Waiting in the Twilight Ch 20

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Waiting in the Twilight

Chapter 20


Watching Edward’s backside rising up out of the limo and then seeing his hand reaching back for me caused the perviest grin to light up my face. I took a deep breath and placed my hand in his. I couldn’t believe what we’d just done. Even more incredible to me was that I’d had the audacity to suggest we finish it later! Oh, my God! My cheeks burned at the thought of what I had so brazenly proposed to the sexiest man alive! What the hell? Every dream I’d ever had had come true in the past 24 hours. I might as well go for the gold, right? Besides I loved him even more now that I knew he was both Edward and my EC and I believed him when he’d said he loved me. My mind swirled with images of what being alone with him later might entail, which made it very easy to smile as he helped me from the limo into the waiting crowd.

Comic Con was much larger than I had ever imagined. There were thousands upon thousands of people there, both inside and out. We spent several minutes just outside the limo where Edward and I gave the photographers the opportunity to take pictures of us. Edward never left my side and rarely stopped touching me in some small way. After that, we made our way through the throng of fans who had been unable to get tickets but remained simply to see Edward and get autographs and pictures with him.

This was the first chance I’d had to meet the other actors of the Twilight Saga: Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, members of the Volturi, the Wolf Pack. All of them and more were there, along with Bill Condon, including the little girl who would be playing Edward’s daughter in the movie, MacKenzie Foy. I was star struck by the sight of all of them right there in front of me. I tried my best not to fan girl over them and still show my admiration for their talent as actors. They were all very kind and welcoming to me and I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm. They all praised and complimented me on my re-write and I didn’t know what to say to their unexpected flattery. Like Edward and I, they were all dressed very casually. It was odd seeing them being themselves and not their characters or the glamorous movie stars they were during the premieres and red carpet events.

A long table stretched across the stage with a microphone, name plate and a glass of water for each individual. The tables were facing the audience. There was a huge screen behind the table for the clips of Breaking Dawn they were going to show. I couldn’t wait to see them myself. I knew what I had written but seeing it on film, if they showed any of it, would be amazing. I hadn’t had access to my laptop until last night and I hadn’t had any time to surf for all the teaser trailers that I knew would be released onto YouTube. As each one of the Twilight cast was introduced over a PA system, they made their way onto the stage.

I was last to be introduced and grateful for the fact that they had placed me next to Edward, even though I wasn’t a star in the movie. To my shock and surprise, when they called my name, I was given a standing ovation, not only by the audience, but also by the entire cast and the producer. I felt the blush rush into my cheeks and I begged them all to stop. I finally took my seat and hid my blushing cheeks behind my hands. Several people laughed and, finally, the applause died down. Once the Q&A started, the next 3 1/2 hours flew by.

Breaking Dawn was all about the birth of Edward’s baby, the transformation of his wife from human to vampire, the Volturi coming to Edward’s family for violating a law they never broke, and the battle that ensues over Edward’s child. All the questions were focused on these three aspects of the movie until the end, when the fans were given a chance to ask the questions. Then they turned a little more personal. Thanks to the tabloids and perhaps even MEoW, someone inevitably asked if there was a love affair brewing between me and Edward. Thankfully, they asked Edward first so I took my cue from him. I had noticed in the past that Edward neither admitted nor denied anything when he was asked something personal.

“I don’t talk about my personal life or my relationships. I only met Bella yesterday but I do feel as though I have known her my entire life,” Edward replied with a smirk. He looked at me then and winked. No one in the audience could have seen the wink, but the blush on my cheeks probably told them more than he wanted them to know.

“How do you feel about Edward, Bella?” I was asked by an audience member.

“Like most of you, I was just a fan girl until this contest came along. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been floating on cloud nine since yesterday but that has as much to do with all of you and your gracious acceptance of me as it has to do with being lucky enough to get to meet the entire cast of the Twilight Saga,” I stated, hoping that was sufficient enough for them without giving anything away.

Edward leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You’re better at this than I am!”

I giggled at the petulant tone in his voice and covered my mouth with my hand. I wondered if he had any clue as to how nervous I was, or that my knees were knocking together.

When the interviews were done, there was another long photo op for the fans. Then we made our way outside for a few media interviews. I had never been asked so many questions in all my life. I wouldn’t have known how to handle it all if I hadn’t watched Edward in dozens of them long before I entered this contest. He always tried not to give the same answer over and over again and, as I had done all along, I took my lead from Edward and tried to do the same.

It was all so thrilling; the cameras flashing, the fans screaming for us. But, as exciting and thrilling as it was, it was nothing compared to knowing that I was going to spend the evening alone with Edward and, this time, there would be no “jammies” involved.

