Chapter 15

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Chapter 15


I stood looking out the window at the enormous crowd waiting for Edward and wondered what kept them all from storming the velvet ropes and just jumping on him. I remembered some of my friends telling me that Emmett and Dean didn’t allow anyone to touch him during premiers. I kept repeating look but don’t touch, look but don’t touch to myself like a mantra.

They had rolled out the red carpet for Edward, even though he was leaving the hotel. He was going to the Starlight Book store for the Breaking Dawn book signing with Stephanie Meyer. At least, I think that was what I had read on Edsessed the night before the MIB trio had shown up at my door. That would be his first stop in a whirlwind tour. I assumed I would stay with him while he was in LA but, when he left for Berlin and Paris, I would leave him and return home. I would stay with him. I heard the words in my head and knew they were true but I still couldn’t believe it. Just moments from now, I would be meeting Edward Cullen.

My breath caught in my chest at the very thought of those words. I would leave him and return home. I heard those words in my head, as well, and they overwhelmed me with a feeling of dread and sorrow too great to bear. I quickly pushed them away. I would not allow myself to spend one second of this time worrying about how and when it would end. I didn’t mind at all that I would be standing close but out of the way for hours on end while he signed books and did interviews. He would be within my eyesight the whole time and I knew millions of women would kill for the chance to be in my shoes right now.

Outside, organized interviewers from reputable TV shows were lined up and waiting with their video cameras and microphones. Thousands of fan girls/women gathered behind the velvet ropes that lead the way to what I guessed would be a limo, their signs for Edward waving even now. Mixed in among them were the dreaded paparazzi.

I sighed, already sickened at the idea of having to walk through all those people screaming and yelling at Edward. I let go of the blind. This all seemed so surreal already and I hadn’t even seen him yet. I could only imagine how much more surreal it would be when I went back home to my little French country cottage.

I turned and, like magic, he was there. *Poof*

“Hello. I’m Edward, Edward Cullen,” I heard the velvet voice say. I had listened to that voice endlessly in movies and music and, somehow, like everything else about him, it was sexier than I had ever imagined.

He was there. He was beautiful. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of the man who stood before me. Tousled bronze hair and long sideburns framed those ever-changing eyes that were currently a shade of blue so stunning it would shame the clear blue California skies. His clean-shaven face begged to be touched, those pouty lips upturned into an amazing smile that sparkled in his eyes, melted my heart and exposed his beautiful, perfect white teeth. The smile brought out the dimples and the apple cheeks that were now filled with a slight blush. Was he blushing because he was meeting me? You wish! He’s blushing because you are standing there gawping at him and you’re embarrassing him and yourself! Snap out of it!

My inner fan girl squeeed and promptly fainted, leaving me to face Edward alone. However, my inner sex goddess was alive and well and doing the tango, complete with a scarlet rose between her teeth.

Edward Cullen was so much more than I could ever have known. He seemed to glow with warmth and kindness and, yes, sex appeal, too. All those thousands of pictures I had of him on my computer, the ones so devastatingly handsome that I forgot to breathe when I looked at him, were nothing now. They did him no justice. I had thought him inhumanly beautiful before, but now… there were no words to describe him. Words like beautiful, stunning, sexy, gorgeous, and devastatingly handsome paled in comparison to the man who stood before me now.

“Oh! I…um, I’m… uh. Mr. Cullen…I’m…” I stammered. Classy, Bella…real classy, I thought in the tiny dark corner of my brain that was still functioning. Considering I had just won a writing contest, I sure had a lousy way with words where Edward was concerned. He grinned that grin that we all called his smirk…the one where he sucked in his cheeks and puckered his lips in an attempt not to laugh out loud.

“No, I’m Edward Cullen and I believe you are Isabella Swan,” he teased, leaning forward to shake my hand.

Oh! He was teasing me!

“Um, Bella…just Bella,” I said. My nerves were shot and I had spent less than a minute with the man. I held out my hand to shake his and, as his long elegant fingers wrapped around my small hand, I looked up into his eyes and time stood still.

I don’t know if it was in my head, in my heart, or playing in the background, but I swear I heard Shania Twain and Bryan White singing their duet, “From This Moment,” and nothing could have been more perfect. Or, so I thought, until the voices changed so that my voice sang a line, then Edward’s voice chimed in for a line, until we sang together!


