Chapter 17




Waiting in the Twilight


Chapter 17




Standing in my dark room, I swished the final photograph I had taken earlier today in the last batch of solution. This was going to be great! It was my big chance to achieve all of my goals. I had barely been surviving as a photojournalist but I wanted to do much more than survive. I’d managed to get a few good shots of the Swan woman and that gangly dork, Cullen. It was beyond me what women saw in him but, as long as they did, I would give them what they wanted and, in the process, get what I wanted…fame and fortune as the best photojournalist to the stars. The tabloid and entertainment magazines would be screaming for pictures of both Cullen and Swan, now that she was becoming famous on the coattails of the Twilight saga. The fact that there were rumors floating around that the two of them were becoming an item would only fuel the desire for shots of them together. On top of that, if they were becoming an item so quickly, did that mean that strings had been pulled to get his girlfriend to be the contest winner? It didn’t matter either way because I was going to make sure that story leaked out! Scandal was always a big seller and this particular scandal was going to make me famous.


I took the last photo out of the solution and hung it up to dry. As I surveyed the pictures I’d taken of Cullen and the Swan woman at The Starlight book store and The Millennium Biltmore Hotel, I realized they were okay, but they weren’t good enough. Oh, they’d bring a fair price, but not nearly what I’d been hoping for. I needed to make enough to get a really good camera. The only one I had was ancient compared to what was available today but, without it, I wouldn’t have a career. Even with the zoom lens, I hadn’t been close enough. I was going to have to get closer. God, I’d give my left nut for one of those Canon EOS-1D Mark IV’s with an EF 400m super telephoto lens! Nothing would stop me if I had one of those babies!


“James? Are you here?” I heard Victoria call to me in her childlike voice. It was the only thing childlike about her. That woman had mad skills in bed and a knack for convincing me to do anything she wanted. She loved her kinky fuckery and, let’s face it, that was a great incentive to do her bidding. As long as she kept me happy in the sack, I’d take pictures of Cullen all day long for her. Like she often said, why should I care where she gets her appetite as long has she comes to me for dinner.


“Yeah, I’m in the dark room. I’ll be right out,” I yelled.


“You got some new photos then?” she asked.


I could practically hear the *squeee* in her voice. Quickly drying my hands on a rag, I stepped out into the hall and slammed her against the wall, caging her between my arms. I ground my erection into the apex of her thighs and glared down at her. As usual, there was a wicked gleam in her eyes as she licked her lips provocatively.


“Yes…tons. What are you prepared to do for them?” I growled.


“That depends on how good they are,” she smirked as she began unbuttoning my shirt.


“Better than the last time and there’s a lot more, too,” I grinned.


“Can I see?” she asked sweetly, running her hand up and down the hard outline of my denim clad cock.


“Maybe, when they’re dry…and if you’re good,” I taunted her suggestively. She got the point.


“Jamesy, you know I’m always good at making you feel good,” she cooed as she unzipped my jeans and slid down the wall to her knees. I fucking hated it when she called me “Jamesy,” but I knew that, when she did, I’d have her luscious lips wrapped around my cock and a fist full of her red hair in my hand shortly thereafter.


We never made it out of the hallway.





It was Emmett’s job to protect Edward from any and all possible harm, so when he and Dean had burst into the room the second time, in response to the bar’s collapse, he immediately ushered us both onto the balcony. Once we were safely out of harm’s way, Dean shut the French doors safely behind us and then stood with his back to us in order to give us some form of privacy. The balcony was completely sealed off from the outside world, leaving us standing alone in the moonlight. Edward and I glanced back over our shoulders in time to see housekeeping arrive and view the damaged bar for the first time. The small Spanish woman stared in shock at the broken glass and all the alcohol on the Travertine tile, and then she turned on Emmett. She was violently shaking her finger in Emmett’s face, standing toe to toe with him, and shouting what sounded like obscenities through the glass. I didn’t know very much Spanish, but words like, “Mierda!” “Pendejo!” and “Hijo de puta!” made me blush furiously.  Emmett was holding both hands up in surrender and trying to apologize to the woman the entire time. I looked up at Edward and, when our eyes met, we fell against each other in a fit of giggles. Poor Emmett I felt bad about him taking the blame for what I’d done. Leaving Emmett to deal with housekeeping, we made our way to the edge of the balcony overlooking the hotel’s courtyard and garden.