We had a short 2 hour break for lunch where we returned to the hotel. Alice had room service set up a lovely lunch for us in Edward’s room. After we’d eaten, we were to go straight to the taping of MTV First followed by an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. Tomorrow, we’d spend most of the day in more interviews. At least the media were coming here to the hotel where they would each have 10 minutes to ask their questions in front of a camera. Then, at long last, the Breaking Dawn premiere. I couldn’t wait for that. I was both excited and terrified for it to arrive. What if I tripped? What if I didn’t look as nice as everyone else? I mean, these people were movie stars and I was just…well, me. What if all the build-up to the movie turned out to be overblown and the actual ending was a flop? Oh, God! Why did I have to think that? Now I was really scared.

When Edward and I finished eating, we snuggled up on the sofa to talk. We were stealing every private minute we could to touch, talk and kiss. I still refused to allow myself think about what would happen after the premiere on Sunday. It was just too painful to comprehend. I pushed the thought away every time it tried to harass me and lived in the moment with Edward.

Edward was still stroking my cheek after destroying my composure with a mind-spinning kiss. I had to concentrate on his words and pull my mind out of the gutter to pay attention to what he was trying to say.

“Bella, I need to ask you something. It’s something you may not like,” he said with a worried, almost pained look on his face.

“You can ask me anything, Edward,” I replied, grateful to be able to do anything at all for him.

“According to the contest rules, you’re only expected, and required, to stay here at the promotional tour through tomorrow night. After that, you’re free to do whatever you want while I continue on to Europe and other countries with the tour. I know you have a huge book contract now and that you’re probably anxious to get started, but…” he trailed off without finishing his sentence, running his hand through his hair nervously.

Uh oh!  This didn’t sound good. Maybe he didn’t want me going with him tomorrow night. Maybe he had a date already lined up and was trying to tell me I’d have to attend the premiere on my own. I suddenly had a huge lump in my throat and my heart was pounding. This was Edward and anything he wanted me to do, I would do, unconditionally.

“But what, Edward? You can tell me anything. It won’t go any further than you and I. You have my word on that.”

“Oh, yes it will. That’s part of the problem, not to mention that it’s incredibly selfish of me to ask,” he said in a suspiciously self-loathing tone. He chewed on the edge of his thumb as he searched for the words he was looking for.

“Well, I can’t say yes or no if you don’t ask me, darlin’,” I replied with a smile I didn’t feel. Did he just say I would blab his secret request even after I promised I wouldn’t? He should know me better than that by now.

“Promise me that if you have even a moment’s hesitation, you’ll say no?” he asked, his ever blue-gray eyes searching my own.

“Yes, I promise,” I told him, knowing all the while I could deny him nothing. Whatever he wanted to ask me, there would be no hesitation on my part in agreeing to it, even if it hurt me to do it.

“Well, I know you have your first book to work on and I completely understand you being excited about getting started on it. I know how long it takes to write something of good quality and I know you have a deadline. This is completely selfish of me to even consider asking you to do this and I’ll understand if you don’t want to. It won’t change how I feel about you and all you have to do tell me and I’ll understand…”

I’d never seen Edward like this before but, if I had to describe his actions, I would say he was very nervous. Every time he started to speak, he just rattled on and on and then trailed off in mid-sentence without ever asking me the question he seemed so worried about asking. How bad could it be, really?

“Edward! Ask me already!” I cried, frantic, amused and bewildered.

“Oh, right. EDGe, even though we’ve just met face-to-face, I realize I’ve been in love with you for a long time. Longer than I even realized. Now that I’ve been close to you, touched you, and kissed you, I’m afraid I’ve become addicted to you. The thought of continuing on this tour without you is just…awful. You’re my life now, Bella. I don’t need anything else but you. I can’t stand the thought of being away from you for two weeks. Would you consider continuing the tour with me?”

I launched myself into his arms so quickly, I think it startled him.

“Yes! I would love to go with you!” I replied, grinning from ear-to-ear as he held me in his arms. I heard him chuckle as he wrapped his arms tightly around me. Then, after a few moments, he set me away from him.

“Before you completely agree, you have to realize that, if you say yes, it may expose our relationship to the public. That could bring the paparazzi down on you hard and you may end up needing body guards. Emmett and Dean can handle that for now, but…”

“Edward,” I interrupted him again gleefully. “I want to go with you! I’ve been dreading the end of this weekend and having to tell you good-bye,” I said, and then Edward totally stole my heart.