(Bella) “From this moment Life has begun.
(Edward) From this moment you are the one,
(Bella) right beside you
(together) is where I belong. From this moment on.
(Edward) From this moment I have been blessed,
(Bella) I live only for your happiness
(Edward) and for your love
(together) I’d give my last breath from this moment on.
(Bella) I give my hand to you with all my heart,
(Edward) Can’t wait to live my life with you can’t wait to start.
(together) You and I will never be apart. My dreams came true because of you.
(Bella) From this moment
(together) as long as I live I will love you, I promise you this
there is nothing I wouldn’t give from this moment on, Oh!
(Bella) You’re the reason I believe in love.
(Edward) And you’re the answer to my prayers from up above
(together) All we need is just the two of us. My dreams came true because of you. From this moment as long as I live I will love you, I promise you this, there is nothing I wouldn’t give from this moment
(Bella) I will love you,
(Edward) I will love you,
(Bella) as long as I live,
(together) from this moment on (Edward)on.
(Bella) Ohhhh (Edward)Ohhh

If he ever sang that with me for real, I’d melt on the spot!

I don’t know how long we stood there staring at each other, my hand in his…a minute, an hour, a day? Was it just me, or did he feel it, too? The glow that seemed to surround this incredible man swept over me and wrapped me up in its magic. I felt drawn to him but, more than that, I was being drawn in by him. I felt love and admiration pouring from him. No, that had to be my imagination. Most people would have felt butterflies in their stomach but this was… his touch was… was like the first time I had heard him singing “I’ll Be Your Lover Too.”

His touch felt like he was caressing my soul and I knew I would never be the same.


She was just looking at me, not saying a word, but I didn’t mind at all because I was enjoying the view, as well. I think we were both “star struck” at that moment. She was more beautiful than anything I had imagined. She had guileless, warm brown eyes. I felt drawn to her but, more than that, I was being drawn in by her. Her beautiful, soft pale skin was a lovely contrast to her dark hair. Her lips were soft and full and I so wanted to kiss her. Her intoxicating scent …a combination of jasmine and something else I didn’t recognize, was devastatingly seductive. She was purity and desire all at the same time.

Everything about her was an alluring contradiction. She wore a demur white cardigan sweater over a sexy pale blue, lace and silk camisole top, blue skinny jeans and black high heels. The three-inch heels still only brought her to my shoulder. She kept a death grip on the pendant she had been worrying across the chain. I couldn’t see what it was, which made me extremely curious. Hah! Was it a good luck charm? Was it important to her?

“Oh! I…um, I’m… uh. Mr. Cullen…I’m…” she stammered. Wow, she was really nervous. Was I that bad? Was I intimidating to her? I couldn’t help but grin, or smirk, as she called it. She was being unintentionally funny and I didn’t want to laugh out loud. Maybe I could lighten the mood and make her feel less nervous.

“No, I’m Edward Cullen and I believe you are Isabella Swan,” I teased, leaning forward to shake her hand.

What I really wanted to do was hug her tightly in my arms. I was so relieved that she was alright. I wanted to blurt out that I was EC. I wanted to tell her that I was in love with her too, but I couldn’t do it now…not yet. She seemed too stunned at meeting me to hit her with the whole my being EC thing.

I remembered Emmett’s words from just moments ago, “She writes a daily blog about you. She makes videos about you. She writes books and poetry about you! She rewrote the final scene that, quite frankly, saved the film and your career and reputation, as well… the man who has been her entire life’s focus for over a year now?” No, I couldn’t tell her yet. She needed time to get comfortable around me.

“Um, Bella…just Bella,” she said.

The blush in her cheeks deepened considerably and she looked away for a second.

Bella…I liked that.

She reached out to take my hand and, the moment we touched, my life began. Everything about her seemed to wash over me and fill me. I couldn’t stop looking at her and I couldn’t let go of her hand. The whole world disappeared. There was only her, this moment, nothing else existed.

