Chapter 18

Waiting in the Twilight

Chapter 18

BD Promo Tour Day 2


I was bursting with excitement as I rode the elevator up to Edward’s penthouse suite. Although I was supposed to be going to Bella’s room to help her prepare for her meeting with Little Brown, I woke up early so I could find out how things went, yesterday. Did he tell her who he was? How did he tell her? How did she react? Did they see the new MEoW blog that posted yesterday? Did they know that the MEoW girls knew Bella was one of them?

Oh, I had at least a million questions, but I needed to talk to Edward first, before I saw Bella. Of course, I had a ton of questions for her too, but I didn’t want to ruin anything for him if he hadn’t already told her. I also had a packet of information to give her for her interview with Little Brown.

When the elevator doors finally opened, I was surprised to see a bodyguard outside Bella’s door, but not one at Edward’s. I stopped mid-step for a moment but then I thought that perhaps they knew how wildly popular Bella suddenly become. Her approval ratings were phenomenal. The fans had fallen in love with her and her re-write immediately. They were out there now, anxiously awaiting her arrival, with signs that read “You’re Awesome Bella” and “We love you Bella,” with no mention of Edward whatsoever! Maybe Edward had assigned a bodyguard for her, too. Edward must have his bodyguard in his room explaining the situation to him.

Not wanting to interrupt a potentially private conversation, I knocked on Edward’s door. When there was no answer the second time, I used my passkey card to get in. Edward always made sure that Jazz and I each had a passkey because these promo tours inevitably left him so drained that he often slept through his alarm clock.

As I let myself in, I was surprised by the condition of the room. I wasn’t sure what had happened here last night, but it was obvious something had. The bar was…well, gone. Not used up, not empty, just gone! They must have had dinner together in the room since the dinner cart was still here and held two place settings. I went to Edward’s room to wake him, but his bed hadn’t been slept in. The clothes I’d laid out for him were tossed about the room {I was going to have to talk to that boy about the proper way to treat an Armani suit!}, but Edward was nowhere to be found. I really began worry when I noticed his laptop was left out unattended. Something wasn’t right and panic suddenly flooded through me.

I raced back out into the hall to the bodyguard in front of Bella’s door. I tried to go past him to bang on her door, but Emmett’s overgrown goon wouldn’t allow it.

“Where’s Edward?” I demanded.

“I have no idea, Mrs. Whitlock. I only know that Mr. McCarty told me to stand guard outside Miss Swan’s room until he returned. I wasn’t to disturb her unless I felt she was in some kind of danger. Actually, I haven’t seen her or heard a sound since I arrived here,” he informed me.

He remained looking straight ahead as he spoke, like a royal guard outside the Queen’s room at BuckinghamPalace.

“You can get into her room then?” I asked.

“In an emergency situation…yes, ma’am,” he answered, somewhat reluctantly.

“Well, I’m here to see that she gets ready for her interview with Little Brown. Now open the door and let me in,” I insisted.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. You’re not scheduled to be here for another hour at the earliest,” he replied with a straight face.

Damn the man! He still wouldn’t look at me but remained staring straight ahead. Damn Emmett! He probably told this guy…Sam, if I remembered correctly, that I’d probably come early to “bug Bella” and not to let me in until I was supposed to be here.

“Sooo, you’re really not going to let me in then?” I asked, barely masking my irritation.

This man clearly knew that I was Edward’s sister and a member of his staff, but he was sticking to his guns. As annoying as it was to me, it was the proper thing to do.

“No, ma’am. I’m under strict orders from Mr. McCarty. I can’t let you in for at least another hour.”

I was really perturbed now, so I called Jasper and asked him if he knew where Edward was. He told me that Edward wasn’t due anywhere for another four hours so he was letting Edward sleep in for a change. When I told Jasper that Edward was missing from his room and what his room had looked like, Jasper sounded mildly curious but not alarmed. He reassured me that Emmett had been with Edward last night so nothing terrible could have happened to him.

I explained about the bodyguard on Bella’s door and the lack of one at Edward’s door and, again, he only sounded curious, not worried. In fact, he made a joke of it.

“Judging by Edward’s reactions yesterday, before he met her and after he found out she was EDGe, Edward probably has her locked up in her room to make sure she doesn’t get away again,” he snorted.

“Jazz, that’s not funny! Edward really is missing and Emmett’s Gorilla Patrol won’t let me in to see Bella because I’m early!” I whimpered.

