away from her face and waited. Bella raised her eyes to mine and smiled sadly.

“Okay, Edward.”

“Okay? That’s all, just okay? You’re not going to throw a pillow at my head? Bust up the bar? Throw a hissy fit? Nothing?” I teased her quietly. A genuine smile finally graced her sweet lips as she nudged me with her shoulder. I’d been expecting her to put up one hell of a fight, so to say I was surprised by her calm demeanor was an understatement. What kind of meds had the doctor put her on anyway?

“No, I’m just going home like a good girl. I don’t go out much anyway. They won’t have any guarding to do if I never leave my house. I mostly stay home and write…”

*cough* “And perv over 109 year old virgin vampires? *cough* I teased her.

“Wrong! I perv over a sexy actor who portrays a 109 year old vampire!” she insisted. I couldn’t resist kissing her cute little nose. Nevertheless, my feisty girl wasn’t going to take having bodyguards lightly.

“Make no mistake; I don’t like it and I will keep them as far away from me as possible when I’m home and trying to work. I can’t write with and audience. I’ll always feel like I have guests I should be entertaining,” she explained.

“Once you’re home, they can stand outside your door. They don’t have to be glued to your side unless you’re out in public,” I told her. She grew quiet again and laid her head on her knee as she looked at me.

“I’m really going to miss you,” she said softly.

I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled crookedly at her. I had a feeling she was saying goodbye; not goodbye for a week, but forever. Something in her voice told me she thought I wasn’t coming back to her. She had no idea how much it was going to kill me to let her go to travel half way around the world, taking me even farther away from her. It was like losing my soul. As soon as I finished this tour, I was going to go straight to her home as fast as I could and spend some real time together with her. I wanted her to return to London with me for the holidays, if her foot was better by then. Right now, though, my biggest concern was trying to find a way to comfort her. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I had just the thing! I got up and went to one of my packed suitcases and rummaged around in the side pocket. When I returned to the bed, Bella was watching me with large, curious eyes.

“I told you before that we would never say goodbye because goodbye is too damn permanent. We aren’t saying goodbye, now. We’ll call and text and video chat the whole time I’m away,” I said, taking her arm in my hand. I took the object I had retrieved from my luggage and placed it on her wrist.

“Edward! That’s the cuff you wore in Twilight! It’s practically priceless! I can’t…”

Cullen Crest Cuff

“You can and you will. This will keep me close to you while I’m away. It’s only a week love, and then our forever can begin.”

“But, Edward…”

I threaded my fingers through the hair at the back of her head and drew her to my waiting lips and kissed her senseless. “Bella,” I murmured against the corner of her mouth. “You are priceless to me!”

“Oh, Edward! Where have you been all my life?” she sang, batting her eyes playfully. I couldn’t help smiling, but gave her the only honest answer I could. “I’ve been right here, EDGe, waiting in the twilight for you!”

AN: No, this isn’t the end for our EDGe and EC but we are getting close, very close to hitting that complete button. Thanks as ever to Rita01tx and Cared Cullen for editing and pre-reading my chapters. Huge thanks to all of you for reading and reviewing! Hope to see you in the reviews! MWAH!