She let go of my hand and I knew it was because she felt she had held on too long. The absence of her touch was like a slap in the face, bringing me back to reality. How long had we stood there like that? I felt dazed and more alert than I ever had in my life. I longed for a reason to touch her again and I quickly found one.

Si’ bella bellina il tuo nome si adatta come una bella donna” I said, wrapping my arms around her in an all too brief hug. She was obviously stunned by the unexpected move. For a moment she just stood there.

“Um, okay?” She said, awkwardly returning the hug.

It was obvious that she didn’t know what I had said and I wasn’t about to tell her. If she wanted to know, she was going to have to ask me. I wondered if she would ever get up the courage to ask me.

I released her, drew back half a step and smiled down at her.

“I guess I’m supposed to tell you what’s on the schedule for the weekend,” I said.

I ran my hand through my hair without thinking about it, as I so often did, and that earned me a grin that she tried to hide by biting her lip. It didn’t help. The smile was obvious and made me think of biting her. Maybe I had vampire tendencies, after all.

I remembered reading some of the things she and her friends had written about my hands, fingers and hair on EA and MEoW and grinned back at her. This was actually kind of cool. In a way, I could read her mind.

“Would you care to sit with me for a while before they come to cart us off?” I asked.

Extending my left hand, I walked her to a booth in the lounge. I still could not take my eyes off her. The only time she ever looked away from me was when the blush in her cheeks deepened. She was so shy! She would glance away, but only for a brief second.

I sat down at the booth across from her and she placed both hands on the table, one folded inside the other. It was all I could do not to cover her hands with my own. She was so insecure and self-conscious it was endearing. I mimicked the position of her hands but used mine to cover the grin that spread across my face when I finally saw the pendant she was wearing.

The necklace itself was silver, while the edges of the pendant had silver swirls with light and dark blue stones. In the center of the pendant was a cameo of my profile from an appearance on the Today show.

It was the same picture she had used in her “What I’d Give” video where she had added the phrase, “You Deserve a Beautiful Life.” I knew nothing like this had ever been made by one of the companies allowed to produce merchandise from any of my movies. She had either made it herself or had it made. I was beyond flattered, but I didn’t want to comment on it yet. She was so shy, she just might blush herself into oblivion.

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Bella.” I said.

She blushed profusely yet again.

“Um, thank you, Mr. Cullen. It’s a real pleasure to meet you, too. You’re an amazing actor,” She said.

At least she had said two complete sentences without stumbling over them. She had a lovely voice when she wasn’t stammering. Now that she was talking a little more, I was starting to hear that Southern accent she had told me about. Hopefully, when she was a little less nervous, I would hear it more plainly.

Maybe she was calming down a little bit now. She seemed to have trouble keeping eye contact with me. It worried me, at first, until I remembered that EDGe had once said she thought Edward had the most amazing eyes she had ever seen and that she was afraid if she ever met him she wouldn’t be able to look at his eyes for long because she would internally combust.

“Acting like a vampire was easy. I just put in the contacts, let them style my hair into a poufy bouffant and acted constipated and stoned,” I said.

She giggled, blushed and covered her smile with her hands. The giggle went through me like a rocket. Damn!

“I can’t believe you actually said that. You really are a great actor and a fabulous musician. You should give yourself more credit, Mr. Cullen,” she smiled.

Amazing! She was so shy and yet she was trying to boost my ego. This calling me Mr. Cullen business, however, had to stop.

“It’s true! I’ll tell you something else that’s true,” I said in a conspiratorial whisper, gesturing for her to lean closer so I could tell her something in private. She leaned closer towards me.

“My name is Edward. Mr. Cullen is my father,” I whispered. I wanted to hear her say my name in real life with her Southern accent.

“Okay.” She replied shyly. She smiled and we stayed that way for a moment too long before she realized it and then she sat upright. She seemed uncomfortable and at a loss for words after that, so I tried to get her to open up a little more.

“That was an amazing rewrite you did on the non-battle scene,” I told her. “I thought the whole contest was a terribly bad idea at first, as did most of the cast and crew. Then, when Bill showed us the scene that you wrote, we were very impressed and really excited to shoot it. A lot of people involved think your rewrite saved the movie, even the saga.”