Sam the bodyguard pursed his lips and glowered at me out of the corner of his eye, never turning his head to look at me when I called him a gorilla, so I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Listen, sweetheart, if you’re really that worried, call Emmett and explain the situation. Tell him to call off his guard dog and let you in to see Bella.”

After I hung up from talking to Jazz, I hesitated before calling Emmett. I wasn’t really worried that something was wrong with Edward, but I was confused and more curious than anything else. However, Edward was technically missing and that fact alone was highly unusual. Having made my decision, I dialed Emmett’s number and waited for him to pick up.

“McCarty,” Emmett mumbled sleepily.

“Emmett, where’s Edward?” I asked without preamble.

“Alice? Whasisshit?” he mumbled. “Jaysus, woman! It’s 7:30 in the A.M. Why are you calling me now?”

“Edward is missing, Emmett! Where is he?” I demanded.

“Wait! What?” he screeched.

I was starting to get his attention now.

“What’s wrong, Em?” I heard Rose murmur in the background.

“Nothing, honey, go back to sleep. I have to kill your sister,” he told her, matter of factly.

 “Okay.” She slurred before fading away.

“Edward is missing!” I said for what seemed like the hundredth time.

“You mean he didn’t come back last night? Way to go, little bro!”

“You mean you let him out alone?” I asked, astonished.

“Alice, would you please stop answering a question with a question?”

“Will you tell me where Edward is?” I asked for meanness.

“What do you mean, he’s missing?” he asked.

I could hear rustling in the background and assumed Emmett was getting dressed.

“I went to his room to talk to him and he’s not in there. Where did he go last night? Why isn’t his bodyguard with him? I tried to get in to talk to Bella, but your Goon Platoon won’t let me in because I’m early.”

“He had some issues last night with Bella and he went to her room. When Sam came to relieve me, he was still in there. I’m guessing he’s still there.” Emmett explained.

Aha! Now we were getting somewhere. I knew if I could make Emmett feel guilty, he’d get me into Bella’s room.

“Guessing? You mean you are assuming he’s in there. Did you tell Sam to watch Miss Swan or to stay with Edward? Because this guy told me he was supposed to guard her door unless he thought she was in danger. What if Edward left? What if he went out unguarded? Your watch dog thinks he’s here for Bella’s protection, so which is it, Emmett?” I said, very pleased with myself.

I could just envision Emmett’s mouth working with no sound coming out. It was something he always did when he was caught off guard and cornered.

“Well… I um, he should know…give the damn phone to Sam.” Emmett said angrily.

I handed the phone to Sam and crossed my arms over my chest as I rocked back and forth on my heels happily. Sam’s face and neck grew redder and redder the longer he held the phone.

“Sir? Yes, sir! No, sir! I’m positive, sir. Yes, sir, I will.” Sam said.

He handed my phone back to me and opened Bella’s door without a word, keeping his eyes downcast and refusing to look me in the eye.

Once inside, I turned and grinned hugely at Sam before intentionally shutting the door in his face.

Stepping lightly through Bella’s hotel suite, I found no sign of her in the living room. Her laptop was open, just like Edward’s, but it was switched off. Curiouser and curiouser. Bella’s bedroom door was closed, so I pressed my ear against it.  Hearing nothing but silence, I knocked softly, but there was no response.  I slowly and silently opened her bedroom door. What I saw totally melted my heart.

Edward was on his back, sound asleep. Bella’s head lay on his chest, her arm wrapped around his torso, also sound asleep. Edward had his arms wrapped lovingly around her and his head was resting on the top of her head. They were both fully dressed in pajamas but, what really touched me, what I would never ever forget, was that they were both smiling in their sleep. I guess, now that they had finally found each other, their bad mutual dreams had stopped. Hopefully, forever.

I slipped from the room as silently as possible. Although I was curious as hell to know how it all went down, I didn’t have the heart to wake either of them until I had to. Edward didn’t get many hours alone in this business and, even though he was asleep, I had never seen him look more peaceful or happier than he did lying there holding Bella in his arms.

I stepped out into the hallway with a broad smile still plastered on my face.

“Everything all right, ma’am?” Sam asked.

“Yes, it couldn’t be bet…”

“Where is he? Did you find him? Is everything all right?” Emmett said, lunging out from the elevator.

“Everything is just as it should be, Emmett,” I said, looping my arm through his and guiding him back to the elevators. “Let’s have breakfast, shall we?”