“We’ll never say goodbye, love. Goodbye can be too damned permanent.”


Bella was amazing. It was as though she’d been doing this kind of thing her entire life and I couldn’t have been more proud of her.

She seemed a little shocked when everyone, including all my cast mates, gave her a standing ovation. I wondered if she would ever realize what a great writer she was. Maybe this would help her to realize that it wasn’t just me. She was truly talented and deserved the attention she was finally getting.

During lunch, I managed to bumble my way through asking her to join me on the rest of the BD tour through London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, and Stockholm. To my great surprise and relief, she happily agreed to come with me. I could already breathe easier and was much more relaxed knowing she would be with me. In the short time we’d been together, I had grown dependent on her presence and the thought of her going home alone, especially after she had vanished on me, filled me with panic. That three days of not knowing where she was, or if she was all right, had made me fiercely protective of her. I was glad Emmett and Dean were here. I trusted them above all when it came to security. I knew that, if Bella had decided to go home instead of going with me, I was going to want to send bodyguards with her. She just didn’t realize how famous she had become, quite literally overnight, and I knew she wouldn’t want them. I also knew from our chats just how fiercely independent she was, which was great until I actually laid eyes on her, touched her, held her, and kissed her. She was no bigger than a minute, and so delicate and soft. When I fell in love with her, she became Mine! And I protect what is mine.

There was no point in worrying about it now, though. She was staying with me for the next 2 weeks and we had plans tonight. I grinned at the thought of what had happened in the limo and her sexy and somehow shy request that we finish it “later.” Oh, lady! We will finish it and it will be my pleasure!

We were just about to finish up with the final taping of Jimmy Fallon. I was not surprised that Bella was getting as much recognition for her rewrite as the movie and cast. It had been a very long day and, as soon as we were done here, we’d go back to the hotel for showers, dinner, and some much needed alone time.


“Cheap bastard!” I yelled at the clerk as I left the pawn shop. I’d tried to sell them my old camera but he’d said it was so old, outdated, and abused no one would want it. It didn’t matter that he was right, it still pissed me off! I’d tossed the thing in the trash on my way out the door. I had my brand new, incredibly expensive Canon Mark IV and it was well worth every penny, even if it had taken everything I’d earned today; in fact, every penny I had, period! I had my new camera, film, a tank full of gas and that was all. If I didn’t get some more pictures soon, I was going to have to do Victoria good and hard; fuck her into tomorrow and get some cash out of her. I just had to make sure I got the cash before she saw the pics, otherwise, she’d be mad as hell when she got a load of Cullen and Swan making out in public. Made me wonder sometimes if she fucked me for pictures of Cullen, or if I fucked her for cash? Didn’t matter much; I got laid and paid and she got her dick and pics!

At first, after Swan and Cullen had left Little Brown, I figured I had all the proof I needed to convince the magazines that something fishy was happening between the two of them; that the fix had been in for the contest from the very beginning. Lucky for me, I’d followed my gut instinct and followed their limo to Comic Con. PAY DIRT! Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would give me more proof than I would ever need to send this scandal skyrocketing to the moon. Back at Little, Brown & Co., Cullen’s shirt had been untucked from his pants in his usual sloppy way. Swan’s shirt had been neatly tucked into her jeans. But, when they arrived at Comic Con, Cullen’s shirt was tucked in, his fly was down and I even managed to get a close up shot of a partial lip stick stain on his shirt collar. When Swan stepped out of the limo all grins and blushing, her shirt was untucked and, add to that the fact that her lipstick was gone, this was damning evidence! Fuckin’ A and thank you very much!

I hadn’t bothered to stay through the end of Comic Con after that. As soon as they were inside, I hightailed it back to my darkroom, developed those pictures and took them straight to a major magazine. Screw those tabloids! This was now a major story and any magazine would pay through the nose for these pics, and pay they did! As soon as they saw the photos, they sent a reporter to Comic Con to try and get close enough to Cullen and Swan to snag an interview. That wasn’t going to happen, of course. I’d been to enough of these things to know that if you weren’t a scheduled interviewer or photographer, you weren’t going to get anywhere near Cullen, unless you were a screaming fan girl. Emmett and Dean weren’t slackers, by any means. The story would have to be made up from complete speculation, but the pictures would make it believable beyond a shadow of a doubt. I knew that, once this story broke, there would be dozens of other photos that may well be perfectly innocent, but it wouldn’t matter. The idea would have been planted and the seed would grow until it destroyed them both, making ME fucking rich and famous for a change.