“I feel bad that Emmett got chewed out by housekeeping. I’m going have to apologize to him tomorrow.” I said giggling nervously as we made our way to the balcony’s edge.


“Don’t worry about Emmett, he deserves it. You wouldn’t believe the hard time he gave me over your “What I’d Give” video. If I never see another egg, it’ll be too soon!” he said, making himself a little more comfortable beside me. I could smell his cologne mingled with his natural scent and it was a highly intoxicating aroma. Combined with his unimaginable beauty I was amazed I was still standing.


“Well, um, I still think I’ll apologize. It was my fault after all. The, uh, maid was kind of hard on him,” I said. Suddenly, I found it difficult to form a coherent sentence with Edward standing so near to me, alone, in the moonlight.


It was November and, although we were in LA, the night breeze was cool against my bare shoulders. Edward removed his suit jacket and draped it around me. It was warm from his body and smelled divine.


The moon bathed him in her soft light like a lover’s caress, as though she too were in love with him. His ever-changing eyes were a glorious shade of blue. I had noticed in the past that, when he was at his happiest, his eyes were blue. I could only assume he was happy right now.


He took my right hand gently in both of his and pressed it to his heart. I could feel it thumping madly in his chest, matching my own. I was both touched and thrilled that this gorgeous and enormously famous movie star was as nervous around me as I was to be around him.


I looked up into his earnest eyes and got completely lost in them as they grew larger and closer. His long eyelashes kissed the tops of his cheeks as he closed his eyes. His warm breath fanned my lips as they descended slowly, hesitantly asking permission. And I gave it willingly! Every fantasy, every daydream, every imagining of kissing Edward Cullen, or even EC, paled in comparison to this moment. Was it because the two men I had been in love with were one and the same? I didn’t know, nor did I care. At last, my fingers tangled in his wild bronze hair and I felt the warmth of his graceful hands and elegant fingers travel up my bare arms to frame my face. Holy hell! Dream-like though it may be, this was no fantasy…I was kissing Edward freaking Cullen! I don’t know what the hell became of my inner fan-girl but my inner goddess was doing the cha-cha! He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me close just as I began to melt against him and then… and then… Dean knocked on the doors and cleared his throat.


“Uh, sorry to interrupt, Mr. Cullen, but housekeeping has finished,” he said with his eyes downcast.


Edward released me from his soul-searing kiss but not from his embrace. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he inhaled deeply and sighed as he looked down at me. His eyes seemed to be searching my face and then lingered on my lips. Such intense scrutiny made me self-conscious and I bit my bottom lip. Edward threw his head back and looked up at the stars, then inhaled deeply once, his sigh turning to a low growl. It was just one more thing about him that was undeniably sexy, but it was one thing I knew about him that all my blogger friends didn’t know and I wasn’t about to tell them that his growl made my girly bits tense. I was glad he was looking heavenward so that he didn’t see the deep blush caused by my body’s reaction to his feral growl.


“Thank you, Dean,” he said. When he looked down at me again, his composure reclaimed, he smiled. “Shall we?” he asked as he gestured towards the door. Dean stepped back to hold the door open for us but avoided making eye contact.


I wondered just exactly what Edward was thinking. I tried to steal a peek at him through my lashes but, as ever, he had that gorgeous smile firmly in place and a wicked gleam in his eye. I wondered if he was plotting some kind of revenge against Emmett and Dean and snorted softly at the thought. He swept his hand towards the sofa as we neared it so that I would take a seat there. I did as he asked but, by now, my curiosity got the better of me. I turned, put my hand on the back of the sofa, and put my chin on my hand so that I could watch Edward. He purposefully escorted Dean to the door, picking up something off of a small side table along the way. I could only assume it was a “Do Not Disturb” sign. Once Dean was on the other side of the door, Edward hooked the sign on the door knob, then shut the door and locked it. Oh my! Maybe that wicked gleam in his eyes hadn’t been for Emmett or Dean, but for me! *gulp*