Emmett looked down at me and back to Sam, then back at me again. His mouth was moving, but there was no sound coming out.


“Bella? Bella, wake up, hon.”

Someone was calling me and softly stroking my hand, but I didn’t want to leave. I was dreaming I was with Edward and that he loved me.

“Bella, wake up, sweetie. We don’t have much time,” she called, her voice tinkling like a bell.

She sounded nice whoever she was. Wondering why and how someone was in my room, I opened my eyes. Alice? Edward’s sister was in my room? I looked around the room, suddenly realizing I wasn’t at home. Last night had been real and Edward…was wrapped around me like a pretzel, our legs tangled together intimately. Oh, my! As reality sank in, I felt the blush fill my cheeks as I met Alice’s gaze.

“There you are. We don’t have much time, Bella. We have to get you ready for your meeting with Little Brown,” she whispered.

I glanced at Edward and back to Alice.

“You’ll be back in time to join Edward for the Comic Con Panel but, for now, let’s let him sleep, okay? Do you think you can get up without waking him?” she asked, still whispering.

I nodded that I could and she smiled.

“Okay. I’ll meet you in the living room when you’re ready. Rose and I are here to do your hair, make-up, and wardrobe,” she said before silently slipping from the room.

I managed to untangle myself from Edward’s embrace without waking him. Sitting in the middle of the bed, I drew one knee up, wrapped my arms around it, and placed my chin on my knee.

Sitting there watching him, I couldn’t believe it had all been real…the confession, the broken bar, the make-out session, and the cheesecake. Oh. My.God! I had “slept” with Edward!

I didn’t know which I wanted more, to return to his arms, or to sit here forever watching him sleep. My God, he was beautiful. He looked so boyish and innocent, lying there with a smile on his face as he slept. Oh, but when that man was awake, Heaven help me! I still had no clue as to how my heart was still beating.

I wondered what he was dreaming about. I wondered what the dreams of his heart were. He had everything and enough money to buy anything, even though he never spent any of it. Still, I pondered…what did Edward Cullen want?

I had to get out of here! It was just too tempting not to touch him, not to stroke his brow, not to kiss his jawline which was now heavy with scruff, not to wake him with kisses and finish what I stopped last night. After all the conversations the girls and I had had about him not getting enough rest, I didn’t trust myself to leave him to his sleep, so I silently crept from my bed and padded across the room to the bathroom door. I couldn’t resist one last look over my shoulder at his glorious figure lying in my bed.

Catching a glimpse of my haystack hair in the mirror, I groaned and quickly brushed it out before pinning it up in a loose knot.  I hurried to brush my teeth and shower before submitting myself to Hurricane Alice.

I’d seen pap pictures of Edward’s sisters before, so I recognized them both instantly. I had met Alice very briefly my first day here when she came to get my measurements for Summit to supply my wardrobe. Stepping out of the bedroom in my pajamas, a robe, no make-up, and my hair pulled into a pony tail, I was really self-conscious. As soon as I’d closed the bedroom door, Alice skipped over to me, looped her arm through mine, and we were off and running.

With Alice picking out my clothes and Rose doing my hair and make-up, I now knew what it felt like to be a Barbie doll. Alice chattered away, alternating between fashion and what I should expect from my meeting with Little Brown. She flitted about as much as she chattered and it was making me a little dizzy trying to keep up with her. All the while, I found myself liking her more and more.

Rose, on the other hand, was almost completely silent. I couldn’t tell if she was angry, the silent type, or if she just couldn’t get a word in around Alice. The only time I saw her face was when she was doing my make-up and she only smiled once. Even then, I couldn’t tell if she was smiling at me or over something Alice said. Just like Edward, both of his sisters were stunningly beautiful, although they were polar opposites of each other.

Rose was a statuesque blonde with fair skin, blue eyes, high cheekbones and perfectly straight, pearly white teeth, and full lips. Alice was petite and pixie-like. I half expected her to ask me to clap my hands if I believed in fairies. She had wispy dark hair, dark eyes, and delicate features. She danced around the room and somehow managed to express the joy I felt too shy to show.

They were both so stunningly beautiful, I felt inadequate just being around them until I saw their magic at work. Alice had told me that my meeting with Little Brown was hardly more than a “meet and greet,” and that there was no need to get all fancied up for it. She gave me a white lacey camisole, a tan blazer, jeans and tan ankle boots to wear.