By this time, the magazine was so fired up, they were running a special, unadvertised edition that would hit the streets later this evening. Those big boys knew they didn’t need to advertise it because, as soon as a few people saw the cover of Cullen kissing the contest winner in public, the story and the copies would spread like a wildfire fed by Santa Ana winds! There would be no stopping it, now.

When I left the magazine offices, I was counting a stack of cash larger than my entire income last year. As a cherry on top of my perfect day, they’d offered me a full time lead photographer’s job IF I could 1) get more incriminating photo evidence, or 2) have a personal encounter with both of them together, and/or 3) engineering an exclusive interview, such as getting the heretofore “unflappable” Edward Cullen or Bella Swan to admit their affair. Since Cullen was so tightlipped about his personal life, maybe I could get close enough to Swan to make her cop to their affair. Hell, who knew. Maybe I’d been right all along and I could trick her into admitting that the contest was fixed. That would definitely seal the deal.

One thing was certain; tomorrow night’s premiere was going to be the event of the year in more ways than one. I didn’t know just how right I was.

The only way to end such a perfect day was to get laid and blown and I knew a fiery redhead who could fuck and suck like nobody’s business. The fact that her purse was as full as her mouth was about to be only made my day even better.


The working part of our day was finally done. Now, the rest of the evening belonged to me and Edward. Not wasting any time getting started on that, he followed me into the limo and scooted closer to me as soon as Emmett shut the door. Thinking he might need more room, I wedged myself into the corner. Edward followed, placing one hand on the back of the seat and the other on my knee, trailing it slowly upward.

“Okay, it’s later now, love,” he growled playfully. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

My heart pounded wildly in my chest and a blush burned my ears, once again imagining the things I’d like to do to him if it wasn’t such a short ride back. Still, I couldn’t resist teasing him.

“Edward, darlin’, you know that privacy partition isn’t exactly soundproof and…”

My argument abruptly turned into a half squeal, half giggle as Edward grabbed me by the waist and tucked me up against him, pretending to bite me on the neck like his vampire character would have done.

“You’re right,” he said. “The partition isn’t soundproof. Damn thing doesn’t lock either. I may be forced to share you professionally with the rest of the world but, privately, you’re all mine and I won’t share that part of you with anyone!”

No one had ever been possessive of me before and I was both touched and somewhat in awe of the fact that it was Edward who felt that way about me. It made me feel bold!

“Well, behind closed doors I am all yours. But, right here…right now? While I could be real quiet, you’d make enough noise to wake the dead if I were to take you in my mouth right now,” I whispered, stroking his stunned face with my fingertips.

Edward jerked away from me, eyes wild, and slammed his clenched fist against the partition.

“Drive faster!” he screamed.

He turned back to find me doubled over, holding one arm tightly around myself while I tried to stifle my giggles with the other hand. I didn’t have another free hand to wipe the tears of laughter from my cheeks.

“You’re an evil woman, you know that, right?” he huffed, grabbing onto my shoulders and shifting me down onto the long bench seat. “You can’t just say stuff like that to me and not expect consequences.”

I stopped laughing when he followed me down, pressing his body on top of mine, maneuvering his hips to spread my legs. I stopped breathing altogether when the hard bulge in his pants lined up in just the right place. Then, we both groaned softly into each other’s mouths as he began thrusting, slowly but firmly, angling slightly upwards to provide the kind of friction that would surely burn us both alive.

“This is just a taste of what I have in store for you tonight, love,” he whispered hoarsely against the corner of my mouth.

Well, he walked right into that one! “Oh, darlin’…” I crooned against his ear. “Just a taste of you is what I’m after…for starters.”

Involuntarily, Edward grunted and pushed himself hard against me and stilled. High voltage electricity shot from between my legs, radiating throughout my whole body as he crushed me in his arms.

The limo pulled to a stop and Edward dropped his forehead onto mine. With an unspoken promise in his fiery eyes, he helped me sit back up. We straightened our clothes and tried to tame our mussed hair as best we could before leaving the limo. Once inside the hotel, Edward took me by the hand and dragged me swiftly to the elevator while Emmett ran to catch up. When we all got in the elevator, Emmett punched the button for our floor and stepped back between us. He looked at Edward first, then at me, and shook his head with a “what the fuck?” expression on his face. Eyes forward, Edward and I stood stiffly waiting for the doors to open.

The elevator dinged, the doors opened, and Edward walked me to my room. I fished out my card key and started to push the door open with shaking fingers, but Edward stopped me, pulling me into his arms and kissing my forehead gently.

“You have exactly one hour to get ready for dinner and…” he trailed off, suggestively raising one eyebrow and flashing that panty melting smile of his before turning away to go to his room, Emmett falling in beside him.