I saw him take a deep breath before turning to face me, aquiline nostrils flaring and with a feral look in his piercing green eyes! Holy Mary Mother of God! Edward freakin’ Cullen was looking at me like I was something to eat and I was more than willing to be his dessert! Edward loosened his tie and removed it slowly, tossing it onto the side table. His gorgeous eyes were intense, never straying from mine as he slowly began to unbutton his shirt. I shuddered lightly and felt myself blushing what must have been 10 shades of red. I looked away, not knowing what to expect from this extraordinary man. But deep inside, my inner goddess whipped out a stack of ones and began to sing “bow-chica-bow-wow!”





Dean had the absolute worst timing in the world. His and Emmett’s constant interruptions made me think of the “What I’d Give” video Bella had made for me. “What I’d give to get you alone…” I wanted to do a lot more than just get her alone! I wanted to touch her, hold her in my arms, and kiss her until she swooned. I wanted to learn every inch of her body with my eyes, my fingers, my lips and my tongue, just for starters. But first, I needed privacy. Now that the mess from the bar was cleaned up, I’d make sure that Emmett and Dean were on their way out and wouldn’t be back! Emmett was in the hall, still sucking up to housekeeping, and I was going to make sure Dean joined him. As we passed through the living room, I gestured for Bella to make herself comfortable on the sofa. I picked up the “Do Not Disturb” sign by the side table and made a point to Emmett and Dean…and housekeeping…of hanging it on the door knob. I was pretty sure they all got the point because, the minute I shut the door, the lady from housekeeping started yelling at Emmett all over again. At that point, I locked the door with an audible click. At last! She was MINE…ALL MINE, and I didn’t have to share her or hide anything from her anymore! I could be me, truly me, for once.


Bella was watching me from the sofa and she looked so cute sitting there all intrigued in me that I couldn’t resist teasing her. I slowly removed my tie and tossed it onto the sideboard. Without ever taking my eyes off of her, I unfastened the top button on my shirt. Her eyes grew huge and a deep blush filled her cheeks as she looked away, trying to hide her rosy cheeks from my view. I knew exactly what she was thinking…the same fucking thing I was, but it was too soon for that. I didn’t want to scare her off or have her think I was taking unfair advantage.


Without another thought, I took several long strides towards the back of the sofa and, putting one hand on the back of it, leapt over and plopped right down beside her with my hands in my lap and legs crossed at the ankles. I turned to face her innocently and the look of shock on her face did me in. Both of us erupted in a bad case of the giggles. We fell against each other in hysterical laughter, fueled by the sheer joy of having found each other.


“You’re so freakin’ adorkable!” she managed to squeak, which only made us laugh harder.


I’m not sure how or when it happened, but my arm was around her shoulders, her head leaning back against it as she wiped away her tears of laughter, and I realized just how right it felt with her there. In fact, nothing in my whole life had ever felt as perfect as having her here by my side, being with her, laughing with her. The feeling was overwhelming and I knew that this was where I was meant to be. Suddenly, my entire life of craziness made sense.


Bella looked up at me then as though she sensed it, too. She smiled shyly as she lifted her hand and laced her fingers through mine over her shoulder. We sat there for several minutes just looking at each other. The mood change was a palpable thing…I could feel it all around us. The atmosphere had suddenly changed from a lighthearted mood of sheer joy and laughter to a visceral feeling of awe, burgeoning desire, and sexual tension.


I’d had a hell of a time trying not to touch her all day and, now that she knew the truth, I refused to hold back. “Slow,” I reminded myself, letting my thumb brush back and forth gently across her bare shoulder. It thrilled me to notice that my touch made it more difficult for her to think.