Rose had been unavailable to do my make-up yesterday, so I’d done it myself. When they finally allowed me to look into the full length mirror, I was stunned into silence. I didn’t recognize myself. I looked glamorous. I looked like a movie star. Rose had managed to make me look beautiful. Looking in the mirror at the expectant faces of Edward’s two sisters, I couldn’t speak. I had a hard time believing it was really me.

“Well, aren’t you going to say anything? Don’t you like it?” Alice asked with a pouty expression.

“I…I don’t…how…”

I gave up trying to find the words to thank them or express what I thought. I turned around and threw my arms around both of them. Alice squeee’d at my reaction and began jumping up and down in place. Rose actually grinned as she tried to squirm away from both of us.

“Thank you both so much!” I exclaimed.

Emmett and Jasper came in at that moment. Jasper paused long enough in the half open door to knock and make sure I was decent before allowing himself and Emmett to fully enter the room. Both women went to greet their men with a hug and a kiss.

I was captivated by the change in Rose the minute Emmett entered the room. She was all smiles now. Hell, she was beaming at him and her face was glowing. She was obviously deeply in love with him. She even admired him. I think she was just miserable without Emmett by her side. I risked a longing glance at the bedroom door and suddenly understood Rose a whole lot better.

“Looking awesome there, Bella,” Emmett said with his arm tossed casually around Rose’s neck.

“Well, I have Rose and Alice to thank for that,” I replied, feeling myself blush.

“Bella,” Jasper said with a nod of his head in my direction. “After your meeting with Little Brown, you’ll return here to accompany Edward to the Comic Con Convention for three hours. After that, you’ll break for a 2 hour lunch and then you both have the taping of Leno and Ellen. After that, the evening is free and clear for both of you.”

“Wow! How does Edward do this all the time? I’m tired just hearing you explain it all.”

“Better get used to it, Bella. You’re going to be a busy woman from here on out. I’ll be escorting you to your meeting with Little Brown today, for security reasons, and either Dean or I will be with you at all times for the remainder of the promo tour,” Emmett explained.

“For safety reasons?” I laughed. “They couldn’t care less about me, Emmett. I’m not a celebrity. I seriously doubt that I need protection from Edward’s fans or the paparazzi.”

It was a completely rational statement, I thought, but then they all began laughing.

My bedroom door opened at that moment and a very groggy, rumpled, and frumpy looking Edward stood in the doorway. I was shocked at how sexy he still looked in rumpled PJ’s.

“Bella?” he exclaimed as he looked anxiously around the room.

He seemed to sigh with relief when he saw me walking towards him. In front of his whole family, he pulled me into his arms for a hug.

“I thought you had left me,” he whispered in my ear.

“Never,” I replied.

He pulled back just far enough to give me a very intimate kiss. I wasn’t the type to normally allow PDA but, if Edward Cullen wanted to kiss me, I sure as hell wasn’t going to argue.

“You look stunning,” he said, stepping back to let his eyes sweep over Rose and Alice’s handiwork.

“Your sisters have mad skills,” I told him.

He sighed as he pulled me into his side and then turned to face his sisters and brothers-in law.

“Okay, what was so funny?” Edward asked them.

“Edward, they think I need security around me 24/7, like you do. I tried to tell them that the fans couldn’t care less about me and they all laughed,” I explained.

Edward had to cover his mouth with his hand to keep from laughing right along with them.

“Bella, don’t you realize that you were a phenomenal hit with the fans yesterday?” Alice asked.

“No, that was all over Edward,” I tried to convince them.

“Afraid not, babe. They were calling your name at the Starlight yesterday, not mine.” Edward said, giving me a squeeze around the waist.

Did Edward Cullen just call me babe? Was that pride I saw in his eyes when he looked at me? Holy shit!

“The Breaking Dawn reprint with your final scene has already broken other Twilight book sale records and exceeded the expectations of Summit and Little Brown by leaps and bounds. “ Jasper added. “You’re being publicized by the critics as a better writer than Stephanie Meyer ever was.”

“The fans are already out there with signs for you, Bella. They’re chanting your name right along with Edward’s.” Rose said.

It was the most I’d heard her say all day…she even smiled at me.

For me?”

“You’re too much, Bella. As humble as Edward! According to the polls, your popularity is under Edward’s, but not by much, and the two of you together? Holy crap! They love it! They love the idea of the two of you together,” Emmett was saying.

“I’m rather fond of it, myself,” Edward said, looking only at me and grinning.