Leaving a stupidly grinning Emmett on guard outside my room for now, I stumbled inside, shedding my jacket and kicking off my shoes. Damn that sexy as fuck woman! Now I needed a stiff drink to calm myself down. As if by magic, the bar had been replaced while Bella and I had been out for the day. I didn’t know what connections Jasper and Emmett had but they had obviously pulled some pretty hefty strings to get this done on such short notice. I poured a splash of whiskey into a crystal tumbler to carry into the living room and sank down on the sofa.

Moments later, Alice called to let me know that she’d gone through each and every comment on MEoW from last night’s post and not a single one of them had been hateful, negative, or derogatory in any way. They were happy for Bella and actually cheered us both on. My girls were champs and I was damned proud of them! I’d have to think of some way to show my appreciation, one of these days. With a smile on my face, I checked a few comments myself. It was early Saturday night and MEoW only posted fan fiction recs on Sundays so I knew there would be nothing further to worry about this weekend, as far as reporters and blogs were concerned. I closed my laptop and headed for the shower. It would be a very cold, very quick shower.

I stood at the sink trimming my goatee. I’d considered shaving it but I remembered how much Bella had liked it. It was useless to try and do anything with my hair since it was as wild as it always was. Good thing Bella liked it that way. I was both nervous and excited about having this evening alone with her. Now that the truth was out and we had admitted how we felt, there shouldn’t be any more interruptions like pillows sailing through the air and crashing bars. Dean and Emmett had had their hands full at Comic Con today so they deserved the evening off; Sam and Seth were taking their places. I didn’t understand why, but Alice told me that, if I had to give Sam any direction, I should be very explicit. I shrugged it off as I splashed aftershave on my face and went to the bedroom to change.

Alice must have wanted me to make a great impression on Bella this evening because she had laid out a sharp, 3-piece black Gucci suit, an azure blue shirt, and a black silk tie with diagonal pinstripes the same shade of blue as the shirt. The moment I put on the suit, it made my eyes a very bright blue. I knew from her comments on the blog that Bella liked my eyes most of all when they were blue.

Room service would be delivered to my room in an hour. I was going to owe Alice big by the time this weekend was over. She had taken care of everything, just as I had asked her to, and then some. I strolled around the room lighting the candles she had set all about. I also checked the champagne chilling on the beautiful table set up on the balcony. It was a lovely night, warm and clear. The only thing missing was Bella.


Steam clouded the bathroom mirror and I wiped it off with a dry towel. I wondered why my reflection was smiling so much when butterflies were dancing the Merengue in the pit of my stomach. Tonight, I would be spending the night with Edward, my beloved EC…in his bed! Oh.My.God!

Are you ready for this?

Yes? No? Absolutely yes, but…what if I disappoint him?

You love him, don’t you?

God, yes! Of course I do! He’s the most amazing man I’ve ever known.

And he loves you, right?

He does! I can’t believe it, but he really does!

Then what the hell are you worrying about, girl? Go get your man!

I fist bumped my reflection and skipped to my bedroom to finish dressing.

Exactly one hour after Edward had escorted me to my room, I stood beside Emmett as he knocked on the door to announce my presence. Thank God for Alice. The slinky, ice blue, off-the-shoulder gown she’d left on my bed made me feel empowered, like a sexy goddess, and I was ready to join Edward tonight…in every way.

Edward opened the door and took my hand to pull me inside, closing it in Emmett’s astonished face before he could say a word. He lifted my hand to his lips and softly kissed my knuckles. A thrill swept up my back at his touch.

“Alice?” he asked, looking me up and down slowly with an appreciative grin.

“Alice,” I acknowledged.

“Alice?” I asked, taking in his stunning 3-piece black Gucci suit, azure blue shirt, and black silk tie with diagonal pinstripes the same color as his shirt. It made his eyes a very bright blue, which I absolutely adored.

“Alice,” he admitted with a soft snort.

We both smiled warmly at the thought of our mutual accomplice as he stepped forward and wrapped me in his arms. Home…this man’s arms felt like home to me and all my butterflies instantly calmed.

“I’m glad you left your hair down, love,” Edward whispered, stroking the mahogany waves falling down my back. “It’s so soft and beautiful.”

My arms twined up around his neck, fingers snuggling into the thick, silky hair curling over the collar of his shirt as I rubbed my cheek along his jaw line like a cat scent marking its territory.

“Ummm, and I’m glad you didn’t shave your goatee,” I purred.