With my left hand, I gently placed a finger under her chin and met her half way for a kiss. I leaned in slowly, asking permission. And Bella not only gave her permission, but she demanded more with a tiny stroke of her tongue across my bottom lip. That one bold move from her and I was instantly hard to the point of pain. I placed my hand at the back of her neck and pulled her closer to me as my tongue delved into the hot, sweet recesses of her mouth that tasted sweeter than honey. She moaned as she wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned into the kiss, drawing her thigh up in an attempt to get closer to me. That was all the encouragement I needed. I slipped an arm behind her and pulled her against my chest, leaning forward to lay her down on the sofa. I was careful to lie next to her so I wouldn’t crush her beneath me. Bella drew her leg up and wrapped it around me. Those long, slender, shapely legs had been driving me wild all day and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity to touch them pass me by.


I let my hand slide down her ribcage to her waist and over the rounded curve of her hip. Damn! The woman could kiss! My mind took a nose dive into the gutter as I imagined all the things she could do to me with that talented little mouth of hers. I couldn’t prevent the groan that escaped from my throat as myriad images flashed through my tormented brain. My hand slid further down her thigh to the hem of her dress. Bella shifted slightly then as her hands began to roam over my torso. I began trailing kisses down her throat and over the tops of her breast where her cleavage showed. My hand began to caress and travel up the length of her thigh under her dress. Her skin was so soft and smooth and warm I wanted to bury myself in her softness. I began to wonder what it would feel like to… Oh, fuck me! She was wearing a garter belt and thigh high silk stockings! The vision of my Bella, my EDGe, in one of those slinky, kinky, bustier outfits with high heels, black hose and a whip flashed through my mind. With a flick of my thumbs, I unfastened the garter and that wasn’t the only thing that came undone. Bella shot up into a sitting position as though she had been spring loaded to her garter! She held a visibly trembling hand to her lips and kept her eyes closed.


“Bella, I’m…” That was all I said before she took off. She grabbed her purse and darted for her room before I knew what was happening.


“Bella, wait!” I yelled as I tried to get my incredibly aroused body to move but, I was too late, she was gone. I needed a minute to pull it together and think before I could go after her. As I sat there with my elbows on my knees and my head cradled in my hands, trying not to think of Bella’s gentle moans of pleasure and her soft skin and her incredible kiss….my cell phone rang. Apparently, Emmett had moved it from the bar to the coffee table. Fuck! If this was Emmett or Dean or Jasper, they were about to learn the true meaning of the phrase “Hellfire and Damnation!” Angry at the thought of yet another interruption, I snatched up my cell phone with unnecessary force.


What. The. Fuck? Bella was texting me?


I was torn between the hilarity of her running away only to text me and my concern for why she felt she couldn’t face me to say whatever it was that was on her mind.


 To: EC


From: Bella


Subject: I freaked out!


 Dear EC,




 From the very beginning, we’ve been able to talk openly and honestly.


 That was true enough but still, this didn’t bode well.


 Whenever I have had a problem, or I’ve had a tough situation to face, you’ve been there for me to offer sound advice or a great opinion. I need your advice and opinion now.


 Problem? Tough situation? Is that what she thought of me, of Edward Cullen? I was a problem?


 It’s been awhile since I have been able to talk to you and I have missed our easy conversations. A lot has happened and I need to talk to you like I have in the past. You see, I’ve met Edward Cullen face to face. And he is not at all what I expected him to be.


Oh God! This was horrible! She was going to dump me via text message the very day we met! I hated to admit it, but I could feel my eyes starting to sting. I loved this woman and the thought of facing another day without her in my life was too miserable to contemplate.


No, not at all like I thought he would be. He’s more! He’s better, he’s kinder, he’s  finer, he’s more divine, he’s more beautiful, more breathtaking, more of everything that I thought he would be and, as I’ve just discovered, I’m more in love with him, with you, than I ever thought possible. Trouble is, when I look at him, I see Edward Cullen and, when he speaks, he’s Edward Cullen and I’m having a little trouble reconciling the two. It’s all so dream like I’m afraid I’m going to wake up. I needed to know my friend, and the man who knows me so well, is still in there somewhere and that I haven’t lost him when I gained Edward Cullen. Can you meet me on EdAttack? I really need my EC right now!”


With an enormous grin and a huge sigh of relief I quickly sent her a text message and went to my room to get my laptop.




To: Bella


From: EC


Subject: I’ll always be here for you.