“Um…thank you, Mr. …thank you. But you are too kind. You make the Twilight saga movies what they are. I just saw it had other possibilities and wrote it down the way I pictured it in my mind. It was no big deal,” she said.

She was so modest. She still hadn’t called me Edward, but at least she had caught herself before she called me Mr. Cullen again.

“Are you kidding me? Writing a scene like that takes real talent. You should be really proud of yourself. It looked awesome in the dailies,” I told her.

“I can’t wait to see how it looks on film. I’ve been pretty anxious to see Breaking Dawn since I read the books,” she replied.

“You haven’t seen it?” I couldn’t wait to see her face when we watched the premier and the battle scene came on. Seeing the look on her face at how well they interpreted her words was going to be wonderful. I thought for sure they would have at least shown her a few minutes of the movie. At least the part she had written.

“No, not even a clip,” she laughed. And what a lovely laugh it was!

“I guess we’ll get to see it together, then. Bella, can I take you out to dinner and a movie tomorrow?” I asked her very formally, yet playfully.

“It would be an honor and a privilege, suh.” She said, returning my playful banter.

Her Southern accent changed the word sir to, suh. God, I loved it! I had to get her to talk more!

I knew our time was growing short, though, and I had to tell her what she was in for. I told her that, when we left the hotel, there would be camera crews out there. I explained that I would introduce her to them as the contest winner and that she would probably have to answer some questions. She wasn’t too thrilled at the thought of this. Petrified was a better description. I assured her that I would be right there beside her and that, if she needed any help, I would step in with some of my typical word vomit. That made her laugh and, from our online conversations, I had a vague idea of what was going on in her mind.

From there, we would be going to a book signing at The Starlight Bookstore where Bella, Stephanie Meyer and I would spend two hours signing new copies of Breaking Dawn that included her rewrite, which had not been released to the public yet. This, too, surprised her. She was unaware that her rewritten chapter would be published in a new ‘special edition’ of Breaking Dawn, the novel.

I also told her that, after the book signing, we would have lunch and then change into something more appropriate for the taping of the Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen shows.

What I didn’t tell her was that, after that, the evening was ours and I was hoping we could have the rest of the night for dinner and relaxing together, just the two of us…alone. I thought I should save that little tidbit until this evening.

Maybe, after spending a few hours with me, she wouldn’t be so nervous. Maybe, by then, I would find a way to tell her I was really EC.

“Excuse me, but it’s time to go now, Edward,” Emmett said with a big dopey grin on his face. I hadn’t realized until that moment that Bella and I had slowly gravitated towards each other and were leaning across the table. I cleared my throat and grinned right back at him while Bella blushed and turned her head away.

“Bella, this is my brother-in-law, bodyguard and general pain in the ass, Emmett.” I said, by way of introduction.

“It’s nice to meet you, Emmett,” she replied.

She stood up and offered to shake his hand, looking tinier than ever standing next to the muscle-bound butthead. I was amazed at how easy it was for her to talk to Emmett and how she offered her hand so easily to him. Holy shit! What if she was disappointed in me after having met me face to face? Fuck! Maybe that’s what all her blushing had been about. Well, there was definitely a bright blush on her cheeks now, but that could be because she was embarrassed about what I had said about Emmett! How many times had I heard EDGe say Edward had no mouth filter and no brain filter.

“Same here, Bella,” Emmett said, turning slightly to wink at me. “Don’t mind him. He’s been locked up for a while. I don’t know why they let him out, but whatever.”

Bella giggled and blushed again. Damn. I was all kinds of confused now. Dean came into the room to hurry us along and Emmett introduced him. Her giggle was going to be the death of me yet. Every time I heard it, it felt like fireworks going off against my heart.

“Miss Swan,” Dean said with a nod of his head. That was Dean, always on duty. Yet again, Bella seemed perfectly at ease with Dean, too. Did I make her uncomfortable?

“We really need to get going. The walk to the car is going to take a while and it’s live,” he urged.

Bella looked up at me as though asking for an explanation.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine and I’ll be right beside you. If Dean or Emmett asks you to do something, just listen to them. They are here for your safety and won’t let anything happen, despite my brother’s oafish attitude,” I told her.

She smiled and blushed as she looked away. What the fuck?