I didn’t know what to say to that. I couldn’t help the blush that filled my cheeks yet again. If all this was true, I was the luckiest woman on the planet, for sure. They could take the fame and the fortune. Having Edward Cullen love me was far more than I could ever hope for or expect.

“And your blogger friends? Oh, my God! They are hilarious and they’re all for it!” Emmett chortled.

“WHAT?” Edward and I said at the same time.

“They know? Oh, God! How could they possibly know about me?” I asked.

“Your friend, TT, outted you on the latest MEoW blog. Haven’t you read it?” Emmett told us.

Edward and I both looked at each other with horror stricken faces. I wasn’t sure which was worse, the terror in his eyes, or the way I felt.

“No! Summit confiscated my laptop until after the reveal yesterday. I just got it back after the Jimmy Kimmel taping last night. I haven’t had time to look at it.” I explained, darting to my laptop still sitting on the coffee table where I left it. Edward was right on my heels.

“Edward and I had the occasion to meet TT once. She’s a wild one that TT for sure!” Emmett was saying as I hurriedly typed in my password.

“Wait, you met her? When was this? She never told me,” I exclaimed.

I couldn’t help the pang of jealousy I felt over the fact that my BFF never told me she’d met Edward Cullen.

“Well, she wouldn’t, would she? We made her sign an NDA as part of the agreement that we wouldn’t file charges against her and her friend, DD.”

“DD, too?” I asked in shock as I waited for my laptop to kick in and open up my e-mail account. “File charges against them? An NDA? Good Lord, what did they do?”

“Bloody hell, Emmett, you wanker! Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you talk too much?” Edward growled. “Shut the fuck up!”

I looked at Edward and raised an eyebrow at him. His cheeks filled with a blush of his own for a change.

“It’s nothing like that, love. It’s all rather embarrassing, actually. I’ll tell you about it later,” he promised, the shame and humility in his face leading me to believe him.

I opened my mailbox to what was now over 3000 messages! Holy shit! A quick perusal of the subject lines let me know that it was indeed true! They ranged from, “You lucky assed hOOr” and “Is it really you?”  to “I can’t believe it’s one of our own” and “I hate you now!” Oh, my God! I thought my heart was going to stop as I scrolled through hundreds and hundreds of messages. What didn’t click with me right away, though, was why I suddenly had hundreds of new member e-mail notices for Ed Attack. It took a while before I understood.  Finally, I found the MEoW blog post email and clicked on the link to MEoW.

I knew we were done for the moment I read the title…

“Who’s that Beyotch with Edward?”

I scrolled through the comments until I found the first one from TT.

TexasTornado: “Wooeee! Hang onto your hats Darlins cause you ain’t gonna believe this one! Miss Swan IS a pervy assed hOOr! She is none other than OUR VERY OWN EdwardsDream~gurl!”

Holy hell in a handbasket! It was true. It was all true! I felt the color drain from my face. It was as if the end of the world had come. I glanced at Edward in time to see him rake a hand down his face. He caught me looking at him and smiled as he scooted closer, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. He could pretend to be as calm as he wanted, but I knew his every expression from watching him on film and poring over his photos. That face was one of stress.

“Don’t worry, EDGe. It’ll be all right. We’ll go through these together and see what we need to do, okay?” he said comfortingly.

I’m sure his words were spoken softly to comfort me because his sisters and brothers-in-law were all leaning over the back of the sofa, grinning like idiots and trying to read the comments on MEoW over our shoulders. Somewhere in the back of my mind, it registered that he’d called me EDGe and I wondered if he did it out of habit or if it had been intentional.

“Don’t worry, Bella. If you want to get even with TT, I have all the ammunition you’ll ever need,” Emmett replied.

He stuck his cell phone in between me and Edward. It was opened to a photo of Edward with his arms around two very muddy women. I recognized one of them as TT and I suspected the other one was DD. Before Edward or I had a chance to respond, Emmett changed the picture to one of a pair of muddy, fuzzy pink hand-cuffs and I nearly choked.

“TT and her friend dropped these outside of Edward’s compound during the filming of Breaking Dawn. I caught them trying to break in. Don’t know what they had in mind, but it sure looked like some kinky fuckery to me,” Emmett explained.

Edward jumped up off the sofa and lunged for Emmett.

“Swear to God, Emmett!” Edward yelled. “There’s a village out there missing an idiot! Don’t you have a fucking brain in your head? Now you’ve got EDGe thinking shit that just isn’t true…you know nothing happened! Do you even realize how stupid and irresponsi​ble it is to be carrying those pictures around? What if someone got ahold of them?”