Oh my shy sweet sexy girl! You are too lovely for words! I’ll be there in 2 minutes!


 After I logged onto EdAttack, I sent her a PM.




EC: “I’m here, beautiful girl! Talk to me, please! What can I do?”


I lit a cigarette and exhaled in relief. It was really cute that she found it easier to talk to me than to Edward! The thought was both confusing and funny at the same time and yet, somehow, I understood it all perfectly.


She’d barely had the time to let everything register before I’d put the moves on her. Poor kid! I was sure she had to be confused and overwhelmed. In one day, she had met me, gotten to meet all the wild, screaming, adoring fans; not only met the fans, but she’d gotten just a hint of the fact that she now had a fan base of her own, as well. She had been to a book signing, been to a press conference, been asked a million and one questions she hadn’t been prepared for, been on a talk show, and then come back here to find out I was, in fact, EC! Talk about a full day! She hadn’t been given a single minute to think or even process the days’ events. No wonder she’d bolted. I was used to all of that attention but I also knew how draining it could be. I was surprised she was even still awake and not in an exhausted coma. She had probably been running on sheer adrenalin all day. I was sure that learning my true identity, followed by our make out session on the sofa, had been more than a little overwhelming.


As I waited for her PM, it suddenly hit me and touched my heart deeply to realize that, at her most anxious moment, when she had panicked in confusion and fear and guilt, she had gone running to EC, her friend, the man she loved, the average guy. She hadn’t stayed in the arms of the millionaire actor with the pretty face. It didn’t matter that we were one and the same. It only mattered that she loved me for the man I was and not for my looks, fortune, or fame.


EDG: I’m so sorry I left like I did. When it hit me that I was actually making out with Edward Cullen, I kinda freaked out! I’m having trouble realizing that EC and Edward are one and the same and I need some time to get used to the idea and yet I know we don’t have much time. What should I do, EC? What will he think of me for running out on him? Will he understand? Will he think I’m hOOrable? Did he expect more? Do you think he’s disappointed in me?


I quickly typed up my response.


EC: What do you mean we don’t have much time? We have all the time in the world! When this promo tour is over, I’m going to take some time off and we will spend every second of it together. He is sorry for pushing you too far, too fast, and for letting his libido get in the way of doing what he knew was right. I’m sorry for getting carried away but damn! Don’t you see how beautiful you are inside and out? I can’t help it if you are sexier in person {even when you don’t realize you are being sexy} than you were on line. But I am in no hurry love…we can take as much time as you need. I just want you to know and understand that I love you and nothing, nothing is going to change that. I’m sure it must be hard to put EC and Edward into the same body, but it is what it is and they both adore you! All you have to do, Love, is be yourself! I do not think you’re “hoorable” and, if you keep saying that, I am going to have to spank you!! Woo hoo! LOL Edward and I both got more than we ever dared to hope for when you came into our lives and we will be forever grateful for that fact. I could never be disappointed in you love and I have it on good authority that Edward will never be disappointed in you either! J Edward’s only thought when you left was concern for you and our relationship.


 Before I sent the message, I got a scathingly brilliant idea. I made a quick phone call to the front desk. As soon as I hung up, I went and changed clothes. I put on the pajama bottoms that the hotel supplied and one of my old T-shirts. Since I didn’t have any pockets, and I knew I would need one, I threw on the robe that was also supplied by the hotel. Then I sent the PM. It was no sooner sent when there was a knock at my door. It was room service with the item I had asked for. When I opened the door, Emmett and Dean looked at me as if I’d gone mad. I’m sure, after having seen Bella bolt out of my room, they were surprised to see me grinning like the Cheshire cat. Emmett raised an eyebrow at the item that had been delivered but wisely he kept his trap shut. Dean, on the other hand, had a little more difficulty when he saw that I had changed clothes. He eyed me from head to toe and then cough/laughed and tried not to smile. He failed.


I grabbed my cell phone and walked down to Bella’s room.


 To: Bella


From: EC


Subject: Let’s talk


Someone’s knocking. You should open the door.






I sent the message and then knocked on her door.