Edward leaned back and kissed the tip of my nose. “Are you hungry?” he asked, swaying us back and forth to the music playing softly on the stereo in the background.

“Yes, but food first!” I replied with a straight face.

He laughed out loud at my innuendo and lead me through the candle lit living room and out onto the balcony. A beautifully set table, more candles, romantic music, warm evening air, a starry night sky, and Edward. What more could I possibly wish for? A very large, comfy bed? A naked Edward stretched out across it? Soon! Pulling out a chair for me first, Edward took the one opposite.

“I didn’t think we could handle a 5-course dinner tonight, so I just ordered a light salad, steamed lobster tails with drawn butter and strawberries for dessert. I hope that’s okay,” he said, lifting the domed lids off the various dishes.

“An Oregon Pinot Gris will go with the lobster and, with dessert, we’ll have the Dom Perginon,” he continued, indicating the bottle chilling in a bucket of ice.

I trusted his choice of wine since I was no connoisseur. Everything he’d chosen looked mouth-wateringly delicious. So did he!

Watching Edward eat was perhaps one of the most erotic experiences I’d ever had. When I wasn’t hypnotized by the candlelight reflected in his eyes and dancing on the fiery tips of his tousled bronze hair, or shivering at the low, sultry timbre of his voice, I was absolutely fascinated by the movement of his lips glistening with butter from the lobster. I wanted to feel their slickness against mine so badly I found myself leaning over the table to get closer to them.

The wine and conversation flowed easily, as if we’d been doing this together all our lives. By the time we got to the champagne and strawberries, I was feeling quite warm and flushed. Edward’s eyes sparkled mischievously as he picked up a sugary sweet strawberry and pushed it towards my lips. Oh, he really shouldn’t have done that!

Holding his eyes with mine, I took the strawberry between my teeth and wrapped my lips around his index and middle fingers. Edward watched in fascination as I chewed briefly and swallowed without releasing them. He hissed when my tongue swirled around his fingers to suck the strawberry juice off of them before letting his fingers slide slowly from my lips.

Edward stood abruptly, nearly knocking his chair to the floor, snatched me from my chair and swept me up into his arms. The candle light turned his eyes to fire as he stared at my face and I could feel his heart thumping against my chest. His nostrils flared with each heaving breath and I knew he’d reached his breaking point. Finally! He turned with me in his arms and practically ran through the living room towards his bedroom.

“Edward! You don’t have to carry me. I’m perfectly capable of walking,” I protested. Even to my own ears, I didn’t sound convincing when, in fact, there was nowhere else I’d rather be.

“Yes, but we’ll get there much faster this way,” he growled.

I thought I knew every line, plane, curve, shadow and mole on Edward’s body from the thousands of photos I’d endlessly studied but the flesh and blood man standing before me literally took my breath away. He had removed his jacket and tie, throwing them on the chair beside the bed, followed quickly by his vest. Broad shoulders, leanly muscled chest and firm abs were revealed as his long, nimble fingers flicked open the buttons of his shirt and removed it. Toeing off his shoes and bending to remove his socks, Edward straightened up and locked his blue-green eyes to mine. He slowly reached out his right hand, slipped his warm fingers under the one strap holding my dress up and pushed it off my shoulder. His tongue swept his lower lip as the silky material slithered down my body and pooled at my feet, leaving me standing there in nothing but my blue satin thong and “fuck me” heels.

“Jesus Christ, Bella!” he groaned hoarsely. “I want you in my bed…now!”

Gasping in surprise, my bare back met cool sheets before my mind even registered that Edward had swept me up into his arms once again to place me onto the turned down bed.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you,” he said, unbuckling the clasp of his belt.

The sound of leather hissing through the loops of his trousers set my heart pounding in my chest. Hypnotized by his beautifully sculptured body, I watched his long, nimble fingers tug the zipper down and lower the dark trousers off his hips. The dark grey boxer briefs slid down his muscular thighs along with them and I forgot how to breathe at the sight of Edward standing in all his naked glory gazing down on me. Perfection, thy name is Edward, I thought, my eyes caressing every inch of his magnificent erection, noticing that it pulsed visibly with each beat of his heart.

His knees hit the mattress and I inhaled sharply as he took my right foot in his hands to remove my shoe. He kissed the top of my foot and the inside of my ankle. Goosebumps raced up my body as he removed my left shoe and gave that foot the same treatment. Edward lowered my legs to the bed and brushed his hands up my thighs to remove my thong and toss them to the floor. His eyes burned a path I could actually feel as they swept my body from head to toe and my nipples pebbled in anticipation of his touch.