“If you’ll follow me please, Miss Swan?” Dean said as he turned to leave. Bella was two steps away when Emmett held me back for a second.

“Click,” he said, as though I would know what that was supposed to mean. I raised a questioning eyebrow at him.

“You two were like a couple of magnets. You were both drawn to each other, but you didn’t even realize it.”

“I’m not so sure about that, Em. I either embarrass her or I make her uncomfortable.”

“You’ve been locked up too long, bro. You’ve forgotten how women act.”

“I don’t know, Em…”

“Trust me, brother. The way she was looking at you, she is wild about you.”

“Are we going to do this or are you two ladies going to stand there and chat all day?” Dean asked. I think Dean had just about had it with me today.

A few minutes later, the only thing standing between me and Bella and the premier madness outside was a pair of hotel doors. Just on the other side of those doors was a podium and a bank of microphones where I was supposed to stop and introduce Bella as the contest winner of the non-battle scene rewrite. Then we would both answer questions. Bella was fidgeting a lot in the small kiosk waiting for us to be announced.

“Are you okay, Bella?”

“No, I’m scared to death,” she said, holding out her hand to show me that her hands were shaking badly. As a comforting gesture, I held my hand palm up, offering to hold her hand as we walked through the crowd. She jerked her hand away as though she’d been burned. The look on my face must have told her that her actions upset me.

“I… I’m sorry. I was under the impression I wasn’t allowed to touch you at all,” She said, looking up at me with a mixture of fear and confusion on her face. She looked back at Emmett and Dean and then back to me.

Whaaat?” I nearly shouted. Whoever told her that was about to be in deep shit.

“I always heard that we weren’t allowed to touch you during premiers. That Emmett and Dean would have a cow if we did,” she said nervously. She looked like she thought she was about to be literally thrown out by Emmett and Dean. That explained a lot: the awkward hug, hesitating to take my hand, the uncomfortable expressions as though she didn’t know what to do with her hands. She was worried we were being watched and, at any moment, someone was going to rush in to protect me from her touch. Well, shit to that!

“Congratulations gentlemen, your reputations precede you,” I growled, the anger in my voice evident as I looked back over my shoulder at the two men who both wore a sheepish expression on their downcast faces. They looked like ushers during prayer at church, except for the fact that they were looking at Bella apologetically through their lashes.

“Bella, I’m sorry about this misunderstanding. I’d send these two on a time-out but, unfortunately, I need them. You’re fine, love. Touch me anytime you want to. If it will make it more comfortable for you, I’d be honored to hold your hand while we answer questions.” I offered her my hand again.

She looked back at Emmett and Dean and smiled at the ‘caught being naughty little boys’ expressions on their faces. She looked up and smiled at me even wider, then timidly, and fuck me if it wasn’t sensual as hell!

I watched in fascination as she gently placed her tiny hand in my large hand. Her middle finger dipped down and touched the heel of my hand. Then she slowly slid her finger diagonally across my palm to the base of my index finger and gently wrapped her delicate fingers over the back of my hand.

Damned if that wasn’t as erotic as hell!

I heard Pink singing in my head: Oh My God, Go a little slower, (what was that again?) Let me feel you baby, let me in, this can be really easy, it doesn’t have to be hard, here baby let me show you, I’ll have you climbing up the walls…

Her movements were slow and deliberate, albeit a little shy. Heat spiraled through me at the speed of light. Even something as basic and simple as putting her hand in mine was sexy as hell, the way she did it. Images danced in my head that had me grinning wildly.

Yeah, I was the luckiest man that ever lived.


Edward Cullen was ten times better in every way than anyone on MEoW, LTE, EA or Edsessed had ever dreamed he could be. From the moment he said I could touch him and I placed my hand in his, I couldn’t get Pink’s song “Oh My God” out of my head. It was repeating so loudly in my heart and mind that I was surprised I didn’t quote the lyrics when I was being questioned about the chapter I had written for the Breaking Dawn movie.

I had written it as an alternate ending to the one in the book, so I still thought of it as a chapter, even though Edward referred to it as a scene. For a brief moment, I had a flash of that scenario run through my mind…

Miss Swan, how did you come up with the ideas for your non-battle scene replacement?”