Holy crap! I didn’t know what to do first! My e-mail had been loading since I opened my lap top. There were nearly 2000 messages for me and that was way high! WTF was up with that? I had been pacing back and forth frantically, waiting for Edward’s reply, when my laptop dinged that I had been sent a PM, my cell phone rang, and there was a knock at the door, all at the exact same time!


Fuck it! I was more worried about Edward/EC than anything else in the world at this moment so I opened the PM and read it. What an amazing man! No wonder I adored them both! Before I allowed myself to figure out what to do to make this up to Edward, I opened the text message on my cell phone.


To: Bella

From: EC


Subject: Let’s talk


Someone’s knocking. You should open the door.






With my cell phone in hand, I went to answer the door wondering what Edward had done now. I never knew what to expect from him or EC so, when I opened the door, I was surprised to see him standing there in pajama pants, a t-shirt and a robe! Seeing him standing there, all boyish smile and not-quite-just-fucked hair wilder than ever {had I done that to his hair? Oh my!}, I felt ridiculous. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. With a blush so big it filled my entire face, I took one step across the threshold and buried my face in his chest. He chuckled and put an arm around me.


“I come bearing gifts,” he said, kissing the top of my head. I stepped back to see what he was offering me. He had a large square pink box in one hand and he opened it with the other.


“Strawberry cheese cake?” I asked, looking up at him and grinning. “I love strawberry cheese cake!”


“I figured you might. Go get your jammies on and let’s talk,” he chuckled, brushing a stray curl away from my face as he spoke. I absently wondered if he had any idea that every time he did that, it sent sexual chills up and down my spine.


“My jammies?” I asked and half snorted at the word.


“Yes, your jammies. Now move it, woman!” he said as he gave me a playful smack on the rear.


I couldn’t help myself, I squealed with delight and ran into the bathroom to change. When I returned, I was surprised, thrilled and slightly stunned to see Edward Cullen lying back against the headboard of my bed holding the opened box of cheese cake with one hand and holding two forks in the other hand. He was grinning from ear-to-ear. He had propped the other pillow up against the headboard like his and gestured with his eyes for me to join him on the bed. This sweet, kind, loving, adorkable, understanding man was mine, all mine and I knew 10,000 women who would be sobbing their hearts out if they knew what he was doing right now.


I was filled with so much joy and so much love for this man that I half giggled, half squealed with joy as I ran across the room, jumped on the bed and plopped down beside him. I snatched a fork out of his hand, snagged a huge bite of cheese cake and stuffed it in my mouth. With a mouthful of cheese cake and a whipped cream covered grin, I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips and Edward Cullen laughed out loud.








Who’s That Beyotch with Edward?


Say it ain’t so Edward, say it ain’t so! You were spotted with a lovely brunette, apparently the winner of the Breaking Dawn Non-battle scene re-write, Isabella Swan. And Damn it I hear the re-write is amazing! *stomps foot & Pouts*


Could it be love at first sight?? Oh Noze!


 You were holding her hand, had your arm around her. The two of you reportedly had just met and for a while there I had hopes that she might be married but it turns out she is single and available! (Where the hell is Efron when you need him?)  You both looked pretty smitten with each other.




The rumors began to fly that there were instant sparks between the two of you. It’s obvious she, like all of us, is in awe of you! (At least she has good taste!)


And who can blame her?


 One reporter even asked if you two were an item and your response was, “I just met her half an hour ago! Give me some time and I’ll see what I can do,” Edward please, tell me that was just some more of your typical word vomit. *Hopeful pleading look*




She was just as bad as you are though, when asked her age she replied, “I’m old enough to know better, but he’s too cute for me to care!” Well, it doesn’t freaking matter that I agree with her but damn it! Stop flirting you two! You’re killing me!




A fan snapped this photo of the two of you giggling together during your lunch at “In and Out Burger” (of all places! *giggle*)


In and Out Burger in a Limo During a Promo tour! Classic Edward!


You’re so adorkable!


Arriving at the Starlight book store, book signing.