Edward stretched out beside me, gathering me into his arms and the feeling of his bare chest pressed to mine was a heady rush of love and lust. I pulled him onto me and he settled his weight between my legs. We kissed wildly, panting into each other’s mouths, our tongues writhing and exploring as his right hand drifted down my trembling stomach. I arched my back at his touch between my legs where his fingers stroked my glistening folds and I whimpered my need for more as he grasped his length and slid home easily. Pausing to let my body stretch and adjust to his size, he dragged his lips from my mouth and pressed tiny kisses along the hairline of my temple.

“God, Bella love. I’ve lost the words to tell you just how beautiful you are,” he told me, but our bodies spoke to each other with all the words neither of us could find.

My head nestled in the crook of Edward’s neck and he began to thrust slowly. I returned each one with more and more force of my own as he picked up the rhythm. Shivers of heat pooled between my legs and I felt Edward swell within me. He raised my right leg to his shoulder, deepening the angle, hitting just the right spot to trigger my orgasm and I clenched and bucked frantically.

“Edward,” I moaned. “I’m sooo close…come with me. Please!”

“Bella!” he cried, and with one more deep thrust, Edward came with me.

Strange that I hadn’t felt the bed beneath me the whole time. At least, I hadn’t been aware of it; not until we floated down from heaven clinging to each other, panting, sighing, giggling and joyous at such a wonderful first joining. Unabashed and unashamed, we spent hours exploring every inch of each other with fingers, lips and tongues. And, yes, I fulfilled my dream of taking him in my mouth. Never doubt that Edward reciprocated, much to my ever lasting pleasure!

Grey light glowed weakly from the bottom of the thick curtains as I woke with my nose and lips pressed against Edward’s spine, right between his shoulder blades. The tops of my thighs were tucked under his while his cute butt was comfortably seated in my lap. The natural heat from Edward’s sleeping body enhanced his divine scent and I couldn’t help inhaling deeply, rubbing my face against his broad back. Humming with the deepest feeling of contentment I’d ever felt, I discovered that my left arm had draped itself across his waist sometime during the night. I patted my fingers gently down the silky hairs of his happy trail until they encountered Edward’s impressive morning wood. Ah, sweet temptation! My hand wrapped around his growing tumescence and, even after everything we’d done last night, I was still amazed that my fingers didn’t quite meet. There was more to this man than his fan girls had ever imagined, but I’d never tell!

“Unnngh!” Edward grunted into his pillow, his butt muscles flexing to push his erection against the pressure of my hand.

“You’re insatiable,” he mumbled sleepily.

As I stroked his feverishly hot length firmly, his thrusts became more and more urgent until, suddenly, Edward grabbed my arm and dragged me over his body until I was beneath him with my arms pinned to my sides.

“I think I could get used to waking up with you like this every morning,” he crooned as he leaned down to scatter sweet, open-mouthed kisses across my squirming body. Sucking each sensitive peak into tautness, Edward worked his way up my chest, along my collar bone, to the sensitive flesh between my right shoulder and neck. Here, he paused to lick, nibble and bite just hard enough to cause my hips to grind up and down against his hardness in my need for more.

“Edward,” I gasped. “Please please please….”

He nudged my legs open with his knee and let go of my arms to grasp me under the shoulders. The head of Edward’s hard cock probed my lust-slick, swollen folds to center on my entrance and I nearly came just from that tiny movement. Tucking my head into his shoulder, I lifted my arms, grabbed onto his hair and hung onto his neck for dear life when he entered my greedy body in one deep, smooth thrust. As I anchored my legs firmly around his hips, Edward turned his face to kiss me fiercely.

“Think you can keep up with me, love?” he groaned against the corner of my mouth.

“Give it your best shot, darlin’!” I challenged.

Edward drew back until just the tip remained inside of me and stilled, searching my face for any sign of hesitation. Finding none, he lunged forward to set a deep, heart-stopping pace that left me panting and screaming his name in ecstasy.

It was driven home to me then that right now, in this very moment with me, Edward was not the living, breathing incarnation of Vampire Robert, nor was he the famous actor and fantasy of millions of women around the world. He was just a man…my EC. An extraordinary man, to be sure. But a man, nonetheless. And he was completely and irrevocably mine.

I hugged him tightly to my sweat soaked body as he shuddered through his own release and finally relaxed his weight on top of me. Once we’d caught our breaths, we spent the next few moments coming down from our blissed out state completely entwined, kissing softly and murmuring words of love until exhaustion pulled us both into the arms of Morpheus once again.


Posted at 4:00 a.m. Sunday November 18th 2012

OK, Somebody call the Edemedics cause Imma having an Ed Attack!