I understand all
Now climb my sugar walls
Problem solved it’s dissolved
With the solvent known as spit
Lickity lick not so quick it’s a
Slick ride make my mink slide
‘Cause were all pink inside”

Yeah, that wouldn’t go over very well at all, although Edward would probably love to hear me spew some word vomit, too. I could just die of embarrassment then and not have to worry about internally combusting every time Edward slowly ran his thumb back and forth across my hand.

Holy SHIT! I was holding hands with Edward Cullen in front of the whole world! I could die happy now!

Edward had been so sweet even before the hand holding started but, since then, he seemed to glow. I wasn’t fool enough to think it was because of me. I knew it was because he was in his element now. There were cameras flashing, microphones being shoved at us, questions being asked, hundreds of people outside screaming his name, and Edward just shined.

As promised, Edward held my hand almost the entire time, except once, when I needed my hand to gesture at something a reporter had asked, and then his hand immediately went around my waist. I lost my train of thought then and couldn’t finish the sentence. Edward stepped in with some word vomit and saved me. I had actually managed to pull it together enough to make Edward laugh and blush at one point, though.

“Miss Swan, may I ask how old you are?” a reporter had asked.

“I’m old enough to know better, but he’s too cute for me to care!” I pointed at Edward with my free hand as I said it. Edward had thrown his head back and roared with laughter. The blush on his cheeks was priceless and it eventually earned me the smirk I so dearly loved.

As soon as the next reporter asked me a question, Edward had leaned over and whispered, “You’re doing great. I’m impressed.” My heart practically shot out of my chest with the power of sheer joy.

On one occasion, I hadn’t known how to reply when a reporter had asked if we were an item. The holding hands had them all whispering. I instinctively tightened my grip on his hand and Edward had stepped in yet again.

“I just met her half an hour ago! Give me some time and I’ll see what I can do,” he’d exclaimed.

The reporters had all laughed. I looked up at him at that moment. I couldn’t even guess what expression was on my face and I thought for sure he would laugh, but he didn’t. He smiled a smile that could only be described as a combination of flirtation and pride and then he winked at me. He must have seen that his comment threw me into shock because he suddenly called an end to all the questions and we began making our way down the red carpet towards the limo.

Edward had to let go of my hand in order to be the amazing man that he is and sign autographs and take pictures with his fans. Bereft of his touch, I suddenly felt cold and empty. The man had no clue how powerful his presence was, but I knew I would never forget a second of this day.

To my utter amazement, people started yelling my name, as well. They wanted my autograph, too. What the fuck? My first thought was, for real? They called my name and asked me to sign things and take pictures with them. Some of them told me they couldn’t wait to see the movie tomorrow night, not only for Edward, but to see the scene that I had written. I was not only flattered but completely amazed. If they were anywhere close to filming what I wrote, then all the fans were in for a treat.

Every now and again, someone would ask me about Edward. I always made sure there were no cameras within ear shot and then told these women the truth, that Edward Cullen was fucking amazing. For all I knew, some of them could be the women I talked to on EA or MEoW.

All the while, Emmett and Dean stood guard over the two of us, making sure we stayed close together. Through it all, I kept my eye on Edward as much as possible. He was so patient, so kind and giving of his time, but there was one moment that held me breathless. A moment that made every female heart soar and every ovary in the street explode.

As Edward was signing what we thought would be his last autograph for the day, he turned to wave at the fans. From out of nowhere, a little girl who appeared to be about five years old was at Edward’s knee. She patted him on the leg to get his attention. She had an envelope in her hand. Behind her, a loud scuffle broke out as the secondary security team member grabbed the arm of a woman who was running towards us.

Edward bent down to the little girl, took her envelope and signed it. He asked her name and she told him her name was Haley. Edward’s charm affected every female regardless of her age. The little brown-haired girl stood there grinning up at him with her hands behind her back, swinging back and forth. She was just so happy and proud to be standing that close to Edward, she couldn’t stand still.

Edward tried to hand the signed envelope back to Haley but she shoved it back at him. “It’s for you. I wrote you a letter!” she said and then she threw her arms around his neck. Edward giggled, wrapped his arms around the child and picked her up.