At the book signing you were inseparable! And though Isabella Swan already seems to be amassing a huge following, has an incredible talent (I hear) for writing and now has you at her side, I’m finding it very difficult not to like her! And I Want to! I really want to hate her! So tell us Edward, is it true? Is there a romance brewing between you and Miss Swan? So ladies, have any of you seen her? Are any of you there in L.A attending the promo tour events? Have any of you read the new battle scene re-write? Was it as good as they say? What do you think girls? Love her or Hate her? Envy or admire her? Beyotch or Beauty? Tell me… I’m so confused!!


Chaotically yours,




Edwardscougar: “Noooo! I hate her! Edward was ours first! She has talent, beauty, now fame and Edward too??? So not fair!”


Chatterbox: “That visual of the limo in the drive through was priceless. As for “her” *ahem* what bugs me the most is that “our Boy” seems as smitten with her as she does with him!! We can’t blame her for ogling him, he is, after all, Mr. Sex On Legs! She is just a human girl. She was lost the moment he got within ten feet of her but Edward, how could you?!?! We loved you first!


Crazyforcullen: “Bitch better step off our man! If he’s gonna hook up with someone it’d better be one of us dedicated pervy-assed hOOrs!!


DazzlemeEC: “I’m here in LA. I was at the book signing. Unfortunately I was so far back in line that I didn’t get to meet either of them ~POUTS~ but I did get my new copy of Breaking Dawn and I have read the re-written chapter. It’s FREAKING AMAZING!!! You guys are gonna LOVE it! Sooooo much better! If Bella Swan had written Twilight it would have been even bigger than it is now! She is an incredibly talented writer. No wonder Edward is so taken by her. You have to keep in mind he has not only read the chapter but he’s filmed it too!”


FlightlessVamp: “I don’t care who he hooks up with as long as she is good to him and she makes him happy. At the very least she seems to be as taken with him as we all are so that’s a good thing right?”


Summerchic: “Awww I think she’s pretty and it’s so sweet if they met over the Twilight/Breaking Dawn re-write contest and fell in love with each other! Talk about your HEA Fairytale! ~swoon!~”


JET: “I hear ya CrazyforCullen. Amen Sistah!”


Forkshere: “Fork her! She already has it all. She doesn’t get Edward too!”


JET: “Well, I don’t like the looks of this at all. We have all harbored our secrets fantasies that someday we would meet Edward and he would fall madly in love with us, {as if! Most of us are too old for him to begin with.}But if these two hook up it will kill all those fantasies. {And damn it bitch, you ain’t woman enough to take my man! You just got to him first!}


CullenCrazy: “Aww I think you’re all being a little mean. {understandable over this fuck hot sex on legs man} but isn’t the important thing that our baby is happy? Regardless of what that may mean? And she is beautiful. He deserves a beautiful woman.”


Rudysmom2008: “Ok, imma gonna go bury my face in a pillow and cry for a while. Maybe I’ll cry myself to sleep and when I wake up I’ll find out this is all a bad dream. Yeah that’s it, it’s just a bad dream.”


EdwardsFuture: “@DazzlemeEC Hey BB I’m here in L.A. too and I was at the book signing. {Send me your info and we’ll hook up laters} I did get to meet them BOTH! Edward is an absolute DREAM! Take your wildest dream/fantasy about how perfect and sweet and adorkable he would be in person and times it by ten and you still won’t be anywhere close to how he is in person! I am Fucking DIED over here and I just can’t stop Squeeee-ing about it! As for Miss Swan she is so so sweet. She is soft spoken and kind and polite. And she says she was a fan-girl herself and can’t believe how lucky she has been in getting to meet “Mr. Cullen” as she called him. ~giggle~ Edward corrected her and they both laughed! It was the sweetest thing. I really think she is a living doll and I hate to be the one to tell you this but I think there is love starting in the air between these two! And DazzlemeEC was absotutely correct, the re-write blows SM’s original work straight out of the MFing water!”


TexasTornado: “Wooeee! Hang onto your hats Darlins cause you ain’t gonna believe this one! Miss Swan IS a pervy assed hOOr! She is none other than OUR VERY OWN EdwardsDream~gurl!”