I was out late last night getting some last minute necessities for the premiere later tonight. {Yeah, Baby! The long awaited premiere is finally here! Whoop Whoop!} Anyway, while I waited in line at the checkout stand, I saw the cover of USWeekly. It is a special, unscheduled breaking news edition that will probably sell billions! No, there are and will be NO PICTURES posted here because this shit pissed me off!

Hear Me Now hOOrs…


I swear, if any of you ladies buys this piece of trash and I find out about it, I will stop talking to each and every one of you that do!!! This thing is full of scandals and lies and conspiracy theories against The Precious and our EDG!

First, it has Edward picking Bella up after her meeting with Little Brown. {yes, I read and entered the contest so I know all about it} Well duh, bitches, he is a gentleman! We all knew that! And, according to this article, it has Bella running with joy and jumping into Edward’s arms! Again, DUH Dumbasses, of course she did! She’d just gotten her book contract and we all know how much that means to Bella…add to that, Edward came to pick her up? Talk about your perfect f*cking day! Then it shows Edward picking her up and swinging her around and laughing! {God, she is a lucky assed hOOr!} Here is where it all goes haywire and, quite frankly, Pisses Me Off!!!

This piece of shit pap was apparently hiding in the bushes to get these pics!

Yes, my dears, as much as I despise this pap for doing this, it does provide us with proof positive that Edward and Bella have the hots for each other because he caught a picture of them kissing!*Squeee!!*

She is smiling up at him and he is smiling down at her and then they kiss!!! *swoon* Yes, my lovelies, I do believe this is L-O-V-E!!!

Next, it makes a point of the fact that Edward’s shirt is untucked and Bella’s is tucked in. They get in the limo and drive off to Comic Con. When they get out, it shows that Edward’s shirt is now tucked in, his fly is undone, and he has lipstick on his collar! Then it makes a point that Bella’s shirt is now UNtucked and her lipstick is gone!

If you all think I’m jealous and this is what has me pissed off, you’re wrong! In fact, I say, “You go, EDG! Get Yours BB!” We’d all kill to be in her shoes and you know it! What DOES have me pissed off is the slander campaign this pap and this piece of shit magazine have published!

They are insinuating and flat out accusing EDG, Edward, Summit and Bill Condon of having the contest rigged so that Bella {possibly Cullen’s longtime girlfriend who is an uneducated wanna-be author} would win and get the book contract with Little Brown!!! It’s Bullshit, I tell you! I do not believe that for an instant!

What do you girls think? Do you think Bella and Edward cheated? Do you think they have known each other all along?

Furiously Yours,


TexasTornado: “Bullshit! What a piece of trash!”

Rudysmom2008: “Ain’t no way! Summit would have no reason to fix that contest!”

CullenCrazy: “I’ve read EDG’s fics. She’s a damn good writer! I have no doubt in my mind she won that contest fair and square! Anyone who says otherwise is a damn liar!”

Forkshere: “I saw that magazine {nope, I didn’t buy it either!} Those pictures only prove that they kissed, that’s all! You RAWK Bella! You are living the dream for all of us. Don’t let this Rag of a Mag ruin it for you!”

Summerchic: “This shit pisses me off! What right does that pap have hiding in the bushes and taking pictures of their private moments? If they are in love then more power to them! If they are just sleeping together then more power to them! It is no one’s business but their own!”

DazzlemeEC: “Awww, I saw that mag too and I thought that picture of him swinging her around and the one of them kissing was sweet! {even though it is invading their privacy}I always knew Edward would be the loving, supportive, doting kind of BF *sigh* That pap should be strung up by his balls though! Oh wait! He was a coward and hid in the bushes so I guess he doesn’t have any balls!!! Bwahahaha”

FlightlessVamp: “Oh, yeah right! Like Edward single handedly conned Summit, Little Brown, and Bill Condon into creating this contest, then talked Bella into entering it. Then, so wise and cunning, he fooled Little Brown and Summit into picking Bella’s entry out of the millions that were submitted as the winner! Get Real!!! They should all sue this magazine and that pap for slander!”

Chatterbox: “If anyone read the contest rules, they would know there was an NDA! If you told anyone that you even entered the contest, it was automatic disqualification! I seriously doubt that Bella would have told anyone she had entered the contest and ruin her chance to meet Edward! *rolls eyes* She was/is as big a perv as the rest of us!”


AN: As you can see the shit is about to hit the fan! Strap on your seat belts it is going to be a bumpy ride but don’t get too mad at me please! I promise you all a very HEA!