He turned and said something to Emmett and then Emmett was talking into a radio I hadn’t noticed before. Edward must have told Emmett to let her mother come through. She was apparently the one who had caused the scuffle when she ducked under the velvet ropes to try and grab her runaway child.

A few seconds later, the woman was being respectfully escorted up to Edward and introduced to him as Aurora. She apologized profusely but Edward told her not to worry about it. She told him that Haley had watched Twilight non-stop since she first saw a poster of him in a store and blurted out, “He’s cute!” and that she had begged her mother to let her write to him. Then little Haley had insisted on delivering the letter herself.

Aurora explained that they had been following him around the country attempting to deliver that letter until he was confined to the BD set. They had tried to catch him several times before but that he passed by them.

“I guess Haley just wasn’t going to let you get away from her again,” Aurora blushed.

“Nope! He’s still cute!” Haley cried joyfully.

Edward laughed and kissed the top of her head. He apologized for missing them so many times and asked if they were coming to the premier. Aurora told him that she had been unable to get tickets.

“Well, you have them now.” Edward told her.

He called Emmett over and murmured quietly in his ear for a moment. Afterwards, Edward assured Aurora that Emmett would provide them with tickets to tomorrow night’s premiere, as well as an autographed copy of the new Breaking Dawn book.

Waving a quick goodbye, Edward tucked the letter into his jeans pocket. Seconds later, we were being ushered into the limo, with me a few steps in front of Edward.

As he climbed into the limo behind me, he accidentally kicked me in the ankle.

“Oh, Bella! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” he asked. He wrapped his large warm hands around my ankle and rubbed it gently with his fingers.

Oh, God help me!

“It’s all right, darlin’. I’m fine,” I managed to say.

“What did you say?” he asked with a huge grin on his face. I didn’t understand why he was smiling like that but, whatever I did to put that gorgeous smile there, I’d do again a thousand times over. In one second, I could think of a thousand ways I wanted to make him smile.

“It’s all right?” I repeated, wondering if I had somehow offended him or if I had, in fact, quoted Pink as I had feared and not realized it.

“After that,” he explained. He was still leaning towards me with his hands on my leg. I was seriously starting to get warm girly bits and, if he didn’t let go immediately, I was not going to be held responsible for my actions.

“I’m fine?” I tried again, still confused.

Edward grinned at me even wider.

What the fuck had I said? Oh crap! I’d called him darlin’! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!

“No, the word in the middle; say it again,” Edward insisted. He finally let go of my ankle only to sit back in the seat and turn to face me, leaning closer as he did. His smile was slowly fading into a smolder and I wondered why. Why was I getting the smolder look?

“Darlin’?” I squeaked.

Edward closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, then exhaled on a sigh. Holy shit! He had no idea what that did to me! It was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. He had done something similar in the bedroom scene of the first Twilight movie but this made that sigh look like a parody. My girly bits were wide awake and begging for more. My inner sex goddess was purring up a storm and my inner fan girl was comatose.

“Yeah, that’s the one,” he said as he opened his eyes. They were darker now; a smoky blue gray that was sexy as hell. Something in his eyes told me he was struggling to maintain his composure, but why? If I didn’t know better, I would have said that his look was a mirror image of how I felt, but that couldn’t possibly be the case.

I was…well… freaking turned on because I was sitting next to Edward Cullen and he had all but stroked my leg slowly from ankle to knee. He was so close, I could smell his cologne. Was it cologne (I’d never smelled anything that was even remotely as intoxicating as that) or was it just Edward? His sex hair was in full swing and the smolder was enough to make any woman wet. That’s how I was feeling; hot, wet, wound up, and turned the fuck on! So, why was Edward looking at me like he could eat me alive in the good way?

Turned the fuck on. That was something EC always said. EC! Crap! Edward’s sex appeal was so potent that I nearly forgot the man I loved!

Oh, God help me! I loved them both, but I was in love with EC.

“Edward, are you alright?” I asked, hoping to get him to stop staring at me like that before I jumped in his lap and did things I would regret later.

“I am now,” he said as he moved even closer. His smile was blinding and I swear, of all the thousands of pictures of him I had collected, I have never seen him look so happy.

What the hell was going on here?

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