Jasper jumped in front of Edward, holding him back as he continued to yell. Rose stood in front of her husband while Emmett rolled with laughter. An ear splitting whistle shut them all up and I turned to find the source of the sound. To my surprise, tiny little Alice stood with both arms raised, separating Emmett and Rose from Edward and Jasper, like a WWF referee. All eyes turned to her expectantly.

“Edward, I’m sorry, but you’re just going to have to kill Emmett later. I’ll even help you but, for now, Bella has to leave or she’ll be late for her meeting with Little Brown. Emmett, you need to pull it together and escort Bella to the limo and stay with her until you return here for the Comic Con Convention,” Alice ordered.

“What?” Edward asked in shock.

He hadn’t been in the room when this little bomb had been dropped earlier.

“Sorry, bro, but Summit checked the polls and, with Bella’s popularity skyrocketing the way it has, they want her under tight security while the promo tour is going on. We’re going to have a meeting to decide what to do when we leave LA but, until then, Emmett and/or Dean are going to be glued to her side,” Jasper said, trying to reason with him.

“Well, then let Dean take her! There’s no telling what kind of crap this big lummox’ll fill her head with,” Edward snorted.

“Can’t do it, bro. Dean is at Comic Con right now making sure all other security is in place. He won’t be back until it’s time to escort the both of you there,” Jasper told him.

Edward raked a hand through his hair and turned away from Jasper. Then, in a rush, he came back to me.

“I’m so sorry about all this, Bella. I promise, by the time you return, I’ll figure all this out and I’ll know what to do. I’ll talk to Summit and everyone else who’s had a hand in this mess. In the meantime, don’t listen to that jerk of a brother of mine. He likes to tease and aggravate but, as much as I hate to admit it, when it comes to your safety, there’s no one better than Emmett,” he told me.

I didn’t know how to respond to him then, so I merely nodded my agreement as we made our way to the elevator. I needed time to think and absorb all that had happened in the last fifteen minutes. Edward walked me to the elevator and Emmett held the door for me as Edward said goodbye.

“EDGe, please don’t let it upset you. Just concentrate on your meeting with Little Brown and, when you return, Jasper and I will have some answers about what we’re going to do, okay?” he asked, stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“I guess that’s all I can do. I never thought I’d see the day when I had more to do in a day than you do!” I said, trying to lighten his mood.

The truth was that, until I could personally go through every one of those e-mails and the blog post comments, I’d never know how serious the damage was, or how hated I truly was. I took comfort in knowing that almost all of our PM’s were indeed private. The only one that wasn’t was the very first one where I welcomed “ExtremelyCurious” to Ed Attack, still assuming he was a woman. I had to rely on Edward’s people, his family, and Summit now, until I could look into it myself. Edward smiled at my attempt at humor, even though I could tell he saw right through me and knew I was indeed very worried for him.

“That’s my girl,” he said, kissing me on the forehead then pulling me close for a scorching kiss that practically rattled my brains.

The scruff on his chin was stiff and scratchy and I relished the feel of it. How many times had I wondered how it would feel to kiss those lips adorned with heavy scruff? When Edward pulled away, I was a little dizzy with the rush of emotions running through me, especially the desire he stirred in me with that amazing kiss. I rested my cheek on his shoulder when he turned to Emmett who was still holding the elevator.

“Take care of her and don’t tell her or make her think a bunch of crap that isn’t true! Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. You got me?” Edward said, a little more harshly than I expected.

We had all often called him sweet, loving, and adorkable, but, when he was angry and serious, he was a force to be reckoned with!

“Bro, I know I yank your chain a lot, but I ain’t about to do or allow anything to cause you or Bella any harm,” Emmett said, all teasing finally gone from his voice and face.

With that, I got onto the elevator and watched as the doors shut, with Edward on the wrong side, leaving me suddenly feeling like half the person I had been a moment ago. No sooner had the doors shut and the elevator started to move, than I whirled on Emmett, taking him by surprise.

“You! Spill! Now! I want to know everything that happened with TT, the NDA, and the fuzzy pink handcuffs, and I want those pictures!” I snarled.

Emmett’s laughter could be heard throughout the lobby as we crossed it. The only thing that sobered him was when we stepped through the doors to the hotel and the fans began screaming…my name. Oh fuck!